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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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_underscore a professional user from USA....sadly writes:
I was all set to buy an SH-101(red) and then I saw an add for a six-track. Thinking, "what the hell", I bought it. I will give a simple analogy, if it were a dinosaur it would be the archeoptrichs <--missing evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds. This machines in many way behaves, functionally, like a new school synth. However, it's power, appeal, and sexiness lies in that oh so sweet OSC and Filter. It may not be the dance floor machine to beat, however if you are into more experimental and intelligent styles, the sky's the limit. The LFO, in a word, bizarre, the filter aggressive, the OSC butter. The stack feature is so unexpected, that many will never use it. This machine is a bit like the NORD 1/2 both in functionality and sound. Though the resonance on the NORD sometimes is annoying and disapointing. MIDI impementation is straight forward and a blessing. Overall sound is smooth, very eighties when doing the MID thing and downright DUBBY when in single mode Bass side. Final, if you can't afford a this machine out until you can..takes you a bit further than retro synths in it's class.

posted Wednesday-Sep-22-1999 at 13:28
Owen DeVivo a professional user from Rochester, NY USA writes:
this kit is real good, I have used it for three years or so now, and it has survived lots of gigs in sweaty-dusty-cold-then-hot underground events throughout upstate and the cleveland ohio area...this has stood up to alot of travel. as half of Point Alpha- live techno, I get the pleasure of standing out like a sore thumb=this beast takes control of the sound world like no other. my partner uses a mc-303 (that's it) and the sixtrack can blow him out of the room in originality and span of sounds. I use a drumtracks and a MAX too, (and mmt-8's, remix-16, nanobass too) and the sixtrack is really fun to spend time with. get a manual, definitely. find a sixtrack cheap before everybody else does. and I am looking forward to trying an editor with this unit, you all rant and rave so much, sounds like a whole new world.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-19-1999 at 17:20
Matthew a hobbyist user from writes:
Bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and was quite impressed with the sounds. BUT THEN... I discovered the realtime control change messages, playing with cutoff and resonance in realtime can give you some really nice riffs. try it, you'll love it!

posted Monday-Feb-01-1999 at 06:46
dean a hobbyist user from toronto writes:
got this mother in a trade that I won't mention. At first, I was completely bowled over at how cool it was, then a little bored. However, I hadn't used my pc1600x with it! After doing that, and being able to control ALL the parameters in realtime, I was one happy bastard.

Get the pc1600x, with this synth there's no synth out there I'd rather have.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-06-1999 at 19:40
T.J. a part-timer user from USA writes:
I've been playin' Minimoog since 1974 ,and never heard of a SCI Sixtrak.I was recently in a local mart with a used music shop when I came across the Sixtrack. It looked pretty cool,so I asked if I could try it.I poked around a bit, experementing with the different sounds, but nothing really impressive. Untill one of the patches locked up the oscillators in unison. HOLLY SHEEPDIP BATMAN!! This thing was SCREEMIN' and I knew how to make that sound whale! I mean the paint was commin' off the walls. People in the mart were stopping, dropjawed, as if I was breaking it, or something. The guy who was showing it to me said he never heard anything like that, grinning ear to ear. I jamed a little while longer, on this magic keyboard, untill the owner came up and turned it off. He said "It's yours now, you don't expect me to be able to sell it now?". Guess he never saw anyone shake the pitch wheel for vibrato before. He made it sound as if I had raped it , or desecrated it in some way. "How much?" I asked. He replied $200.00. "I don't know,man? Thats alot of money." Yeah right, finally talked him down to $160.00 even. Not bad since I didn't know what I wad buyin'. And it was in next to mint shape cosmeticly,not a scratch on it.

Anyhow I got it home an found it was better than I ever expected. Not only did it lock 6 osc., but the stack mode made it possible to get even fatter sounds. Probably the coolest feature of all for someone like me. I could layer 6 of the same 8' lead sounds each a little different and slightly out of tune, for a nice rolling sound. The same with the bass, unbelievable, and it got the same sound every time with a push of a button. try that on a Mini. Didn't take me long to figure how to interface the computer to store and send the stack presets, hell, all the presets and sequences. Very powerfull! Software went even further, providing inputs to all paramaters through midi.

It may fall short in some areas, but it really shines in others. It may lack the knobs to twiddle in real time, but you can access some incredible sound effects with a push of a button or two, or foot pedal. The only features I didn't care for was the wheel locations over the keyboard,and the "steppiness" of the controll value knob. All in all I would give this keyboard top ratting. The things it can do far outweigh it's few shortcomings.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-27-1998 at 03:07
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