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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Milos a professional user from yugoslavia writes:
Korg t3 je za mene jedna od najboljih klavijatura koje sam probao. Brate iz Juge nemam bas pratnju. Zao mi je.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-17-2000 at 20:50
Jim a part-time user from winnipeg,canada writes:
Loved my T3EX(why did I sell it?),great mid controller, individual pedal setups per combi..great idea over the M1's global settings.Pianos were only good for dance music(opinion), just a very usuable machine.@ dual midi outs, very handy and a great user interface/big screen and relatively easy to use(ever try a dsm-1 or an early roland sampler?).T-series are very durable as well.The EX is a must, Angel City has alot of great( I do mean good and usable) samples for the T's. One note if you SDS (sample dump standard) anything into into the sample memory, it can only be accessed and/or mapped as a drum kit.i.e. each individual smaple has to be assigned a note number in the drum kit page(global)then set the patch up as a drum, assign kit # and filter etc. Now here is the big question, who will sell me a T3, T3EX, T2, T2EX. Let me know at...TOPJIMMY5@HOTMAIL.COM

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-16-2000 at 17:30
Lenti Lenko a professional user from AUSTRALIA writes:
When I got my T3 in 1991, I thought that I wouldn't ever need another piece of gear????WHAT. Anyway, this is my favourite board of all time- the 1st synthe that I ever bought. I have used it as my only axe for both recording, sequencing and gigging and it has held up beautifully. I thought of selling it when the O1WFD came out but after playing with that board, I concluded that the T3 sounded better! It has great MIDI capabilites and is extremely easy to use (large LCD display). It's biggest weak link are the crappy non resonant lowpass filters (but these were not so in demand at a time when the only thing everyone wanted was real sounding samples not old analogue sounds!!). The effects are still OK today but the 16 note polyphony gets in the way when sequencing and in combination mode. I would NEVER sell mine even though a couple of potential buyers? have expressed interest in the past because these boards are so hard to come by. It's best sounds are the sax, acoustic guitars, hard and soft electric pianos, drums (although a bit dated now), fretless bass, organs (both pipe and electric) and pads. Not so good are any sounds that rely heavily on resonant filters for their character- I have used the crossover flanger set to extreme settings to get some really cool resonant effects- TRY IT! Whilst the T3 has been superseded at least 5 times in the past 10 years, I love mine to death and I wouldn't part with it for the world!!!!

posted Monday-Nov-29-1999 at 07:59
Don Nelson a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I have the 76 Key T2...An excellent board in 1989 when I bought it, but it

is definately showing its age. The pianos are barely adequate--Combination

preset 21 combines overly bright preset A41 with the darker B41 to form

a passable double-strike grand. Organs are pretty bad, but usable in a mix.

There is a decent Wurlitzer, pipe organs are good, and the alto saxophone is

excellent. Very good pads and atmospheres; many will be familiar to you, as

they tend show up everywhere. There is a lovely soft-strings patch (B67)

which nicely hides behind pianos and other lead instruments to make for some

very lush combinations. Analog sounds are good. I have been able to program some pretty good leads

and strings ala OBXa, but filter sweeps are terrible. Remember that this

board has only 16 voices, so polyphony gets eaten up fast with two saws

per patch. Drums are adequate, sound like Roland R8 drums to me (maybe they are?) Patch editing is superb...Very simple to tweak the rather weak presets to

get what you want. They are typically effect-heavy, but this is probably

to hide the very obvious loop-points (Especially the pianos!) Programming

is totally intuitive with excellent features. The sequencer is wonderful; simple and intuitive, but only 8-tracks. Be careful with the buttons; they are unsealed metal-dome types that get

dirty and flakey. I've had to clean mine. Effects are quite noisy, but fine for live performance. There is a leslie

simulator with smooth morphing between slow and fast rotation. Overall, this board does everything well, but nothing exceptionally. I have

found it great for acompaniment in live situations where the flaws in its

waveforms are lost. There are many usable sounds, and the presets are easily

tweaked to get just what you want. I have gotten much use out of this rugged,

versatile, road-ready workhorse.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:15
Johan Brodd a part time user from Sweden writes:
The sounds are ... awesome! I don't have any better word to describe the sounds with. Drums are great! Some powerfull techno drums available makes the drums sound good. The drums programming is quiet hard to manage caused by one has to enter the sounds with the display pad. The keyboard is very sensitive and handles allmost any type of playing style. The hardest part when working in the sequencer is to put up the effects.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:15
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