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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Diplomatic Jupiter-8 Lover a professional user from UK writes:
The REV1/2`s SSM 2040 filter is sweeter and less transistory sounding than the Curtis 3320 based rev-3 (the resonance is awful too) , THAT`s the big difference, if you can get hold of the spare SSM chips (no they`re NOT the same as a Polysix or PPG) and are a reasonable synth tech, go for a REV2.

As for the Hype and bashing that`s going on. I think this machine lies somewhere in the middle. it definately is NOT the best sounding analog poly by a long mark but definately is NO bag of shite.

Personally I`d take a Jupiter-8 over the Prophet 5 anyday, it`s lusher, warmer, thicker on one hand and can be more delicate, refined and organic on the other, reliability speaks for itself and you won`t go short on spares, most can be found in a scrap Juno-6 (except the discrete VCOs which are available from RS!!!!). a lot of the competition can be as much or more trouble to keep running as a REV-2 P5, this doesn`t bother me as I fix`em myself

Everyone to their own in the end. If you like the machine buy it, if you don`t, don`t flak someone just because they do.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-23-2000 at 15:33
P5 Lover a professional user from NY, NY writes:
The Prophet-5 is the best sounding poly analog ever produced. No, it's not the most powerful or ballsy (that's the Memorymoog). No, it's also not the most flexible (that's Obie Xpander, Matrix-12, OB-8, Matrix-6/1000). But sound quality my friends is what the Prophet-5 has. It is the best sounding analog poly period. It sounds better than any Oberheim ever produced (including the SEM-based synths). I own them all and use them side by side so I know this well. As for reliability I would say don't own a rev 1 or 2 because they're always going to be trouble. Buy a rev 3 and buy some spare chips (3340's, 3320's, etc.) and have a competent tech check it over every few years. Should be no problem to get it repaired if something goes wrong as long as you know someone competent. And let's have fun with it people - this is not life or death.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-23-2000 at 13:45
Clementides Alexis a professional user from France writes:
This is absolutely not the only vintage synthesizer I have .... So I think I can say if this synthesizer is good or not. SURPRISE! It is a marvelous synthesizer. I would call it: "Polyphonic Power". More! In Unisson mode it sounds absolutely powerful. This synthesizer is not perfect when we concider its features (although the PolyMod section is really intresting) but it sounds great! I think it is very good for what I would call "atmospheric" sounds. You can say "I feel like I'm in deep space" when you listen to the Prophet 5. But it is obvious that its basses lack a bit power. I have two synthesizers which are better : the ARP Odyssey and the monster killer Polivoks (absolutely terrible for its astonishing filter). But it can be a very good synthesizer for warm pads. Also good for brass. But there's one thing to say: I love to play with it although it has not MIDI. This synthesizer is not that cheap but it is worth the price. You can find some cheaper than a Jupiter 8 if you're lucky .... The only synthesizer which could be compared with the Prophet 5 is the Jupiter 8. But the Prophet 5 has a stronger personnality ... FIND ONE! TRY IT! BUY IT! I saw it on classifieds and I immediately contacted the seller ... and bought it! Do the same if you find the synthesizer of your dreams. No synthesizer is perfect (except for big modulars maybe) but the Prophet 5 is one of the best I know. Ok! 5/5 for this synthesizer!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-09-1999 at 19:50
Dave a professional user from NY, NY, USA writes:
I've got to say that the Prophet 5 is my favourite synth of all time for one reason: it sounds amazing - the best. I've owned almost every notable vintage synth (2600, Xpander, etc.) and digital synth and the P5 just beats them all when it comes to making the best sounds.

God Bless Dave Smith!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-02-1999 at 22:47
D. Harrell a professional user from usa writes:
I had just bought the Prophet-5 (rev3.3) and its the fattess cooless sounds. This has the 120 patch upgrade with the origional midi in-thru-out. The leads in this synth is a real screamer! It sounds like a guitar and a synth, also the bass patches are super warm. I am a die hard fan of p5's and looking for patch downloads. Mine was fully restord and customized by Wine country sequential. If you run across a super good condition p5 snatch it. For a sound example check out George duke album, Reach for it, Don't let go, Brazilian love affair, and master of the games. George plays the p5's leads solo, sound fx, strings, bass, etc on 60% of all his albums. Once again Its a perfect sounding key. The rev2's lack a sturdy chip wich was the SSM chip but the sturdy on was in the rev3.1/2/3 models CEM chips. Due to the SSM chips they generate lots of heat, well thats normal to all p5's, but people say it sounds better than the rev 3, It depends on the many different ears and its possible to mod your sounds "fatten them up". I also here. there Winecountrysequintial is coming out with a PC and a Mac software of the Prophet 5. They are curently making the software now. They say its exact to the origional. Wellmaby the p5's are back AND BADER THAN EVER but the origional steal feels goooooooooooooooood!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-14-1999 at 00:26
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