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Average rating: 3.9 out of 5
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STe a hobbyist user from France writes:
Bonjour ami francophone qui ne comprend pas grand chose à l'Anglais... Je suis étudiant et donc pas vraiment musicien pro. J'ai acheté le XP10 à sa sortie. J'ai été convaincu par les sons de piano acoustiques et électriques. Il sont très corrects pour le prix. Cependant avec le temps, on s'en lasse vite du son de piano acoustique... surtout quand on joue sur un Pleyel ou un Yamaha à queue.C'est un son agréable dans les graves mais pas très profond. A part ça il est vrai que les sons de TB303 sont assez dégueulasses, que les kits de batterie sont excellents et que les guitares acoustiques, violons, trompettes -etc.- relèvent du pitoyable. Ceci dit certains sons comme les Strings Oberheim ou Synthbass101 sont vraiment sympathiques.

En outre le Xp10 possède un arpégiateur agréable mais qui n'est pas transmis via midi. A part ça je dirais que le XP10 est un synthé sympa pour débutant d'autant plus que son prix est attrayant d'occasion... Amoureux des instruments acoustiques, s'abstenir... Pour ma part je vais certainement m'acheter le XP30 qui à l'air un peu plus polyvalent. Pour plus de renseignements n'hesitez pas à me conacter.Surtout si vous voulez me le racheter..

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-18-1999 at 10:37
DJL from Finland writes:
+ HiQuality sounds + Good acoustic drums, guitars + Good GM -soundsource + Price - Keyboard - LCD - Variety of sounds - MIDI (bugs, slow) - Expandability

Real competitor is Yamaha CS1x for the price. XP-10 has clearly better quality of sounds. Same sounding filters. Same expandability. CS1x has more sounds, better keyboard, better MIDI, more knobs, better for electronic music etc, and better electronic -drumssounds.

Ask me from those two machines if ya want. Just mail.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-11-1999 at 17:46
Jimmy a part-timer user from YUUU ESSS AYYY writes:
Hmm..This synth never impressed me much. Its "analogue" sounds made me laugh so hard. The pair of Tb-303 sounds are Incredulously horrible. NOTHING like the real thing. OB brass (oberheim) sounded like a one lunged person trying to play a trumpet. I also recall this synth having Drum kits on it? i rememember somethin that tried to be a 909 kit, the kick was like a dying dog groaning, and the snare was like radio fuzz. Our School's Midi lab has these in there. THIS is where i praise it. Ranks up there among the midi controller /midi board category. Our local music store is trying to rid of em soo bad that they made a deal..for $400 you can buy the board Roland Speakers, Sequncer software and a stand. Im sad to say that they havent sold one off yet. Bottom line...Analogue is is digital...oh "p.s." this board is awesome at Acoustic type instruments..but i dont use those so...i'll stick to my higher end Roland stuff (dr-660, Jp-8000)

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-10-1999 at 21:01
ChemVein a part-timer user from USA writes:
My friend got one, so I messed around on it for a while. It kicked a lot more ass that I thought that it would. I ran it through a Digitech foor multi-effects guitar thing... and it became perfect industrial percussion. The Arp is good too... I played with the "walking bass line" one for a while, while I was playing lead with my right hand. It's a nice beginner's box. Personally, if you have the extra $200, I'd go with the XP-30 for sure. It has 64 MB of samples, two expansion slots, and the same synth archetecture as the JV-1080/XP-50 (and all of the above synths [JV-2080, XP-60, XP-80.]) A nice little box none the less.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-10-1999 at 13:15
Mark Foster a professional user from Pennsylvania, USA writes:
The XP-10 is a great entry level synthesiser.....some of the sounds are great, and the dual function is particularly useful....i found by hooking up a mixer to mine, i was able to tweak it a little, and get it to sound even better....if you're looking for a nice starter synth, this is it....nothing out there comes even close to the value you get for the price....i'm happy with mine....

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-10-1999 at 03:41
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