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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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Mike a part-time user from USA writes:
Hear the MC303 for yourself.

Track = Hey DJ! Position = Top 10 for 6 months

PPK is a Russian Progressive Trance band. See their studio at

Enough said.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-15-2000 at 01:52
phoenix a part-time user from minneapiolis writes:
my mc 303 has been a frustrating piece of gear in that the functions are definitely not the most convinient, although it is great as a drum module. my only complaint is that in song mode the cutoff, and resonance do not remain the same from pattern to pattern. i was thinking an effects processor may take care of it, maybe that newer lexicon. anyone that may know a solution, other than recording the bloody knob movement part by part pattern by pattern, email me. iv am using it with an ea-1, a juno 106, and a kaoss pad currently. i make hard acid and deep house. peace out.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Sep-09-2000 at 14:16
PulseKreator a professional user from St. Louis, Mo. USA writes:
All the negative things people are saying about the MC-303's sound engine are all true, but don't let that deter you from buying this thing. I won't say that NONE of the sounds are useful, there are a couple (and I just mean a couple) that can KINDOF mix well with a track. IMHO, the strong point to this unit is it's use as solely as a drum module (although there are better), and as a sequencer. It KICKS ASS for real time sequencing, and that is what I love about it. some say fun??? Yeah, I guess you could say that. + it's cheap nowadays, I spent 850 bucks on the fucking thing three years ago, now it's like around 400. I would say worth it at that price...PEACE! 5 for my creations I've done w/ it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-06-2000 at 23:01
creature367 a professional user from USA writes:
I love my mc-303. It is my main instrument in all my recordings. The memory is limited, but with a simple computer or even a friends computer and a $20.00 cable, that can be overcome. I read another review and the individual said that global effects are all sounds only. this is not true. and i hope he reads this cause i felt like an idiot the day i discovered this little trick. ****** Delay on 1 part only******* After setting you delay levels, based on the part(sound, blipp, bleep, blops) hold down the shift key and #6 on your keypad(Part Level). now adjust the level of the delay to ZERO on all parts that you do not want the effect on. Wha La. no delay on your Rhythm Track. Also the possible effects and combinations of effects and various tricks i've discovered, please email me if you have any questions. Trust me . This instrument can do a lot more than it was designed to do. Don't trust everyone you hear. You must play this instrument alot to really understand it. I love it and i will never sell it or give it away. It's a marvelous peice of equipment and i recommend it to any amature, hobbyist, or professional.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-16-2000 at 00:25
aliaser a professional user from usa writes:
alright fans and skeptics are a few tricks i've figured out on my mc303 after buying my second one (not a total of two, i sold the first one).'s like this: as you probably know, the effects can only be assigned globally (to everything at once). so if you want a delay on one of your beeps or something, the drums are going to come out sounding pretty stupid. and leave it up to roland not to give you any assignable outputs (bastards). so here are a few ways around the effect-less-ness of the infamous mc303. TRICK #1 involves the key labeled "shift clk" under the keyboard. do it like this: using track 2, or any track, make a pattern of beeps or bloops or whatever. then copy that track (#2) to track 3 and make track 3 a little bit quieter than track 2 with the level knob. still with me? ok, here's the good part.....go to track 3 (the quieter one) and hold shift and hit the key for "shift clk". change it to an amount that falls within a 16th note quantization ie: 12, 24, 48. what that will do is shift the current track forwards or backwards the specified amount of clicks. since you shifted the quieter track to a few clicks later than the original track you have a delay synced perfectly with your midi clock. not bad eh? use as many tracks as you want for longer delays. a bit track consuming......but that's where trick #2 comes in. TRICK #2: each track can have its own LFO assigned to the sound. the default values of the LFO are a sine waveform modulating the pitch of the sound. first do this: take a short sound and extend the release so that after you hit the key it takes a while to decay out to silence. now turn the modulation of the LFO all the way up, and turn the rate up a bit so you have a fast warbling sound. not so great yet, huh? now the good stuff: at the bottom there are four LFO parameters "wave, pitch, filter, amp". hold shift and hit the "wave" key. it should say something like "sin" for sine wave. change it to a square wave. (incidentally the other wave forms are sawtooth, random, and triangle). ok, now go to the next 3 parameters "pitch filter and amp". the numbers that are displayed when you select each parameter indicate how much the LFO affects each one. take the pitch down to 0, filter down to 0 and turn the amp up to between 60 and 127. now, because the LFO is a square wave, its on/off nature will make the volume (amp) of the sound cut in and out while the sound decays. guess what that gives you? a delay. nice. you can also use a sine or triangle wave and have it go slowly and affect the filter for flanger effects. and each track can have its own one of these! rock! why am i sharing this with everyone? ah, who cares?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-14-2000 at 07:19
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