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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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Johan Claesson a part-time user from Sweden writes:
This little box was fun at first, but if you want to make professional music it's not a good tool. You get much for your money but when you get tired of the sounds you get tired of the box. It's a good tool if you want to make techno/trance fast and easy although it's very limited. The filters are not so great... the sounds doesn't develope as good as it should. Anyway I wouldn't recomend pro-users to buy this becouse it's so limited, but if you want a box that'll do anything for you (drums, synths, seq) this is the thing for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-06-2000 at 08:14
microflip a part-time user from chicago writes:

you're a dumbass!!! what the hell do you think they use to put those sounds in the tone banks of the mc303? samples!!!!! as far as the *tweak* features and sequencer capabilities, it is easier (i think) to work with it to achieve desired effects. even when i program all the parts on the es-1 and record motion sequences on ALL parts, i do not experience the memory freeze/delay that i did with the 303. pyrotech loves his mc303 cause he most likely has a significant amount of other gear to compliment it. shit, the mc303 is still retailing for slightly more than the es-1. when i compare these "apples to avocados", i speak from a user-friendly standpoint. the ease of use with the es-1 and the consistency of it doing "what it's supposed to" when turning knobs, etc... is why this thing kicks the 303's ass. like i stated before: i was able to create phatter patterns and songs within the first week i had the es-1 using korgs cheesy pre-sets. couldn't do this with the 303 alone after a year!!! i also realise the limitations of the es-1; like it not being able to play notes or transpose or arrpegiate and the es1's efx are kinda crappy too. you cannot deny that it is a bettter dance tool than the mc303. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE MC303!!!!! unless you already have 1000's of dollars worth of equipment and your looking for a little box that can produce a few little cool sounds. there are 3 pre-set bass kick samples in the es-1 and with the mulitple efx, any one of those three basic samples sounds better than all of the bass kicks in the 303. you just can't tweak any of those sounds on the 303 that would actually please the ears. i have yet to hear about any famous dance producer or dj boast that the mc303 is an integral part of their studio. tr-909, tb-303 tr-808, future-retro 777, yes!! (yeah, they'r not all-in-one modules!!! but undeniably preffered over the crappy mc303). i use the es-1 mainly as a drum machine w/ a few sampled bass lines to add to the mix and it serves me well. better than the mc303 has and ever will. can anyone recall a time where you had to wait months and months for your mc303 because it was on back order due to a high demand? if you can, then you were probably one of the many people roland suckered!!!!

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-02-2000 at 09:45
Pyrotec a professional user from Los Angeles writes:
First off Dj MICROflip is WRONG!!!!!!!! he is comparing apples to avocados, the Korg ES1 is a sampler, the 303 is a sound module (i own them both) the Korg EA1 would be a better comparison, but that has only 2 voices and NO drums (own it as well) so it is a completely different animal as well, the only TRUE comparison can be made to the othere roland machines, but that would be just TOO FUCKING ANAL!!!! i say if you like it BUY IT!!! and use it as you please, every producer I work with owns one, and they ALL SOUND DIFFERENT!!! it's all about just getting inside the machine a lil' bit, and editing your own sounds. with some imagination you can pull fresh new sounds out of this baby. the presets are definitely dated, but if you are only using presets, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!!!

btw I LOVE MINE!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-18-2000 at 21:23
rusuDen a part-time user from USA writes:
I really like this machine.... It's limited, yeah in it's sequencing, etc. but overall it a great tool for getting the job done, cheaply... hear some tracks made by the MC303:


Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-16-2000 at 19:13
Peden a hobbyist user from Denmark writes:
A LOT of bad things has been said 'bout this little box. True, most of the sounds are quite dubious, and the filter plain sucks. However, I've had mine for three years now, and there's no way I'm gonna sell it! Why? Because I'm using it with a MW XT and a RM1x, and that combination simply kicks ass (of course a sampler would help a lot, but I'm a student for fucks sake...) If you're not using it as your only sound source, it's deifintely cool. As an example, I'm working on a song right now, where theres a heavy delay and filter on SOME of the drums. These specific sounds are from the mc-303. PLUS, it still does some the heaviest basslines I've ever encountered. Of course, I could get my XT to do the same job better, but I haven't got an external FX-machine yet... (good basslines need a little delay, and some chorus. My personal welltested recipe). I have the mc-303 send the master signal, and then let the RM1x sync to it. The XT is controlled by the RM1x, as it 's the easiest to program of the two, and gives the most opportunities when it comes to sending CC, RPN and NRPN. Also, the RM1x has that gorgeus midi delay. But, we're talking mc-303 here. My final words are: good drums-sounds (8-bit grungy kick ass!! The BD sounds makes the RM1x go green with envy!), some good pads and a few good bass sounds. Very very good as live sequencer. If you can afford it, and if it's not going to be your main piece of gear -get one! Besides they're actually going UP in price now! If you got one, hold on to it, they're gonna be dance kitsch classics!

posted Saturday-Sep-23-2000 at 18:24
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