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K van der Wal a hobbyist user from Holland writes:
I once was the proud owner of an ARP Odyssey Mk2 from which the keyboard contacts started to fail, (before the MIDI-CV interfaces became available) so I traded it in for an AKAI VX-600. I still regret this because it was the best experimenting and brightest sounding synthesizer ever made.

After I read an article in the dutch future music magazine explaining that the TEISCO 110F was build with ARP components (read filters)under ARP's license I knew I wanted this synthesizer. Due to this same article someone bid his TEISCO 110F for sale and despite the fact that I had to drive about 800 kilometers for it, I bought it.

I now own a TEISCO 110F since about 8 months and it was absolutely worth the trip.

Its sounds great, it has everything for creating and experimenting with sounds, it has: 2 VCO's with Triangle/Saw/Square/Pulse-Modulation waveforms with a frequency range of 64/32/16/8/4 foot, including frequencey modulated LFO mode. It has VCO cross modulation (no oscilator sync), a ring-modulator and white/pink noise generator. It's 2 ADSR EG's which can be auto-triggered by the LFO which offers Triangle/Square/Sample-Hold with variable shape (Saw/Ramp/Positive & Negative Pulse)output simultaneously and selectable for each modulation routing b.m.o. waveform switches. The bandpass filter (24dB LOW-pass & High-pass)has an ear-splitting resonance to create a pure Sinus waveform playable with keyboard tracking It also has single/multiple trigger, portamanto, delay vibrato & auto bend (which is nice becaue the pressure sensative pads are't that sensative anymore) an additional filter bank and EXT input

The TEISCO 110F is capable of generating anything between fat punchy detuned basses and bright and clear sounding flutes/strings/bells & effects. It sounds as bright as the Odyssey I once had. It sounds can't and should't be compared with a MINI-MOOG because its unique in its own and its the best ARP Odyssey clone ever manufactered.

If you can buy one DO IT, you'll never regret it. Its the best sounding and flexible analoque synth I ever owned and I will never ever trade it in.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-19-1999 at 06:03
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