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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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a part-time user writes:
In single mode its not much good and is certainly not as good as a 106. In multy mode its miles better and is alot of fun. The prophet 600 is miles better and isnt much more money. The interface is time consuming. The curtis chips arent the best. I would save a few more bucks and buy a proper prophet if you want a real big sound. In the States these are quite cheap. I've noticed that in Europe they are quite expensive. Strange.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-19-2003 at 04:53
Nathan a part-time user from London U.K writes:
This synth has to be one of the most underrated of all the analogues. It is simply wonderful, so funky & fat with a unique sound. It has some cool features especially for its time. I think it gets largely overlooked because it isn't covered in knobs & sliders like say a Juno 106. And that's a shame because the sixtrak is fatter sounding and more expressive than any Juno. The onboard sequencer although basic is useful to for laying down tight funky bass riffs & sequencer lines. For the music I make (electro funk/pop) this synth is the bomb! It produces some very futuristic sound effects too, simply wonderful. If you see one going for around the £300 pound mark grab it. When you hear the sound of this synth you'll thank yourself.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-18-2003 at 22:34
Philipp Koltsov a professional user from Russia writes:
Very usefull synth! Funky bass, sreamin' leads, fat pads - real SCI! I buy it about 300 bucks - unbelievble price for Russia! (without 1 sequencer button, which I purchase on the Mitino radiomarket and install next day/ There were a LOT of half-breaking knobs & buttons for ANY vintage synthesizer on this russian audio/video market:) Usually 6trak costs about 650-800 bucks, 'cause it's a very popular analog synth in Moscow - small & powerfull, lightweghted, with a lot of presets - the BEST mashine 4 gigs & live performances! And it's a true SCI! My 6trak working now via Korg MS2000 effect processors and has so fat and unusual sound, that I don't even want to play MS-2000, it's only effect master 4 fantastic SCI sixtrak now in my studio. Hey! Russian dudes! À Âû êóïèëè ñåáå ñèêñòðàê?! Åñëè íåò, òî ïðîäàâàéòå âàø ìàòåìàòè÷åñêèé õëàì òèïà Íîâ-Ñóïåðíîâ è ïîêóïàéòå íàñòîÿùèé Sequential Circuits - it's a great small beast!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-22-2003 at 19:50
Elektrogek a hobbyist user from midwest writes:
This little guy is fantastic! Smooth to dirty filter with THE most liquid portmento. I read here that if you run it through a nice reverb, you'll be love. I'm running mine through an Electro harmonix holy grail pedal and it really brings extra depth to the patches. The tone is very pure, even the buzziest of sounds. Great for warm bass, pads, bizzare sound effects, and filter sweeps.

The fun thing about the simple arpeggiator is that it uses only one of the six voices available, leaving you to play the remaining five on a totally different patch...even a unison one! (which are very big sounding)

Overall, a very nice bit of kit to have around that's fun to play. The keyboard feels nice too, very rubbery and substantial. For $200, it's the best money I've spent so far. A keeper!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-18-2002 at 01:12
Colin a professional user from Southampton, England writes:
Sounds o.k. but not as good as other Sequential synths. It should be considered an elaborate mono synth rather than a poly. In poly mode it's thin sounding and sounds like an arcade game...the chips were designed for that purpose! Nice construction. Crazy multi-timbral combos..musically useless generally but still great! Not a great synth..the P5 is great, but rather good and quite cheap. They are becoming quite expensive in the U.K...often around £450. They are not really worth that. Buy one if you see one cheap.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-17-2002 at 13:03
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