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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Mike Moore a part-time user from Portland ,Oregon writes:
I'm a one man band that plays guitar while my SQ-1 Plus pumps out awesome background tracks of drums and bass. I've owned my SQ since 1991 and have only replaced the internal battery once. I love this workstation! I have a question for anyone that can anwser..

I recently purchased an Alesis Nanobass Synth Module. I also use an Alesis MMT-8 as my main sequencer. Here's the question. How can I connect the Nanobass to my SQ-1 Plus and be able to record the 7 SQ internal sounds I use plus the external sounds to my MMT-8. Please help! "Ensoniq Rocks!"

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-08-2002 at 03:20
evan scherret a hobbyist user from aust. writes:
i really know nothing about synths before this, i got mine 4 free, & i love it. its been said by other reviewers to not b good for dance production, but as soon as i got it, i began to figure out its workings. & now i can make some pretty solid beats, everything from house to techno. the only problem is that i must have a near dead batteruy or something... my memory only works for about 10 hours max. overall, i am very pleased to have come across this unit as my firsyt instument ever (& 4 free too!). i could use a manual & cards though...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-05-2001 at 23:34
Ando a part-time user from Knoxville, TN writes:
Hello, I am the poster of the original review and specs. Glad to see synthsite is still alive an kicking after all these years!

First, I noticed another reviewer who loves the keys. Agreed! I have very short and fat fingers, and am not a trained keyboardist - so I have no problem with the "synthy" feel. They are very light yet sharp; extremely responsive. No other synth has ever felt as "right" as the SQ1+. (BTW, I believe the keys for the SQ were custom-built by Fatar.)

The 32 voices it can produce are crippled by the single effect unit and the lack of indipendent outputs. What good is 16-part multitimbrality when you have to cram it out a single pair of stero outs?

As for the sounds: The Transwaves are the key to getting some great otherworldly synth tones. The complex envelopes and modulation rountings make for some great pads. The non-resonant filters mean no squelchy analog sounds, but you can get great digital tones. I don't have the patience to wade through the menus to program the thing, but I'm confident now that you *can* get some great synth patches out of this board if you try.

I've moved on to more fun synths now, but the SQ1+ still sits at the heart of my studio as the master controller, and I don't forsee it getting replaced any time soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-14-2001 at 00:05
Andrew Ford Melton a professional user from USA writes:
I borrowed the SQ2 from a friend & had it for about 6 months. It's the same as the SQ1, just more keys (76). The sounds are the most 'brittle' I've ever heard in a synth, even worse than the Roland JV-1000, BUT, I absolutley love the audition function of the sequencer. It also, in my opinion, has the best feeling synth action keyboard ever made, period! The keys have this unique 'snap' feel to them. You can play this board as fast as you can, & the keys will be right under your finger at all times. There is NO lag! If you have slightly fat & short fingers like me, this is the synth to buy. 3.5 for the sounds. 5 for the build quality. 4.5 for the sequencer. 5 for "wish I still had it!"

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-28-2001 at 16:28
HouseFever a part-time user from La Suedé writes:
I love this synth... I was going mad at 1st when i got this baby a year ago soon i didnt get the manual so i just used it as a Midi-board at 1st. But now when i connected to a Roland MC-303,a "TB-303 - copy" MAM 32 & Yamaha TX81Z. This machine is now getting to get its work done now. I am not using the internal Sequencer at all i sequence all my machines from the MC-303 which suits me perfect when i do a liveset. I have also started to discover the excellent sounds in this baby as well, and the way you tweak them into oblivion. I read a review that this machione not suited for Techno or Dance production. Think again and learn how to use it instead of racking down on it.

Durability - Used it live a cpl i times never let me down in any way at all.

I am not selling this baby now when i finally took the the time to dirscover its hidden secrets.

A manual would be good to have though if anyone could tip me of where to get hold of one pls mail me.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-16-2001 at 01:15
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