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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Brandon Daniel a professional user from USA writes:
I really dig my little red 101, ive got it hooked up to channel 1 on my kenton pro 2 midi->cv converter (the minimoog is on channel 2).

when i take this and my 606 and hook them up, get some decent fx outboard its instant Aphex Twin.

a real trick if you can generate an extra CV channel and want to control the filter cutoff from external CV without any mods...

take an 1/8" minijack cable, cut it open, disconnect the shielding/ground wire (make sure none of it is touching completing the connection) and you can plug it into the 1/8" plug part of the mod grip input. assign the mod joystick to filter and there you go. if you dont remove the ground wire it will short the 101 until you power off and on again.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-17-2000 at 20:01
DrCreator from Philadelphia, Pa. USA writes:
I bought my SH-101 in 1982... grey... Nice sized synth for what you get... Light...Nice Sounds....and...Wearable... ( I have worn one on stage... ) OH God...! LOL I used the sequencer alot... Luved the mid to upper range stacato 16th note sequence....Triggered by a Drum Machine... I added an inverting IC chip so it would trigger on the pulse rise...or fall..I forget... but it worked.. Oh...I also added a SPDT switch in place of the momenttary switch used for KEY Transpose...(nice addition when moving up and down the keyboard with a programmed sequence) Have cold sweat thoughts of the dead air time that occured between each song...programming a tough sequence...LOL I thought the bass sound it provided was useable...But still lacked that bass the other mono synths provided... I give it a mark of 4...

the Dr

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-11-2000 at 03:18
Arp a hobbyist user from England writes:
An excellent little starter synth, the strap-on SH101 was the last of Roland's SH synths, and the last monophonic, analogue instrument they produced. It was very popular, and is much-loved nowadays for being the cheapest entry into the world of proper vintage analogue, knobs and sliders and all. It's best thought of as an SH09 with a sequencer, or a monophonic Juno 6/60, minus chorus, but with a smarter oscillator set-up. Basically, the SH101 has a single oscillator capable of producing square and sawtooth waves simultaneously, with pulse-width modulation and a divide-down sub-oscillator, hooked up to a powerful filter and some fast envelopes. Add in a 100-note step-time sequencer and some useful modulation, wrap it in plastic and metal, attach straps, fit batteries, and you have an SH101. It's best at pounding, deep bass noises and pulse-width modulated drones, and it's a bit too piercing to do lead-lines. It has a trademark 'killer app', too - as the clock is shared between modulation speed and sequencer tempo, if you program a sequence, set the modulation to 'Random' and use it on the filter, you get a burbly, bubbly sequence that sounds great with distortion. It can attempt a half-decent TB303 emulation if you want, but it's much better than that. With sufficient external effects and a MIDI retrofit it's all the analogue synth you need.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-05-2000 at 06:25
Kolja Beckmann a part-time user from Germany writes:
Well use it only if You want this special 101 Sound.

Though in the range of its sound it sounds better than most VAs. Better safe your money for a Doepfer a100.


Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-03-2000 at 16:24
daniel viksporre a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
Can do almost all stuff that tb-303 can do (if you lern to use i properly). Has a great and simple sequencer (with transposion, glide and more). The only drawback as i se it is that it only has 1 osc. But on the other side, it got an incredible waveform mixer for it's oscillator. It's posible to make those cool commodore c64 arpeggiator chords (like sidstation).

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-25-2000 at 08:59
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