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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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a part-time user writes:
Addendum to my review between Pro5 and Prophet600 The prophet5 als o is capable of switching its second osc as a Lo freq osc with variable Pw (good for random type stuf together with an out of sync main lfo). Mentioned in another review here someone says that YOU NEED A Philip Rees channelfilter for Early Roland stuf (jp6 jx3p also juno60 DCB),because there omni only. HERE's a tip from the Pro's!! Connect the MIDI in WITH the out (with same cable) WITH the machine OFF. Then switch on the jx3p or JP6, then hold all the notes wich make up the total polyphony of the machine (6for each machine) in one chord stab Disconnect the midi in and put in your midi from Seq/masterkbd. Now when you play VIA MIDI, the machine should respond to MIDI CH1 ONLY (so no OMNI) anymore.

I just saved you money for a channel filter. Only drawback is that you have to do the routine every time you start up your Jx3p or JP6 (or Jp8/juno 60 with the dcb int from roland).

Dunno if it works with older Pro600 (because i have the latest rom version inside that one with chennel filtering)


posted Saturday-Apr-26-2003 at 07:31
Zopollux a part-time user from B writes:
Having both Prophet5 and 600 (actually all Sequential synths except Prophet 10), what are the differences and strenghts of both?

The 600 is very cheap cosmeticcaly, no heavy duty pots and microswitches from the Pro5 here. All lfo's and env's are software on the 600 with an awful attack on the vca env (NO percussive sounds at wich the 5 excells) As mentioned is the parameter stepping very audible on the 600, this is strange because instruments from lower classes and same period(Polysix -juno60) are very smooth.

Gone are the noise generator and osc mod over pulsewidth, selectable routing to oscA,B from LFO, noise mod on pitch and filter. The loss of osc mod over PW is a great one because this made the Pro5 really strong in the brass departement.

For the rest, the osc's sound far closer to the Pro ONe on the 600, it gains programmable lfo depth+ arpeggiator and an simple sequencer over the Prophet5, BUT it has polyphonic glide( like on my Oberheims) and in Unison you can choose how many of the 12 Osc's should be used, now that is strong compared to the implementation on the Pro5.

Verdict, the 600 is very good in all the moody Pro5 stuff( check out John Carpenters "Escape from New York" for classic Pro5 sound!" but is weak in brass and percussive sounds (excell on the 5) A recommended buy since you can have 3 for the price of a Prophet5, !

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-25-2003 at 08:30
PeteZMan a part-time user from UK writes:
The Prophet 600 is a very underated ground breaking machine. The first synth to have Dave Smith's (Sequential Circuits cheif exec/designer) MIDI. Read review about prototypes at a US trade fair where the Roland booth brought over one of their JP6's (the second synth to have MIDI), hooked both machines up, and the rest is history, no more limitations connecting to different hardware as was the case if you were a Moog user like me, who wanted to layer his mates ARP. I couldn't wait to see one and get one.

It looks like a cut down Prophet 5, with 6 voices, but sounds more like a Moog. We called it "The Poor Man's MemoryMoog". It was to my Moog Prodigy what the Juno 106 was to the SH101 ... it's polyphonic sound mate. 100 memories (same as the MemoryMoogs we got over here), 20 less than the OBXa, but 36 more than the JP8 and 52 more than the JP6.

Loved the fat warm sounds, fell somewhere between a Prophet 5 and OBXa, but was closer to the fat sound you associate with Moogs and Oberheims. Stick it into Unison mode and watch Minimoog owners run for cover! Great Strings, Brass, pads, leads, basses. Not as versatile as the Prophet 5, or Jupiters 8 and 6, but if you prefer warm fat sounds and can't afford an OBXa or thiner sounding Prophet 5 or Jupiter 8, then this is a good value buy.

With earlier versions receive on all MIDI channels, so you will need a MIDI Chanel Filter thingy from folks like Phil Rees, as 16 MIDI chanels came a few years later. Same applies to early JP6's and JX3P's if you are interested in Roland analogues.

You can get a Prophet 600 for between £450 and £550 in the UK, or, get a Prophet 600 and an OBXa or Juptier 8 for the price some people want for a minimoog (great machine)! I definitely miss mine (hope the burglar had fun with it) and would love to get another when I could afford one.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-16-2003 at 07:38
Zac a professional user from UK writes:
I'll agree that the P600 is a good synth , though I don't believe it to be as powerful as a P5. I have owned both. The sounds are quite nice...those res. leads are classic sounding. The build is not as good as other prophets and by now that matters. The 600 was under half the price of the P5 when it was new. Nearly a third!. The oscs are similar so the sound should be as well. The 600 has some good features. In fact, it is better specified than the 5 in many ways. However, when you compare the 5 with the 600 side by side you soon tell why the 5 is more highly regarded. The 600 prices are rising fast in the UK and this surprises me. Most are selling for £600+ which is entering Jupiter 6 money. The 600 is certainly not as good as the 6 either! A good P5 alternative. The classic look and sound make it nice to have around. Don't let anyone convince you that it sounds anywhere as good as a T8. Some will try to help a sale.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-19-2002 at 12:48
Aaron Jasinski a part-time user from seattle- USA writes:
I don't really understand the negative reviews here. I find the Prophet 600 to be very distinctive and powerful. Its under-rated and I find that a plus, you aren't going to sound like everyone else if you use it. If you think the sound is limited, then I must assume your understanding (or creativity) of synthesis is fairly superficial. I am not meaning to flame anyone. But I have been able to make some of the most amazing sounds on my Prophet 600. Everything from percussion to screaming aggressive trance leads. Yes, the filter has some quantization, but for most untrained ears, I don't believe it is noticable except when you turn the resonance very high, and then sweep the cut off knob. Comparing the P600 to the P5 isn't really fair, but for argument's sake, let's! Sure the P5 has a more 'vintage' look, but the P600 has wood sides and a great/similar layout (personally I like the design). The P600 is more compact and portable. And the BIGGy, it has MIDI, standard. And costs half of a non-MIDI P5. As a collector, i find it an important synth too. If I understand correctly, it was the first synth with MIDI ever. That puts it on the history map. For a vintage synth I find it amazing. Of course it isn't perfect, but isn't that what makes each synth unique/cool, it's flaws? Perfection is boring! 5/5 for a great voice and that wonderful Poly-Mod section (lets see a Juno106 do that!).

Check out some of my music where I use the P600 (in the music section) at

posted Tuesday-Jul-16-2002 at 04:23
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