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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Rick G. a hobbyist user from Texas writes:
When I first got this little beast I was blown away with it's high REZ. filter, it literally blew one of my studio monitors away. I picked this baby for a mear $40.00 from a guy who has a studio with all kinds of digital gadgets! He did not even care for it, had it thrown on a pile of junk, told me to take it and pay him whenever! a couple of weeks later I found a Msq-100, got it for $60.00, hooked them babies up perfect sync to midi.Then after buying a blue sh-101 I found a Web site where it said you can use the internal Seq.(Part2)to sequence the sh-101, I was so relieved because the Cv>midi converters are so pricey!Now my sh-101 and my Mc-202 can Make beautiful music together!I am currently in search for a manual,need to figure some certain functions? Can anyone Help! As far as a Tb-303 clone, who cares it is honestly better because of it's Lfo,PWM,Sequencer is easier to use! and It's tight filter! All for now Synth Freaks!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-28-2001 at 14:10
aviator a professional user from uk writes:
just got hold of this box & it blows me away! i always used to shun the 202 away because i have a 303 & thought it was just an imatation 303 & believed the hype.but for me this thing blows the 303 out of the water for pure flexibility & use. it sounds damn funky & much more usable than the 303. my 303 is collecting dust at the moment because its limited to one type of sound but the 202 is unlimited & the seq is much easier to use. i can probaly sell my 303 for about 6 to 700 quid now to some mug & they wont realize they do the same & much more with the 202 which is only a third of the price... oh well.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-20-2000 at 22:41
joe from ky writes:
great synth

very punk the most bass on earth is here... i cannot think of a better synth that does bass. maybe a jupiter or something. but if that is too much, then this is key

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-04-2000 at 23:07
nubey a professional user from usa writes:
A fab machine, at one time I owned two..

Great for sync 24 splitter too! hook up both your tr808 and tr606 from it, hook the 202 to an MSQ100 (midi to sync converter/crap sequencer) plug the old midi cable from your sequencer into the MSQ, and viola -- a VCF bass machine, and two perfect drum machies, in solid time with your midi, and it doesn't waiver much either -- it's not rock solid timing but damn close...

Have fun -- tech kiddies:


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-31-2000 at 17:28
me a professional user from New York writes:
I recently picked on of these up off ebay, at first when it arrived i thought i wasted my money! i heard all this talk about "good acid machine," when at first it compared no where near my tb303, then I started poking around it's sequencer, and i'm in love with's like the 303, the 303 isn't about the sounds(that's why emulators are so wack), it's about the sequence, the sequence is the sound and the sound is in the sequence...if you had a 303 you'll understand where i'm coming from, but is no different in the 202, 202 maybe more so=D, the vcf triggering accents r lovely! people say they don't like it's sequencer because it isn't drum machine style...303 isn't either...i'd say the sequencer is like a souped up 303 sequencer!^_^, maybe lacking the dope slides, and having an vcf accent that sounds like a duck!, but i love it as a different acid sound, it's more colorful that then 202, i don't know how to describe it as colorful...but just being able to edit the gate time and step time makes this synth SUPER SUPER SUPER versatile! + it's sooo cute^_^ and runs on batteries...I've never used or owned an sh101, but i hear they basically sound the same?, I don't know how it'd compare to the 202 not having the sequencer, i personally love having some short notes and then a long note(utilzing gate time) and throwing portamento on it to give it a really 303ish type sound...throw it through some nice guitar distortion and linked up to my AS modded 606 it's goa heaven!, it made me fall in love with goa again... well anyway i'll stop giving this unit praise...oh yea only thing that's not so great on it is that it's filter is too powerful! heheh 303 was nice cuz it COULDN'T self oscillate, this thing self oscillates like a motha fukka! and if you're listening to it dry it could kill your ear drums!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-31-2000 at 15:53
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