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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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Moogulator a part-time user from / germany writes:
the sh5's sound lives from the roland filters, the BPF (it may sound silly, but the non CV-able BPF makes it some sort of a human instrument that makes you really playing it!! the only thing that you might want to change is the LFO max speed.. anyone here ever modded his sh5 to 100hz lfos? (lfo1 is discrete electronics, lfo2 is op amps, got all schematics.. please contact me..) uuhm, btw: want an sh5-only-track? its on (moogulatorium) it inspired me for making lots of interesting modular patches ,too.. the s/h is great, here you can really S/H your lfos, not just set it to s/h = "random". the mixer routing allows a lot.. I did that track just "on the fly, just to show you can make nice atmo tracks just using the lfo as an "arpeggiator".. ;) liveable! very live-able!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-05-2002 at 21:53
bjoern Larsen a part-time user from Norway writes:
The SH-5 is probably one of the most advanced compact analogue synthesizers commercially produced. The front panel is also quite impressive with all the knobs and sliders and a few blinking LED's It can be used to produce all kinds of synth sounds like basslines, leads, effects and strange noises. The modulaltion routings are simply great. Features 2x vco with saw,sqr and Pulse(pwm) waveforms with octave-range and fine-tune, separate white/pink noise gen.,2xlfo wich covers sine, ramp, inv ramp, sqr waveforms, separate Sample&Hold with a rare "lag time" control, oscillator sync, ring modulator, 2xvcf - one multimode (HP,BP,LP) and one band pass - both with resonance, 1xADSR(vcf) and 1xAR (vca), mixer for vco1,vco2,ring mod,ext input and noise. Each source can be routed trough vcf, bpf, vcf + bpf or directly to vca. Great synthesizer! And for the sounds: Directly compared to my Moog Prodigy (btw a very simple synth configuration) it sure sounds a bit weaker and thinner. Also I find it easier to produce nice leads and basses on the SH-2 (that's maybe imagination, but the sh-2 is anyway a much more intuitive synth).All in all it is 25 year old real analogue synthesizer with all the pros/cons and I hope it will sound for the next 25 years

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-06-2002 at 08:51
heiko a hobbyist user from germany-rhein-main writes:
I've got one of my own.Uhh terrible got one. I integrated the synth in my midi stuff via a midi box. Old-but sill working like hell.My secondlove

posted Friday-Nov-09-2001 at 19:41
Alan Williams a part-time user from Eastern US writes:
Kneel, non-believer, at the altar of analog mayhem!

The SH-5 never made the front-line of monophonic glory, partly, I believe because the undersized knobs did not lend themselves to dimly lit live performance. But short of owning a 2600 or a mini, the SH-5 was a great way to learn the art of sound synthesis.

Roland added options (HP,BP,LP filters; external signal through filter) that others overlooked at the time. I retired my trustworthy 5 when the key contacts wore thin and the ramp LFO became a oneway climb to the stars. I lost this beauty to a house fire and stand next to no chance of finding one again. Perhaps I'll be lucky and find another like I found the first...a $400 pawn shop prize.."I don;t know what it does, but if you want it, I'll sell it to you.."

An overlooked member of the Cambrian era.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-05-2001 at 11:39
Absent a part-time user from Finland writes:
This is _the_ best analogsynth. You propably know a little brother SH-101. Well, compared to SH-5's possibilities, 101 is a toy. Mine is in MINT condition. SH-5 has far the best filter that I have heard in a Roland (and I have played with almost all Roland classics). And there is 2 of them simultanously! (filters I mean...) Some say that Roland's VCOs are thin, but if you have a fatter sound than in SH-5, it would dominate all your tracks. I don't prefer that. It's modulation system is very innovative. You can modulate anything with two LFO's and sample/hold. I got mine cheap but won't sell it ever although the profit would be massive. You just can't find one to replace it. Nowadays (2001) the price can go as high as $900-1100. It's very rare.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-09-2001 at 12:53
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