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Average rating: 3.9 out of 5
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Daniel Bensadón a part-timer user from Argentina writes:
XP-10 is the best choice of its price. The four points are : Good keyboard Good sounds (listen the Hammonds !!!I love them) Good price Good for working with PC The missing point: Very bad operative system I've been programming keyboards the last 15 years (analog, digital & hybrid ) and this is incredible bad. Sometimes the XP 10 does what he wants... Anyway , there's nothing better for that price.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-01-1999 at 00:10
Rob Smith a professional user from USA writes:
The XP-10 is the first synth I bought new from a music store. Right after I bought it I saw Eli Janney playing one in Girls Against Boys and I knew I had made the right choice. Among the $400-$600 range boards, I liked the layout and features of this one the best, plus I prefer the mod lever to wheels. I was pleased with the acoustic instrument sounds (piano, vibes, strings, flute, etc.), and the synth sounds are great. I have received many compliments after live performances about the punch of those basses through a live PA. Very versatile as a controller. Great split and dual functions, although I haven't found much use for the X-Dual function. The arpeggiator offers many choices as well. I have certainly have no regrets choosing the XP-10 as my first "real" keyboard.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-30-1999 at 03:21
Shane MacPhearson a hobbyist user from Universal City, Texas writes:
Purchasing the XP-10 was a mistake. I've owned an Ensoniq VFX-SD (for which I could kill myself for selling), a Korg X5, and a host of other less-expenisive keyboards. The XP-10 is definitely on level with the cheaper ones.

Some of the XP-10's sounds are pretty good but, for the most part, none of them have any punch. The on-baord effects are okay, I guess, but the XP-10's CPU doesn't deal with your changing them very well. Many times the effects you add to one sound (delay, flange, etc.) will carry over into others and you have to reset the unit. Frustrating!

The unit itself feels very fragile as it's made of light plastic. The keys are very thin and bouncy--the action is about the same as my nephews $45 Barney keyboard. (Unfortunately, some of the XP-10's sounds aren't much better either)

If you're considering purchasing this keyboard, please think twice. You'll be a lot better off spending just a little more money. And for God's sake, go play one before you buy! I wish I had. Unfortunately, I'm overseas right now and went for the value "hook" Musician's Friend threw out. So, as it stands, I'm stuck with the XP-10 and looking to buy another synth.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-14-1999 at 03:27
Dan O'Leary a part-timer user from USA writes:
It's been said before, great value for the price (I paid $500 -- cheap). I've only done limited sequencing on it, but no hang-up time yet (knocks virtual wood).

The XP-10 has (I believe) two real uses: entry-level synth and someone (like myself) who relies on it for live performance almost exclusively (I still do most of my writing and recording on my old W-30 chestnut). Live performers will appreciate the lightweight body (though it feels about as durable as a pinata), X-dual function for quick program layers on the fly, and 75% of the sounds (notably, the acoustic-ish instruments) are quality stuff. Patch editing isn't really necessary in my situation, but there are plenty of user spaces to save my little tweaks. I use it live with a Korg N5, which is similar to the XP-10 (unexpandable, but lots of cool sounds and dynamic controllers), and both make up for each others' shortcomings (Korg's acoustic sounds, Roland's synth sounds).

All in all, a great value and cool-sounding instrument.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-14-1999 at 12:10
Jag tycker XP-10 är en leksakssynth, i stil med Casio.

posted Sunday-Apr-18-1999 at 12:18
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