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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Teflon Septum a part-timer user from Brooklyn, NY writes:

Well, I guess this just proves that you either love or hate this machine. There was a recent thread on Analogue Heaven re: Least and Most useful pieces of gear that people owned. Someone came in and said their TX81Z was their LEAST useful. Well, myself and several other people argued quite the contrary about the efficacy of the TX81Z. I recently started running it through my DOD envelope filter, and it sounds wicked. The limitation is only in the Envelope Filter (it peaks, not to smooth on the level with the filter sweeps, etc.). I am considering getting the Moogerfooger Low-pass filter dedicated to one of my 3 Zs and I bet it will warm it up a bit. There's something about the Z that is alluring. As much as I like analog sounding machines, the Z holds a special place in my heart. I agreee.. the user interface is pathetic and unneccesarily menu-deep, but you need to take the good with the bad. The bass fucking cracks my walls. What else can you ask for?

l8r 4-oper8tor!

Sal (Teflon Septum)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-21-1999 at 13:08
SynthFella writes:
HST, have you edited your sounds with a computer based (i.e. visual) editor? Do you sequence or play the keyboard? I'd like to hear any analogue respond to velocity like any FM synthesizer. I'd love to hear a bass synth that hits as hard as some of the FM Bass sounds I've created. So you think them thin and noisy. Does fatness regulate the quality of the sound a synth makes? And the bottom end i get out of my 4-op multiwave FM synth shakes my walls and rattles things where I didn't know things were in my apartment (heehee, sorry neighbors). This is hardly cutting edge, as analogue synthesis is also hardly cutting edge. Subtractive synthesis is great for the sound it makes, and FM makes it's own sounds well. But you think analogue (subtractive) synthesis is so great? Run a TX-81z through an analogue filter. Oh wow :)

posted Monday-Jan-18-1999 at 01:19
HST a part-timer user from The Vatican writes:
Don't believe a word of the nonsense other people are putting forth. This is (at best) a mediocre synth, lacking in guts/balls/warmth. I weep for the future if this is what will be "cutting edge" in the coming years.

For starters, the TX81Z is very thin, sterile and lacking subtlely. The oscillators are locked to begin their cycles with each note-on (rather than be free-running) so each note sounds identical, predictable, and frankly dull. I've heard sample-playback synths that don't sound as canned as this.

Bass lack low-end punch, the high end suffers from aliasing, the user interface is pathetic and overly complex.... I could go on, but suffice it to say that despite what most other reviewers say, this is a sub-standard unit quite lacking in personality. On the plus side, it's well built and reliable. I highly doubt it will require any servicing for years to come.

Let's face it though... FM (at least in this form) was a poor technology when compared to analog synths. It's best relegated to the dustbins.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-17-1999 at 17:25
Teflon Septum a part-timer user from Brooklyn, NY writes:
This thing is a monster. I have a Waldorf Pulse and this thing eats it for lunch. The only thing is you need to be smart.. learn how to program it (it does kinda suck) and EQ it to roll off some of the highs (it goes overboard on the highs, typical FM) and you have a deadly weapon on your hands. Techno baby, techno. I havent run this thing through my Pulse's external filter yet because I don't want to be evicted. But when I do.. watch out, it's gonna be DOPE!


Sal (Teflon Septum)

posted Friday-Jan-15-1999 at 16:36
N. Lohr a part-timer user from use writes:
i just got it at a pawn shop in vgc for $75!!!!!! and when i plugged it in and midied a keyboard 2 it i was totally amazed by the sounds!! i allso own a dx-100 synth, so i was expecting crap fm cheese like the dx but oh my god!!! this thing sounds like an analog! i havnt gotten into the edit matrix tooo much yet but so far it seems alot easyer than the dx series. THE TX81Z, THE BEST FM SYNTH EVER MADE. everyone sould owne at least one fm syth no matter what kind of muzik u play, make it this module

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-11-1998 at 10:07
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