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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Sam Hulick a hobbyist user from Chicago, USA writes:
Well, I just picked up this keyboard last week, and it's simply awesome. Before this, I was using an Ensoniq TS-12, so I'm very happy to have the much better sounds that the XP-80 offers.

I will be honest and say that if you're into sound realism, the XP-80 doesn't offer a lot unless you expand it with the SR-JV80 expansion boards. THOSE BOARDS ARE A NECESSITY! Film music composers will benefit from Orchestral I & II, World, and Session.

I've also noticed some kind of glitch in the sequencer that seems to happen mostly on strings and bass instruments. I started recording right at measure one, with a bass pizzicato, and when I played it back, it was fine. But when I added more strings (just two tracks/parts, each one playing just two notes each), the bass pizz skipped. It's kind of hard to explain, but it seems like the strings interfere with the bass pizz and when you hit "play", the bass pizz plays but there's a skip there. My workaround is to just start recording from measure two. And yes, I have the latest ROM/CPU versions.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-21-2000 at 19:56
Wilyjanto, SE from Indonesia writes:
I'm having my third problem with the glue of the weighted keys... well I've been told this problem is only happened in Indonesia or may be asia... but this problem is really annoying. I've tried to glued it back carefully bay myself and Thank God I succed. Roland told be the recent product has better glue... if you want to buy the new XP-80 look at the bottom of the keys, if the glue is black and hard/solid it must be the better one, if the glue is pink and elastic... becareful.. prepare yourself about this problem, keep away your intrument from unfriendly climate... but if you in your country never heard of this Roland melting glue problem... there's nothing to be scared of.

posted Wednesday-Jun-14-2000 at 14:35
Mark Dickman a professional user from Southampton, UK writes:
I've had my XP-80 for 3 years - I use it for live theatre work/gigs as well as for recording backing tracks.

I've found the sound on the XP-80 to be of high quality - even after 3 years, the waveforms still sound respectable. I particularly like the piano/acoustic guitar samples as well as the sweeping pads (perfect for use in incidental music). The brass/sax/drums sounds are disappointing, but no synth at the moment offers a completely perfect package of sounds.

I haven't got any expansion boards apart from the 'experience' board (which Roland supplied as a demo). The main problem with the boards is that you don't get any more polyphony - for the cost of buying an expansion board, it may be cheaper to buy an external module instead and you'll benefit from a wider range of sounds + more notes!

Editing is excellently handled through the synth's large display. It's very useful to save patches to floppy disk - a feature that's far more hassle on the Roland JV2080 as you need to purchase special memory cards/bulk dump to other midi devices.

The touch of the keyboard's OK for playing sweeping pads, but you'd be better off spending money on a master keyboard if you will be playing more pianistic music - the touch of the XP-80 is quite shallow, if you want a good master keyboard then I'd go with the Roland A-90.

Nevertheless, the XP80 is light and has survived many gigs all over the country. The synth is a very powerful tool - I'd recommend it for people who wanted a synth-style keyboard combined with industry standard sounds. If you can afford it, go for the XP80 and also buy a KORG X5/N5 - this works as a really nice live setup as you have a large palette of sounds to layer.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-01-2000 at 10:55
Gino C a part-time user from Australia writes:
I've had the XP-80 since 96 and it's a beauty.I still have a JX-8P,Ensoniq Mirage and Korg M1 and I sold my JV-80 to buy the XP-80. For me there's something about the Roland sound. There is a crispness to the sounds that you just can't beat and the XP-80 continues that tradition in quality.I also have the Dance expansion board which has been extremely usefull.I must admit I should know a lot more about it than I do. The appregiator is great, the keyboard action is nice.It's well built and does a great job in live situations. The RRP function is great although I haven't explored it's full potential. There is only one downside to this keyboard and that is the sequencer glitch with regards to timing but in saying that I have still used it in live situations without any problems by simply not using any sequences that produce this glitch.If you're creating a sequence that goes out of time you basically have to use an alternative sound that uses less voices without trying to loose sound quality. This is my only bitch about this machine.Roland should have fixed the problem because this keyboard with the sequencer working properly is a killer in any live situation. Let me say that the salesperson from Turramurra Music was very helpful in that when I asked him to give the good & the bad about the XP-80 he made me aware of this problem. However the good points far outwayed the bad points so I bought it anyway. I'm sure the XP-80 is going to give me years of enjoyment and I could spend my whole life learning about its many many features and how to use them to maximize the XP-80's potential. Regards Gino

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-31-2000 at 01:19
Wilyjanto,SE a professional user from Indonesia writes:
I have already use my XP-80 for 3 years... I love this keybord, especially the sequencer which is the best for me. I love most of the sound, but I think the drum is weak and sound to machine, but I know some people who love it, so I don't want to discuss it too much. I've programmed the piano patch using the wave that hasn't been use by the preset and I really love it.

The problem I've been through is the output noise and the melting glue on the weighted keys, in indonesia JV-80, D-70, JV-1000 and XP-80 is always has the melting problem, but I notice the new released has better glue. well just 'want to say, this one is keep, even though it has give me some annoying problem, but that's the risk of being an electronic musician... by the way... XP-80 is a really good controler too... this workstation and my trinity is going to be amy good companion.

posted Monday-Mar-06-2000 at 13:28
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