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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Jace a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
This has to be one of the better synths in my collection. It's a bugger to program at first, even if you have a pg1000, but once you master it you will create sounds that induce hypnosis! I paid $575(AUS) for a second hand D550 module and this included a pg1000, 4 rom cards and a ram card. Absolute bargain! Like many have said, don't expect great piano patches, but for cataclismic pad sounds, stabbing leads,fat bounding analogue strings, this unit is unbeatable. The only drawback is it's not multitimbral as standard.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-03-2001 at 10:53
Chad Gould writes:
Hi there... someone was kind enough to do a PDF copy of the manual (somewhere), so I put it on my site. Here's the link:

<a href=> D-50 PDF Manual </a>

posted Tuesday-May-01-2001 at 23:59
Thomas Elbers a professional user from Belgium writes:
Well , we just bought one from America. It was advertised as USED and 10 broken keys for $200. Well we got it and I opened the box. Much to my suprise it was in FABULOUS condition. I cleaned it up sparkling good for about an hour. It also came with a mem card. I plugged it in and fired it up. WOW! This thing is amazing. Very very thick but also very unlike a synthesizer. More like a heaven machine. Better than the K5000 our studio has. The body is very strong. Metal on the bottom and industrial strength metal on the sides and back. Very very sturdy. The display is the kind with a black background and illuminescent green LED. VERY SEXY. I used to think that we would never buy a d-50 because of the used prices ..(650, 400, 500, etc..) but when I saw one for 200 with broken keys I snapped it up. Now , the broken keys are still there they just need cleaning. But through midi it works like a charm. WOW , WHAT A DEAL! After I cleaned it up it really does look near mint and we got it for 200 american plan! WOW!

anyways... Im gonna now. Enya called and she said she wants her D-50 back (lol)....BYE!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-17-2001 at 17:15
Marion Robinson IV a professional user from St. Louis, United States writes:
This thing is tight.. My church has had it since it's release in 1989. THERE IS NO KEYBOARD LIKE IT... I'm buying it from my church soon.

posted Saturday-Feb-10-2001 at 21:00
Simon Cantwell a part-time user from UK writes:
I bought my D50 in 1990 and still use it in my rig today. I still love the warm strings, breathy pads and rich brass. Mostly I play it via a Roland RD600 keyboard as I was brought up on piano and the RD600's keyboard action is simply the best if you're a pianist.

Tweaking and programming is pretty easy once you get used to the Roland Menu system and I still find new sounds regularly when I'm tweaking sounds or just playing around at home.

The D50 has NEVER let me down. Altough I am careful when handling my kit, it has been on the road week in week out since the day I bought it so has definately stood the test of time in terms of robustness. In all that time the backup battery has never been replaced (I am getting quite paranoid about this lately so I back up on memory card every few days!!)

Any shortcomings? Well to be really picky... the light keyboard (it was launched in '89 before the days of serious weighted keyboards!) / Someimes very difficult to see the numbers of the buttons on stage - a criticism that can be aimed at many of today's keyboards / Some sounds probably a bit noisy for studio use compared to today's synths, altough you don't notice this live / there's a great trumpet, but I've never been able to get close to a passable sax sound - anyone got any tips?

Being essentially a live player as opposed to a studio musician, 'workstation' synths don't appeal so much - I prefer to play rather than trigger, so the D50 is likely to remain in my rig for while yet! (OK - I confess that I have been checking out the latest Korg synths - but I'll never part with my D50!)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-16-2001 at 14:03
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