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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Ron Holt a professional user from United States of America writes:
Professionals to beginners, people with money and those without ALL can do great things with the W-30.I would think anyone new to the W-30 or samplers in general might be intimidated by the SOME of the opinions expressed on this site.For those new to the W-30 I say this:The w-30 is a paint brush.A paint brush in Picassos hands did wonderous things.That same brush in the hands of a student.....My point is don't be put off by arrogant musicians who talk about the limits of the W-30.It's what you do with it.You made a great investment!

posted Wednesday-Jan-10-2001 at 14:12
BuckLylz from southern California, USA writes:
I am picking mine up in the morning, BABY!!! $300 will do it, no manual...but it's pretty self explanatory anyways...I went to take alook at it today, but wanted a extra day to think about it...and reading the comments about the W-30 jsut made me SURE to go get it in the morning!!! YEAH!! I can't WAIT!

posted Saturday-Sep-09-2000 at 05:39
Matt Parsons a part-time user from UK writes:
I bought my W30 about a year ago for £400.

I preplaced the Screen, the power supply has been replaced and two keys need repairing. So why do I use it? The simple answer is when it works it is great. It has a nice little 12 bit sampler and a fantastic sequencer. It takes a while to load from floopy so try to get a hard drive version, I want to get a hard drive (actually a zip) for it but you need a special (SCSI) upgrade chip. Also the sample memory is limited, 14 seconds are the max at good qualty, 28seconds at low quality. The reason why I stick with it as a sound reproduction device is because the playback is 16bit, I use my Amiga to save samples on disk in 16bit. Then the amasing LP filters give the warmest sampler sound I've ever heard. Doesn't sound great when playing samples above the initial sample rate, beautiful when playing samples bellow the sample rate (thanks to differential interpolation).

It was a bit expensive for what it is, but it is still a fantastic workstation. I would suggest that you use it as a second sampler simply due to it's lack of memory and lack of effects (buy a reverb box!!!! :-) )

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-19-2000 at 22:35
Matt a professional user from Canada writes:
W-30 was and still is a very good keyboard. I still use it today for putting quick ideas together when I'm on the road. The sequencer is pretty good and the sampler was great in it's day. Watch out for a few problems though. The glue that holds the buttons in place seams to turn to sticky liquid that then makes the buttons not fuction. I cleaned mine myself but it was a 6 hour job. You have to take the entire board apart from the bottom. I'd buy one!

posted Sunday-Apr-16-2000 at 21:36
L. Funk writes:
Let's add things up: 1. A damn good control keyboard (anyone want a Fatar for $150?....I'll take the W-30)

2. MC-50 like sequencer ($200)

3. A good sampler (just sold the similar s900 for $325)

Add it up...It really is a value at anywhere under $600 depending on condition/scsi

Oh yeah did I mention the mks-80 I found for $200 or the juno-106 I snagged for $150? They exist in a land of dreams my children. Dreams that we make up to hide the pathetic truth that we spend so much time and money pursuing that which is ours naturally. The gift of music.

Does the master carpenter brag about his cheap hammer? Does the great artist whine incessantly about the ever rising cost of canvas?


But the little, weasily, wannabe "electronic" musician/DJ/wanker bitches and moans about the cost of something they HAVE CHOSEN to do.


W-30 5 out of 5 Reliable, beloved and not for sale. I'll give it to Goodwill or an intelligent artist first.

posted Sunday-Mar-05-2000 at 01:38
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