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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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Kanji a part-time user from Finland writes:
Stop your whining. Over 50% reviews considering this machine is just people mocking MC303. "Sounds suck, sequencer is the worst ever, it's ugly..." Come on! This machine is developed almost 10 years ago. And still to day I has at least really decent drum-kits. TR-808, TR-909 and TR-606 sounds are useful and TR-styled drum-sequencer is really easy to use.

Lead sounds are weak, but they can be used for arpeggiator riffs underneath main riff. Oh and for those who say that synth/lead sound are crappy and lame. This machine has Cutoff, Resonance, Level, Panpot, Attack, Release, Decay and Sustain controls to adjust sounds. It might be useful to have a look at the manual before start dissing. Some really famous producers have used this machine to creat hits at the 90's so it can't be so bad. For examle Liam Howlett and Todd Terry has used MC-303. I have to agree that internal sequencer is hard to program on it's own, but when connected for example Logic, or Cubase things couldn't be easier. Also I have hard time to take all whining considering MC303's user interface. Everything is laid simply and all the functions are couple of buttons away. To copy PART just push shift+func buttons down and press first note on keyboard. Almost every funstion is just couple of buttons and you are there. Fast and easy compared todays machines were every little function has to be burried under layers and layers of on screen info. Layout is so simple that you have to be moron not to understand it. Or maybe it's that the people here complaining about the interface simply cannot read?

Arpeggiator is still one of the best on the market, especially for the price.

MC-303 doesn't sound nothing like original TB-303, but you can still get the feel of those nice bubbling TB-basslines. Right notes, some portamento and PAN delay and you're almost there. It takes time to program bassline and get the portamento right, but if you don't know how to program this thing, I bet you cannot do a lot with the original TB either.

It's just plain stupid to compare this thing to newage synths like Access Virus or Nord Lead. This ain't anologue modeling synth.

Presets are quite awful but hey, once again.. they are 10 years old. Couple of things different and this could have been almost perfect product. More memory for sequencer tracks and better MIDI-interface. Also couple of streo outputs would be nice, but a´t least you now have two mono outs if you pan for example drums to right-and bass-sounds to left channel.

This gear is worth of 4 points but just because of those hundreds of tossers out there I have to give this machine full 5 points!

I still have a feeling that this machine will get it's classic status when years have past. It took TB-303 almost 10 years to get it's status. I keep mine for sure. It's retro and outhere presentation appeals to me and all those red LED's blinking are enough reason to cherish it!

Oh and don't bother to praise modern machines. I have also Roland JP-8080 and Clavia NORD Modular. I know how fat SUPERSAW is, but still MC-303 deserves it's place in musictech.history.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-01-2005 at 10:36
Rob a part-time user writes:
The hardest sequencer to learn. Great for beginners because the manual sucks and the OS is the most difficult thing to get the hang of. I you master this box, any other insturment will be a cinch!

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-12-2005 at 00:02
Jurgen a professional user from Germany writes:
This is a classic piece of technomachine. Super sounds, lo-fi and also crisp elektro sounds. Super drums and bass. Excellent stuff from ROLAND!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-02-2005 at 16:38
Ambient folk a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I find it hard to program but I love the presets. I wouldnt have a better sound if I bought tracks from LA. I bought a foot pedal, but cant get it to work. So live I have a programmer to push the buttons. I have to set it every time. I am so dumb, but I love the beats.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-26-2005 at 21:23
Billy Ray Virus a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I'm a total novice, so I think I'm the target audience for the MC303. It's crap. It's maddeningly difficult to use, the manual is awful, and even very basic tasks are stupidly difficult. It feels like a machine that was designed by a committee of engineers, who were all blindfolded, and didn't speak the same language. However, if it is your first piece of gear, you can make very simple techno, with no talent whatsoever. And that's exactly why I bought it. As an introduction to the world of electronic music, it got me hooked, but don't expect it to be your One Stop solution to music production.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-07-2005 at 21:48
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