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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Marius a hobbyist user from Norway writes:
The Roland D-50 was my first synthesizer. I bought it four years ago i think, and its realy the reason of why i`m so into synthesizers today. Its just an amazing synth. Enough about the cinda 80s preset- sounds ect. They sound so so.. I`ve got like 10 diferent cards and i know..;) But the most fynny thing with this synthesizer is that no matter what u want to create of sound, give yourself 15-30 mins, and u are guaranteed to sit with a synthsound that tells u why u want ever sell this thing. (If u know how to program it tho ofcoarse) I bought the PG-1000 programmer for about 1.5 year ago, but i havent realy used it that mutch. By the time i got one, i had learned the whole d50 interface.(Witch is layed out wery logically) I do use it, but just because it lets me control all parts at the same time. part 1,2 both on the lower and upper section. So u basically dont have to program every thing 4 times. Thats just ofcoarse if u just want a typical juno"ISH" (its not THAT analog sounding:P)sound with lets say 4osc pr voice just slightly detuned. The thing is that all the parts has its own envelope for the filter and amp for the posibillity of creating sounds that no other synths can.. but if u dont want that, the pg1000 will let u control all the env, filter, lfo..Basically everything the d50 lets u control.. -for the "parts" u select. Saves u for a lot of time:)

The D-50 has in total: 4osc! saw or squ pr voice with 8 voce of polyphony. Each osc has its ovn EG for filter and amp. So 8 EG`s. 2x3 LFO`s with rnd,squ,saw and sine waves. These can be synced and chosen to control pitch amp or filter. Sice u have 3 LFOs in one part. This gives u a wide specter of posibilities. The D50`s filter is rather digital. But i love it! It not analog its just D-50! Thats for everything else in this synth also. hehe.

The sounds i think fits this synth most is BIG lush pads, Spacey and digitaly-ish fxs, and again just amazing pad sounds that no aother synth can create. I cant get half ass cool pads with my KORG MS2000 etc. Just not possible.

So overall, the D-50 is a one of a cind synth with its own sound. Its not cheap digital (for god sake!!not at all!!) yet not analog... its a Linear Syntheziser that sound just amazing. If i for some reason lost it i would defenatly replace it with a nother d50..! no doubt!

They are going for mostly the same price as a Juno106 or Juno60. Its worth the money, and i u dont like it, well it wont be any problem to sell it, because there are a lot of people that does like it:)

Synth Hobbyist 19 from Norway

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-18-2007 at 13:52
andy a hobbyist user from usa writes:
The D50 is one of the greatest synthesizers in history next the DX7II. To this day no other machine matches its breathy heavenly sounds and massive analog and brass capabilities among others. And no the M1 did not sink it. I owned the M1 and the D50 sinks it in the category of brass, organs, strings and FX. The only real reason the M1 became so popular was for the sequencer and although it had a fake crappy piano sound it nevertheless was way stronger than the one on the D50. I sold the M1 for its lack of decent organ, electric piano, acoustic piano and brass sounds so don't tell me the M1 is better. The D50 has the best B3 sounds of any synth in history. Get the Screamin B3 card from Valhalla and you'll see what I mean.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-13-2007 at 02:29
andy from usa writes:
For those who did not know, this synth emulates amazing B3 sounds as heard thru a leslie, filmscore quality strings, massive analog and brass sounds (think Van Halen's JUMP), nature sounds (like the seagulls sound I used in one of my romantic ballads), among the many out of this world breathtaking sound capabilities. With all due respect to the mega boards of today.....The D50 is one of the greatest synthesizers ever created and one that has left its mark on every mega board of today. The D50 simply will not and cannot become obsolete. Ever!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-07-2007 at 01:15
andy a hobbyist user from usa writes:
In response to Jay who asks if he should get the D50 or XP80, the XP80 has way better piano and electric piano sounds as it has better samples built in. However the D50 has unique ethereal, pad and brass sounds not found on the XP80. I own an XP80 which I will never let go due to the fine bass and drums sounds among others. Ths XP is a very analog sounding machine. Probably one of the last of that type. I've owned 2 D50's and am ready to buy it again. There is a card available which has awesome sounding hammond B3 sounds. The D50 has filmscore quality string sounds that till this day are usable. It is a monster synth that will never go out of style and in my opinion the best thing pre 90's that Roland has ever built.

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-10-2007 at 12:55
Sudad (Hi-Lite Scan, Atlantique) a professional user from Germany writes:
What shall I say - for me the D-50/D-550 is one of the best analog sounding digital-synth. Even today. Excellent in pads, strings and spacy atmospheric sounds. With the 4 independent Pitch-EG's, 4 TVF's (VCF), 4 TVA's (VCA) and 6 LFO's it's so easy to create really uncredible warm and weird Pad-Sounds - often used in modern Trance, Ambient and movie-soundtracks.

It was one of my first synths, but I use it still today in every of my productions (Dance, House and Trance).

For Disco-House-Producers who needs the "fast attack 70's string-sound" or other "high string-sounds" the D-50/D-550 should be an excellent choice. The strings in Michael Jacksons song "Billie Jean" sounds very similar and I'm sure they used the D-50/D-550. But also Trance-Producers would love its deeper and very weird pads and drones for breaks and bombastic intros.

I would never sell it.

I prefer the D-550 (rackversion) because it's sounds just a little bit better then the keyboard version D-50. But both are sounding great!!!!

5 of 5 points. I would give him 6 of 5 points if possible.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-30-2007 at 06:59
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