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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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James Tell a part-time user from Argentina writes:
Well, in the first place, i am a guitar player... I've an U-220 and i control it with a midi controller keyboard, to record key-parts on my portastudio... The fact is i don't understand very well de manual's instructions to get all the juice of the units wonderfull sounds.It seems to be complicated stuff. May someone send me a simple explanation of how to make it easy?. Please email me...(better if it is on spanish!) hank you all. regards.

posted Thursday-May-17-2001 at 09:28
Joey from va.,usa writes:
i bought it used but in great shape soon as i get home i plugged it in and whoa!!what anice sounding tone module!but unfortunately i have to sell it with a MIDI controller keyboard altogether for $275 to buy me an electric guitar!anyone interested?email me !ciao

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-05-2001 at 22:08
Dmitry Kastorsky a professional user from Latvia writes:
Hello! I looking for sounds SYX files for my U220.

posted Wednesday-Apr-04-2001 at 10:46
Jarvis a professional user from USA writes:
I have used the U220 for several years on commercial and film projects. Over the years I have purchased two more units for use in live performance apps and as a backup. I have all the sound cards for these units. I wish Roland had manufactured the U220 with four card slots instead of two. (The U110 had four, but was a noisey unit and lacked the 220's output and editing features) The u220 really shines when you program it to receive two sounds, panned left and right, on one midi channel. (This is called layering!} It also is a very easy synth to program as it has an ADSR and nice Chorus, flanger, echo , ping pong delay, and reverb paletes. I own a vast amount of new gear manufactued by Yamaha, Roland, Kurzweil but I still like the hot output that the U220 has. If you can find one used for under $300 it's a steal!!!

posted Sunday-Mar-04-2001 at 00:19
Sister Gertrude. a hobbyist user from Convent of the Good Lord. writes:
Well what can I say about the Roland U220.... It rocks. Yes down at the convent I play some great rock tunes. Theres nothing better than to turn up the sound and blast the friggin place with some Iron Maiden.

posted Thursday-Mar-01-2001 at 07:14
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