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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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LaStique a part-time user from USA writes:
As cheap as this is, still available new, it is a steal even a few years on.

Sure, you can tweak and twiddle as soon as you take it out of the box, and have lots of fun. But that's like buying a Corvette but only driving it to the convenience store for a pint of milk and pack of cigarettes.

If you want to really, REALLY do something with this little box, you need to read the manual. I'll say it again: READ THE MANUAL. Most of the negative things or "I like it, but..."s are downright untrue, and only show that the person hasn't... again ... read the manual. For in its 122 pages are some nuggets waiting to be dug up and turned into solid gold sounds.

For those who are only used to synths that take standard MIDI programming and changes from a full keyboard, or computer, this is not the same thing as those at all. Fortunately it's not difficult to get your head around. There is a comprehensive MIDI Tx/Rx setting list in.... the manual.

It also gives: 8 pages describing the what/which/how of each effect. Lists of Patches, Rhythm Sets, Performances, Arpeggio Styles Rhythm Styles, Chord Forms, and various Parameters. And in the main 80-plus pages, it describes a quick start, creating sounds, etc. etc. etc. incluidng using it with external MIDI devices (a must).

All in all, this can be a toy for kids to play around with. But it is also serious gear for serious people. If you are into 80's pop, Trance, Rock, New Age, TaDream, Eno, yada yada yada through to relatively unstructured electronic music, this baby is a most useful tool. For what it's worth, I'm not a novice by any means, but I got the best from it by first playing around with it for a few days, then taking the manual bit by bit and getting my head into it.

Finally, another M.If you can buy this used, great. Make sure you get the manual. I'm not sure if it's available online.

I use it mostly from a full MIDI keyboard, with the usual controls and aftertouch, etc. etc., (only use the pitch wheel) and record direct to digital from the SH32. Rarely use Sonar to sequence it, just because I prefer it that way.

There is one honest niggle (groan), I wish the sliders/pot tracks were another inch longer, to give more fine control over them. But I can live with that because the rest of the box is marvellous.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-25-2005 at 03:07
a part-time user writes:
eh...nothing special. the only way you will be impressed by this is if it is your first synth. for the price it isn't bad but i wouldn't pay more than $150 for it. It doesnt do anything new and the interface is lame. i think these are destined to be resold over and over, thanks to a some overzealous reviews here and elsewhere. try to demo it before you buy and you will see what i mean.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-24-2005 at 12:02
Jacob a hobbyist user from Fort Worth, Texas writes:
this synth is awesome. I cant believe its going so cheap. If you have an ms2000...a microkorg...anything you think is cool now....get rid of it and but this. I should keep my mouth shut on how cool this thing sounds....i would rather not saturate the community with this box. Anyway, Roland messed up on marketing this synth and therefore suffered tons of money lost....which means all ads were dropped and backs were turned. Leaving thousands of these units on the clearance tables. Good. Good for me and you. This synth sounds like a thousand dollar virtual analog synth but you can score these for around 200 bucks nowadays....step sequencer...arrpegiator...drum patters....very very realistic analog sounds and about 50 things to slide...turn and press. I love it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-04-2005 at 23:30
Lee a professional user from England writes:
Not a bad little tool, it has its weaknesses and it has its strong points. Lets start with the weak.... Well its a bit of a let down on the receive bank commands, as it goes all daft on me and mutes itself, then theres the doubled up menus, which are not as bad as you think but can be a pain.. The filters are a bit weak, so dont expect any self occillation on them, but they dull the sound nicely if you need.

Well on the the good points now... The sounds in this thing are very varied, the pads are very nice, the basses i found are best layered with my Roland XP30 bass patches, which result in some really cool fat sounds! The synth sounds are quite good and so are the drum sounds. There are plenty of bleeps and zaps too but dont expect to find any pianos, cos there aint none!

Overall i think the sounds are good, but there again it is a Roland so they will be. The arpeggio is a cool tool too, with many variations and doubles up as a sequencer, which is well cool when you get your head round it.

In conclusion to the SH32, i think roland have made a certain comprimise on the user interface, but the sound and tonal quality will soon put that small glitche to one side.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-12-2004 at 10:32
Dan a part-time user from England writes:
i think the pads this thing can make are awesome, but the leads and basses just don't do it for me. add this to the fact that no matter what i do i can't make it accept bank/program change messages and it starts to become much less useful. price tag is quite nice but overall it's a bit of a let down.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-04-2004 at 08:57
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