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a part-timer user writes:
A prophet T8 has been a fun synth to play, if the keyboard sensors aren't defective or way out of calibration. When a friend of mine had picked up a used T8 for a good price, he was very fond of it, especially because he is a player that uses about 8 voices, and a lot of velocity and poly-pressure. Even though the sound was more like that of the prophet 600, it was well packed with features, plus it had MIDI. Now, like I said, he plays fast, hard, and with a lot of velocity and poly-pressure use. Unfortunately, the wonderful feeling keyboard is only good for note on or note off. It is not unlikely that even though the keyboard had a reputation for problems, he did brutalize the machinery. Now for the part of awarding the synths rating: 3. Why? Because while it is a very desirable synth, yesterday or today, if its going to have features that are supposed to work, I want them to work consistently. I also didn't find its sound too interesting either, even though it did sound very "analog." If you do plan to buy one, be cautioned. Like all other analog synths, especially of the sequential make, have plenty of spare parts available, because if any one or more part fails and you don't have the required working spare parts, you will have to face the fact that it will never work the same, kind of like having to face paralysis: you may get movement again, but you just don't know when of even if you could.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-01-1999 at 23:14
Leland a hobbyist user from Cayman Islands writes:
I have a profit T-8 and a 600 and I wouldn't part with them. Back in 1992 I lived in Homestead, Florida and they both went through hurricane Andrew. For the benifit of Sam and ayny other Prophet owners, there is some technical support available from: Wine Country Productions, Inc. 1572 Park Crest Court Ste# 505 San Jose, California 95118 Ph:408-265-2008 fax:408-266-6591 email: My T-8 lost a large number of its' pressure sensors due to storm damage, too many to be practical to repair. Other parts for the Prophets are getting scarce as well so if you are a Prophet owner you should contact "Wine Country" about a survival kit.

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:13
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