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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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microflip a part-time user from chicago writes:
okay, i'm sick of morons that think i can't figure out the mc303. obviously i figured it out and in doing so i came across the revelation that it SUCKS for what i was trying to do with it. for the record i did not contradict myself: sounds and preset patterns are two entirely different things. do you know what a tone generator is? it does sound, not preset patterns!!! if anyone disagrees with me, then tell us why and stop getting immature about it by calling people names. the 303 will go down in history as a learning experience, not as a classic. it just so happens that me and one of my dj friends bought the 303 at the same time and we collaborated many times in trying to incorporate it into live mixing. didn't work to well without midi sync. $300 bucks for the 303 is too much. let's see, i bought a pioneer cdj100s for $300 bucks and it's already increased what i spin, how i spin it, and different dj techniques 100 times over. now that's value, not some box that you would need to invest more in other equipment to maximize it's potential.

nubey, thanks for the heads up on the dj2000. your insight has given me some food for thought about my next mixer purchase. you obviously have a cool head unlike some others that use this site.

to all you believers and non-believers in the mc303, all that metters is that you keep rocking the house. i need not resort to lowering myself and attacking people because they disagree with me.

DJ MicroFlip

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-26-2000 at 13:52
bob a professional user from Tampa writes:
Dont listen to the MicroFlipout Dj who contradicts himself. First of all, he has left 4 downgrading reviews on the MC-303 in the last few pages of reviews. What is the problem? Just cuz you cant figure out how to use the 303, dont keep putting in bad reviews for it, that ruins the whole fairness of the review system. And its down right silly and immature too. Several pages ago, he says the the MC-303 sounds "awesome" now he says that the "presets suck". I think we can all do without such flipant juvenile remarks that dont even show any consistancey. The MC-303 sounds about as good as you know how to make it sound. There is no do "everything" kind of unit. If you are not willing to use it appropriately and bring out the best in it then dont. Its a really fine and legendary machine that will go down in history as one that made a huge impression on techno. And yet it has been surpassed by the MC-505 (lot more $$) and the MC-307 (also a lot more $$). And there are many other great devices out there that can hold a candle to the 303, but it still remains one hell of a box that holds a relatively huge chunk of its resale value. If you buy a used one for $300, you will easily be able to get your money back out of it. And thats pretty cool. At least I think so.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-25-2000 at 17:53
nubey a professional user from usa writes:
just a quick note, the DJ-2000m sucks, the faders feel like a cheap $100 mixer, and the efx well suck, I'd wait for something better as the asking price is still over a grand, for a underpowered cheaply made dj(ish) mixer. For BPM synced effects I'd get a Red Sound's Federation Pro, I own one and they're great but probably not so great if your mainstay is turntables though -- I run my synths/drum machines through it for some otherworldly effects that stay in time with the beat -- plus it gives me a realtime bpm reading for any source ie. turntables/cd's/samples etc. it auto calculates the BPM from the sound source.. Eh, 303 you've served me well, and you're still a fine drum machine too...


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-23-2000 at 12:21
George a professional user from US writes:
You guys really crack me up. Whats all the emotion about if this unit isnt worth anything? And why all the reviews if its no good. And how about the 3.4 rating? Not bad for 29 pages of reviews!! Not too many pieces of gear could hold up with a 3.4 rating after 29 pages of ranting and raving by all you wild musician folks. Hey lets call a truce. This unit KICKS ASS!! We all know it does. Its just that there are some other really cool pieces of gear out there to blow more dough on too. I own one, and I also own the RM1x which I love. I love em both. They are different but I cant bear to let go of either one. Can let go of a lot of other gear, but not the MC-303. Its a keeper for me. I have made too much $$$ with this thing. Call me sentimental or whatever, but I think this baby will stay in my studio. Im not saying its my favorite piece, but it is so sweet to play with. I dont know what everyone is talking about "the sounds"--"the sounds"--hell just program your own stuff. Who uses presets out there anyway. Nobody I know does. They are just reference points. Who cares what the presets sound like? Its what your original stuff sounds like that counts--thats all. Forget the presets with any machine. They are all pretty bogus arent they? Have fun with your gear people. If you dont like it, then sell it or trade it--dont bash it. That will only cost you in the long run. Play with it until you decide you dont need it anymore and then pass it on to someone who can really enjoy it just like you did and dont down them for being less than you just because they like the same gear you "used" to like. OK? Peace.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-23-2000 at 02:07
nubey a professional user from usA writes:
cookie monster is dead on, for a realistic review see his..

great sketch pad/sequencer/and a fine drum machine to boot. PCM is a little blah and sounds will get kind of muddy if you use all 8 tracks, but for the money its a real bargain.. 4 marks, 1 off for sound quality.


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-22-2000 at 17:35
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