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Average rating: 3.9 out of 5
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Stephen Davis a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
The XP-10, well I knew it wasn't a studio instrument when I bought it. I needed a sound canvas compatible device and don't like modules so got one. It's close to a sc-55 with some extra tones. I say tones rather that patches because you can't really edit them too much and can't reload your own either. You can save in the user area tones you tweek, but once again why bother. I also have an XP-30 which I do most work on but the XP-10 has a few tones that are quite stunning, try the rubber bass, it's dynamics are great. Of course the rhythm banks are also great, but alas not too changeable. Not to neglect the Saw derivative Dr Solo - it's a very useful tone.

Overall I can't complain at all, the XP-10 does everything I thought it would. I would recommend one to anyone who likes an easy instrument to use and isn't bothered to delve too far into patch edits..

Enjoy :)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-28-2000 at 01:40
Unyatinszki Tamas a part-time user from Hungary writes:
I bought XP10 because I needed a midi keyboard, and a GS comp. sound modul but had no more money than 180000 HUF. You must know that in Hungary my muther, who is teachin literature and grammar in a high school sould be working for 4 mounts to get this money- but of course we must eat too :-) I use it for practicing harmonic theory and orchestration, and write my songs on it. I must say that it has got a very bad keyboard, and no more than 15 useable sounds. If you want to laugh just listen to the "violin". But anyway it was the cheapest. If you don't have more money,buy it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-26-2000 at 15:47
mike gleason a part-time user from penna usa writes:
synths are like autos, BMW's are not VW's, in price, or constuction. Similarly, an xp is not a $2000 Yamaha, or a $3000 Kurzweil; it is a no- frills And trying to compare the two or three is not fair; they are in different leagues. remember, the xp is a $500 synth;if you're doing studio, sequencing, soundtracking, and general tweaking; a rack system might be a better way to go. But till then, this is a great synth for the working musician!! Light weight, lots of good traditional sounds...organs, rhodes, pianos,strings, and acoustic/electric guitars,fx, and alot of other goodies..even a usable banjo? challenge yourself-and try some bluegrass ...I did, and the audience was looking to see where the banjo player was...and the sounds are accesable with a minimum of button-pushing...its a PLAYERS KEYBOARD.

As for the X-DUAL function, I love can layer two settings(piano/strings..piano/B-3) and shift on the fly by moving the slider..(look ma, no buttons to push)...I use this alot when I want a basic piano on a verse, and add something else in & out during a chorus.

personally, i liked the xp so much, i bought a SECOND ONE...changing programs is a breeze; same buttons are on both boards-hard to get lost or hit the wrong button in a dark room or blinding lites!! But i'll repeat, I'm a player, not a button-pusher, and the xp-10 supports this well!!!

posted Saturday-Sep-16-2000 at 12:10
DeadZone writes:
I bought XP-10 when it came and sold after about year. Why? Damn slow MIDI and really poor editing, just few parameters to tweak. GM-set is one of the best anyway and there is some usable pads and JV-style guitars. Good hobby-ist keyboard.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-20-2000 at 07:25
Eugenio Martinez a hobbyist user from Argentina writes:
I owe a XP10, and it's an excelent synth for sequencing, acoustic sounds are great, and it have really cool synth sounds,. One great thing is that it has a good GM bank, but the best sounds are in a User bank (not GM), and it has another bank to edit and write sounds. All this for only $400 (that's what i paid it used, in my countri). I give him 5/5.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-19-2000 at 13:40
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