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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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Lior Z a professional user from usa writes:
To all you complainers... The MC-303 is for people with a little IQ It is not an easy first minute up and go synth But if you take your time you will find out that it will do almost everything. Now, what did you want ? 10,000 synthesizers in one ? Come on It is a groove box and that is enough. If you want more, get a job and buy more synths. I have the Korg Electribe series and it is cool but the roland gives you all the drums and more plus filters and envelopes 28 notes poly synths and it act as a midi module.. Is that not enough for you ? OK, it is a little hard to learn compare to a EA-1 or ER-1 etc but it does a lot more ! So, sit down for few days, Learn all the little details and make music.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-12-2001 at 18:56
Joni Ljungqvist a professional user from Gislaved,Småland in Sweden writes:
Yes... The only thing I should trade this excellent low cost machine for is the MC-505,even groovier... I used the MC-303 in the Roland/Boss competion "Groove Gear 2000"... I didn't made the first but the danced as hell!!! I wake up every time at 3:03 and check so my MC-303 and my 2 TB;s aren't stolen. I guess I love them to much... See ya' rave nation / RaVeR BoY

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-02-2001 at 10:39
dvd a hobbyist user from Sacramento, CA writes:
I got this machine only 3 months ago, hence I'm 3 months new to the game. So when I first got it, you couldn't tear me away from it. Now, I feel frustrated as hell because I want to learn all about MIDI and this machine's midi implentation is weak to say the least. I've managed to come up with just one decent song using the part mute buttons and stringing different parts together and recorded them on the fly. check it out at I want to upgrade to keyboard that will be easy for me to implement and learn midi. I was thinking about the CS2X. Any suggestions? My budget's only 700.00 tops.


posted Friday-Dec-29-2000 at 15:23
Hammurabi Amraphel (da Beat Constructor) a professional user from Nibiru (da Planet) home writes:
First of all let me start out by saying that the Groovebox 303 is the BOMB!!! Now if u are trying to use this machine as the main peice in your studio U are going to be very limited but if u use this like me as a drum machine,for basslines , and to make my tracks sound futuristic and spacey with that funky ass appregiator, then u r going to just love this thing. The polyphony lets u know that this machine isn't supposed to be used as a stand alone but with the addition of an e-mu ultra sampler ( the best there is) and a good midi controller, u can make music history.Lately I have found myself manipulating the appregiator on almost every track I been constructing.I love putting this thing in my bag , taking it on the road and when I get an idea just plug it up ,plug in my headphones and put my ideas down.The drum sounds are way phatter than that of the MC 505 and the JX 305, which cost way too much.And even though it has no external storage capibilities its way more reliable too. I took my JX 305 back to Guitar Center after I made a tight ass track one night and saved it and I woke up the next morning to hear my masterpeice and I couldn't find it anywhere. Damn u Roland!!!! If u get the latest OS ROM for the 303 u shouldn't have any problems , well not too many. Make sure to get the upgrade or u will have many headaches. Before the upgrade I used to have to record one track at a time and turn the box off between tracks to make sure that it was saved. I give the groovebox a 5 because of what it can do for the price. Bottom line , I wouldnt sale my groovebox unless u made an offer I couldn't refuse. But after that I would go to ebay and buy another one , get the upgrade and then I would go use the extra cash to get me a fat sack of green sticky icky icky and construct more dope tracks.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-29-2000 at 15:09
zog a hobbyist user from the moon writes:
The mc-what-0-what? Jeez, are you guys still argueing about the same crap that you have been for years? I bought one years ago when I was first starting out in the synth relm and I survived! i know the difference between a good and a bad synth! Of course now I think the MC-303 is a useless peice o' crap, but it was fun when i was a lot younger. I've grown up! If you use it professionally and like it, more power to you, but its just not for me. Let it go! Find something that matters to argue about.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-29-2000 at 15:04
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