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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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Tick Tick Boooom Bangstick a professional user from You Kay..... writes:
Yo.... S760 brings the fat bang bang into ma stooodio. The fat filters are wicked and the operatin sys is wackin when you sus it out.... Fat beats a plenty and stabbin fat brass amples eminate from its never regions. Hip up and by the wack wack second hand and you got the deffest sampler on dis planet....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-01-2002 at 06:16
J money a part-time user from Los Angeles, USA writes:
This sampler is off the chain. I sold my Emu E4xt for this joint. I have no regrets. Came out in 1992 and still pumping for the yeaer 2001. Get an internal Zip if you can. Peace!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-13-2001 at 10:55
Harold, Jr. a professional user from New York, USA writes:
This sampler is a monster; point blank. There seems to be nothing that this sampler can't handle. Despite all of technology's advancement over the past eight or so years since its release, the only thing this sampler seems to lack is polyphony. When you consider that other powerhouse synths and samplers from the day (i.e. K2000) had this same amount of polyphony, this no longer becomes a big issue.

I use this sampler along side my Roland XP60, not as my stand alone sound source. Becuase I only use it to load in a few instruments to play alongside my XP60, polyphony and memory never really becomes a problem. This sampler sounds great. Forget about the filters, etc. The bottom line is the sound.

Everyone talks about Roland's CD-ROM library being the best on the planet. I beg to differ. In my opinion, the sound library definitely show's its age. Every sound reeks of early 90s-dom. The Drum & Cymbal (LCDP-01) and the CDs produced after 1995 are the only exceptions. The Guitar & Bass (LCDP-02) is terrible. The cool thing is, at places like , you can find these CDs that once cost $199 at the great closeout price of $29!

Why even bother with the Roland CD-ROM library when there are better CD-ROMs out there. CD-ROMs like "Interactive Drum Kits" by Ilio are excellent. Very realistic.

Back to the sampler. The Roland S760 is sleek and very modern looking. Only 1 freaking rack space! With the OP-1 expansion installed, you get TWO digital OUTs, 1 digital IN, room for a mouse and connection for a RGB, Composite or S-Video monitor. The RGBs are easy to come by. You can find them on Ebay (the ones that used to be used with Commodore 64s or Apple IIs) for as cheap as $5! You can use VGA monitors, but you'd need a scan convertor. I'd like to eventually get a flat screen monitor with a scan convertor to use with this sampler.

Even without the monitor, once you inderstand memory and sound management within the sampler, the Sampler is VERY easy to use from the Front Panel and LCD. The sampler has lots and lots of features. Lots of modern features too. You have EQ, Time Compression/Expansion, Bit-Convert, Looping, Normalization, and much more. The later the OS, the more features you have. The latest OS is Version 2.24

The Sampler can format hard drives up to 600MB. I would recommend using a Zip. Cost effective and convenient. Some people have even taken out the internal floppy and have fitted the unit with an internal Zip. Almost any CD-ROM can be used. The faster the better. I use a 4x External CD-ROM. I've seen people use as fast as 24x.

The Sampler can also CONVERT LOAD Akai S1000/1100/3000 CD-ROMs. In other words, even if you don't use this sampler to sample, you still have access to a huge library at your finger tips. However, Akai loading is 8x slower than normal loading from Roland CD-ROMs. This is why it would be in your best interest to get a fast CD-ROM. The faster the CD-ROM, the faster the Akai Convert Load.

The S760 is also capable of importing .Wav and .Aiff files via MIDI Sample Dump. Not as effective as importing them off of floppy (Roland has a propietary Disk format), but useful nonetheless. Roland's newer XV5080 uses MS-DOS. This makes loading in .Wav and .Aiff files much easier. It would be nice if Roland could at least update the unit so the floppy can use MS-DOS as well.

Don't be discouraged. Although Roland discontinued this unit in 1998, there are still many oprions for you. Roland still has technical info about the S760 at their site. There are still samples int the public domain. Check out for sample files to download and use. The samples there suck, but it's something to play with if you don't have a CD-ROM drive or no sample CDs to play with.

Whatever you do, make sure you download the SDISK utility from the Sgroup site. It allows you to use your PC to backup sound data from your Roland S760. Remember, the S760 uses a propietary disk format, so you can't directly insert a disk from the sampler into your Floppy drive. The drive on your PC won't even recognize the disk. SDISK is an MS-DOS utility that allows you to transfer info using the floppy. For example, using SDISK, you could transfer all of your files from Floppy to your hard drive, so you could burn a CD-ROM with all of your data. If you have a MAC, there are some programs that will actually allow you to burn your own Roland formatted CD-ROMs.

I wish Roland would write a OS upgrade that would allow you to burn Roland formatted CDs from the Sampler to a connected CDR drive. The Yamaha A series can do this. This encourages sound designers to make their own native format CD-ROMS. With the introduction of the Roland XV5080, the Roland sound format still has promise, so a feature like this would be valuable to Roland as a whole.

This is it guys. There's more to this sampler that I haven't talked about. What I can say is that this is an EXCELLENT sampler. It's compact, better than all of the Roland samplers before it, and is capable of doing almost anything that today's latest samplers can do. If you see one for a good price, go for it. These things have great resale value too. Amazing, a Roland S760 can still fetch up to $1000. E-mu's own ESI-32, which has supposed better features and was released later, can only fetch maybe $450. God bless

Other S760 compatible models include - Roland S750, Roland S770, Roland SP700, Roland XV5080.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-13-2001 at 10:51
tallyho! a professional user from usa writes:
luke vibert uses this sampler and look what he has accomplished.

enough said.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-30-2001 at 01:24
Waveviolator a part-time user from UK writes:
This is the only sampler I use, A lot of power in 1U.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-18-2001 at 13:21
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