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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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paul s from leeds,england writes:
How can you all get so worked up about a little silver box , i`ve owned one briefly and its user interface is terrible ,granted the sounds it makes are outstanding and unique when used in moderation ( protection by Massive Attack anyone....!). Its really not that important enough to warrent this kind of debate dont you think . Its only a piece of gear after all .

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-01-1999 at 10:43
Casparproject a professional user from Canada writes:
Ok, I admit, that as a groundbreaking tool for electronic music, this synth deserves a 5. It's time has passed though. I myself, a happy owner of a Novation BassStation and an Access Virus tried a TB-303 for the first time a week ago. Here's what I noticed. 1) The main plus is the glide function, it seems to function on a circuit that current virtual analog synths dont emulate very well, though with a bit of programming you can get the same glide sound out of the newer boxes. 2) The 303 "phatness" that everyone seems to refer to is something that this box on its own does not deliver, it needs external effects and maybe another filter (ie. Virus has 2 filters) to get the proper effect. 3) If I bought this box, I would be scared to take it out of the house because a)its so delicate feelling b)its so tiny anyone could grab it and stuff it into their pocket c) it cost me a months worth of paychecks

My honest opinion, if you are considering buying this box, you need to think logically. For the money a 303 would cost you you could find abass-station rack and some effects to go along with it and have a lot more power at you fingertips OR b) you could invest a bit more money and get a Virus or a MIcrowave or a Nord Lead and actually write some music, rather than silly monophonic video game loops.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-21-1999 at 19:41
TekChef a professional user from USa writes:
The 303 is awesome...sounds like a screaming demon..etc..etc...etc.. and is a poor excuse for some to write music. I think the time of the 303 dominance is over As a producer, I have to say I agree with el greco's friends..yup..sick of hearing everyone just take a damn 303 and claim to be techno. I do use the 303 sounds, but not all the time. Get a synth and learn to program it! and the prices on em are WAYYY inflated. I give the uncreative users of the 303 a 0 out of 5. the 303 itself..a 5 out of is a sound that is classic, and phat.. but..time to move on..and find new sounds!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-03-1999 at 04:54
justin a hobbyist user from usa writes:
303, Yeah it's totally overplayed, overrated, and overinflated, but dammnit! It rules! You can still find one for cheap(you're just looking in all the wrong places!) I got my minty 303/606 with cases and manuals for 700 beans. Well worth it! If you're gonna spend a grand on this thing you're fucking STUPID. One word for you bitches [MINIMOOG] if you have any extra grand lying around why buy a such a limited synth? You certainly not ever gonna do anything original with it! Hell, doing hardcore techno on a mini(tha'd be original). The only thing that can redeem the 303 is the mods! Check out the Borg mod at Analog Solutions! Makes a plain 303 look like SHIT. Another thing, buying a 303 and expecting to get famous is retarded. You might as well say(I'm gonna get a 909 and program quarter note kicks) yyeeahh that's REAL ground breaking shit. Another thing! Save you self about 600 and buy a Sidstation! That does shit the 303 only wishes it could do. Last, I do have to say that the 303 is cool as fuck, and the lameass producers and other fuckheads who made the 303 played and weak are the real enemy. Peace and good programming!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-02-1999 at 13:02
909 a professional user from SF Bay Area writes:
Damn little box, has so many people talking and stirring. Is it worth so much money? I don't know, Its a piece of history, perhaps with any luck they will erect a monument to Tadao Kikumoto (creator of the tb303 and tr909) Undoubtedly it has to be one of the most unique instruments in the techno music world, right up there with the moogs and the arps. Even though it wasn't intended it to be, if it did perhaps if would have had wooden sides to it. We all have heard it at one point or another, even though I am sick of hearing trance recordings using the 303 to death, sometimes I listen to a song I have heard many times before and go; wow, I think that's a 303, (or it could be a moog?, sometimes my waldorf Pulse get's on the wrong channel on my mixer and makes me think its a 303) Well, the sound is definetly unique. The main reason I got a 303 is to see if I can use it in "unconventional" ways, but its so hard to ignore the filter sweeps. Then my stuff starts to sound predictabe and traditional. So, I put my little bitch in my backpack, get a sixpack and a pair of headphones... go to the hills and listen... what is it about the sound?, what is so special about this thing? Well... I don't know, I do know it I picked up this little silver box at a thrift shop or a flea market and plugged it in, I would probably say a prayer of thank you to god because the sound that comes of of this box is so alive, like a animal in a cage being harnessed and is screaming to get out shouting its feelings. Sound and speech is the only way we can tell our feelings to each other, we don't know how to use telepathy yet. This machine definately has a voice and a spirit of its own, listen to it, make a mellow song with some Moog synth pads and a mellow 303 acid line, don't go off the the "screaming resonance" let it play, play with the knobs a bit, but not too much, let it tell you her story.... Perhaps in the after life we will get to meet the creator, maybe it wasn't meant to be a "bass line" but a instrument from another planet intended to teach us about our brain, who the hell knows....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-29-1999 at 04:51
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