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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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James Carter a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I like this thing. I tried the new Akai S20 and the new Roland SP-202 and didn't like either one compared to the MS-1. Editing a loop is really easy, a feature that was orphaned on the SP-202. With the MS-1 it isn't super easy tp match BPMs between samples, but it isn't too hard. True, there are no effects so an external effect unit is needed. As noted by other users, no LOFOs or such, but the sound quality is very good for a low end maachine. I just ordered a 10 meg card for $189 from It is supposed to be the ATA Flashdisk from Sandisk, the &quot;supported&quot; card. We'll see when it gets here. Anyway, this is a cool machine. If it had more features, naturally it would cost more.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:08
Drue a hobbyist user from Scotland writes:
My first sampler. It does it's job. I don't have the flow to buy a memory card but I do have the capacity to save each sample onto my computer. If any one wants to know how I do this or how I use my sampler just e-mail me.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:08
Robert Dolby a professional user from The UK writes:
I've got some great tips - E-Mail me and I'll tell you them (I've found a way to achieve timestretch would you believe?! - I can also make it into a rather cool noise gate with the right kind of sequencing software) - Good little workhorse.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:08
Derek Douglas a part time user from Northern VA. USA writes:
I got this machine about a year ago and have exhausted it to produce my trip-hop demo tape. From someone who just learned about sampling from hip-hop and spinning for the past five years, I really like this machine. It is simple enough to use for us punk-rock oriented hip-hop musicians who don't know the details of a MIDI. Plus, many of those expensive samplers are just producing crap anyway. I feel that this machine allows you to employ samples and ideas, like I just sit around and a good song will enter my head and I right it down. Then I just run to my basement studio and find the record and sample it. Yeah, it doesn't match loops BPMs, but isn't that what being a hip-hop artist is all about? Trust me work on this machine for about 2 years and then your skills will be unstoppable on higher-grade pro samplers. Kinda like when I graduated from Gemini to Technics 1200 turntables.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:08
Ben a hobbyist user from US writes:
This little guy is ok, i guess, good for fast sampling (portable, high quality stereo) But, it is totally stripped down- no transposing via keyboard, no filters, no LFO, no envelopes, no reverse looping and expensive as hell to upgrade. It's definately not worth it to buy new. If you can find it new for less than $200 you might consider it... Probably better just to save up and get something alot more powerful (i sold my MS-1 and bought an old EMAX....about 3 times more powerful, but not as high sound quality.)

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:08
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