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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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bellman a part-time user from ZA writes:
Just picked up a slightly damaged JV80 cheap this week for about US$250. I fixed it myself but still problems with aftrertouch. This board is great, has a bright unique sound. I like the 8 sliders for editing. Think I am going to add an SR-JV expansion board. Bit weak on pianos and drums, otherwise its great for live giging. I really like the styling of this machine that is the look of it. One drawback of these synths are the low quality sliders an switches that are used in manufacturing. All in all after 11 years still a charmer.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-24-2003 at 17:07
John Laughter a part-time user from Macon , Ga writes:
ROLAND XP 80 Do you have one of these units for sale that is new and under warranty?

John Laughter

posted Friday-Oct-25-2002 at 07:36
synthartist a part-time user from Van Buren, Arkansas writes:
Here is my scoop on the Roland JV 80. Frankly, I cannot and will not live without this keyboard. I bought it brand spankin new back in 1991 and it has and will most likely continue to be the heart of my arsenal. If you want acoustic sounds then this is the synth. The factory piano does not sound like an actual piano. In my opinion it sounds as good as one and better in some situations. The piano on the JV 80 blows away any Roland XP that has ever came to market. No comparison. I have owned a Korg O1WPROX, Roland XP 50, Roland JX 10, Yamaha DX7IIFD (BOO HOO!), Roland JV 90, and played just about every keyboard I could get my hands on at a music store. Of course as you get into higher priced Kurzweil, and even newer Korgs like the SP series, and Roland RD's then we get some really astonishing piano patches. But for a 61 key synth that is about 11 years old the piano patches are fantastic!!! The orchestra strings are very hard to beat. Try the JV strings patch. Pop in the Pop Expansion board and try out the turbo sax. It is really powerful and very realistic if not better sounding than an actual sax. The synth sounds are weak. I mean very weak! The organs are lacking in a big way. Not to say that an organ expansion board could solve this. I really don't know. I have managed to create some acceptable synth patches by taking two saw waves and tuning them apart, adding some chorus and a helluva lotta delay!! And the same goes for lead sounds. The only difference is that I flip the patch into mono mode and add a touch of portamento. I also have created a killer and I do mean KILLER lead patch by tuning 4 saw waves slightly apart, with one of them transposed to the fifth. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I like to link in the RED AX 1 and take center stage with that one and the turbo sax!! I think that any JV in good condition under $500.00 is a steal. Seriously! If I can break away with spending all my cash on vintage keyboards like jupiters, juno 106 and 60's, I would probably consider buying another one just in case of an emergency. Oh and probably the most remarkable thing I left out was the acoustic guitar patches. WOW!!!! Korg cannot touch it! About 4 notes below and above middle C this guitar patch is incredible. Learn the strumming technique and you will not be able to tell the difference! Of course on all of the above you may have to do a little effect tweaking to your taste. I am an effect man and know how to use effects to my advantage in a huge way! The drum section is okay but not real acoustic sounding. I can say that the entire synth is easy to use when it comes to basic programming. There is also a very realistic acoustic bass guitar on the Pop Expansion board. As a matter of fact, the Pop Expansion board is mandatory with this baby! I actually use a Yamaha CS1X as a secondary synth during live performance to cover the synth and organs and any weird maryln mansion, tool, nine inch nails patches I need. But right now I am playing country, (for the money) so the JV acoustic patches fit in well especially for that Devil went down to Georgia fiddle moment! If you want to play Van Halen "Jump" then you had better start tweaking. The Yamaha gets about as close as you can to "Jump" without playing Eddies OB 8 or OBXA or whatever he used. Even the most critical musician in the audience thinks that the CS1x is an OB 8!!! And the Cs1x has a B3 from hell! So these two keyboards make great companions an are very very inexpensive to own. Any questions about the JV or any other keyboards from this era feel free to email me. I love to talk keys and synths and all that good stuff that will not allow any of us musicians to grow up! A synthesizer is like an adults lego bricks! Have fun!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-09-2002 at 16:26
a professional user writes:
I like the brasses in the jv 80 and it also have a better bass sound than the xp60 and 80. Iam also a lead trumpet player I did the brass.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-22-2002 at 19:08
Lars Peder Kallar Devold a part-time user from Trondheim, Norway writes:
I got my JV-80 used for 300$, through a magazine add. When I got it, I seriously didn`t know what to expect. It doesn`t look very 80`s, thankfully, can`t stand those yellow and blue knobs.

After taking it home and trying out the sounds, though, I was disappointed. I wasn`t very experienced with synth programming when I bought it, I still am not, but getting better. I was comparing it to my Trinity, and of course, the Roland falls short of it.

In general, for lead sounds, it sucks. I was a fullborn shredder at the time, and lead sounds were one of my top requirements.

Another thing it can`t do is Electric Pianos. In general, these sound too Midiesque for my taste, very bellish, my Kawai digital piano can do it better.

Third, the organs are horrible. Again, very midiesque, and compared to my Korg, these belong in the dark ages of synths.

Even if you dig into the synth, you will have a hard time finding good sounds for the above. So use the thing where it shines!!! The Jv is fantastic for pads, basses, piano, strings, ultracheesy brass sounds. I`ve grown to love it, and instead of using it as a secondary keyboard controller for my KT, i`ve let it sound for itself. Once you start working on the sounds, you`ll understand how good it is.

The sliders make control and editing very easy, experimenting is better than on any other synth with the exception of VA`s, the user interface is easy to grasp. Upgrades are available in the expansion cards, which I have yet to try, there are tons of webpages dedicated to this synth. In short, for the price you pay for it, the Jv gives you a lot of bang for the buck.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-31-2001 at 12:09
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