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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Keith Middlemass a hobbyist user from Scotland writes:
I'm a big (huge) fan of Casio PD synths, Got 2 CZ1's in the studio already. Bought the VZ10m on EBAY (always wanted one)solid build and its fantastic. IPD is just the next step and I'm particularly impressed with its clarity and depth. Programming is akin to the CZ1 with many similar features. The sound is different, more defined, less analogue more 6 operator FM with attitude. Blends well with the CZ sounds. If you get the chance of one get it because as with the CZ range you get a lot of synth for the money. Prices for these synths won't stay low forever. Seems to be a cult following out there and VZ synths didn't sell well thus quite rare. *Only gripe is the factory presets, not very inspired are they! Same goes for the ROM card I got (RC150). Again, as with the original CZ range you have to get into the guts of the thing to make it scream. Once you do, it's a SONIC MONSTER, RARL!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-05-2005 at 08:36
RICHARD a professional user from Los Angeles writes:
Like everyone says, this is a Killer SYNTH!! Meaning if you want to create original sounds - this is for you. If you want pianos/brass/sax or GM (shudder!) etc. look elsewhere.

Paid $95 for mine - including the manual (which is very clear and detailed)

Meanwhile, 4 Ring Modulators - are you kidding?? There are 8 independant Osc. which are grouped in pairs. Osc's can modulate each other, and/or another pair, making for some wild sounds indeed. Considering that this unit is so original, it's amazing that it didn't made a major impact on the mainstream synth plateau.

It DOES require time to program, but it IS well laid out. Plus there's 37 real buttons (not membrane switches).

I've heard it said that if Casio had launched their pro synths/samplers under a different name, they would have done a lot better. I agree. Don't be put off by the Casio name, this is a real synthesizer.

MIDI spec is decent, although I've yet to fully explore it.

There is NO filter!!! You must think differently here. Like FM synthesis, complex harmonic structures (and sweeps) are built via modulation.

If yer into tweeking - get one.

FYI Check out the Casio FZ1 sampler too.....


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-28-2003 at 04:19
william david currie a hobbyist user from usa writes:
i have a casio pg310,a mg-510,and a vz10-m.these guitars were far ahead of there time.casios tech team should be paying attention ,there products wre new on the market at that time,and most people just freaked out or shot them down.they felt that they wernt a instrument.hey these things did not play for you,and you had to know what your doing.if anyone knows how to buy blank or pre ready sound cards,let me know

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-27-2003 at 00:54
Martin Tauchen a professional user from Germany writes:
As similiar to the VZ1 and the Hohner series,the VZ10-m is one of the most underrated synths. This is a real and pure synth,no gimmicks like FX or Sequencer to sweeten your ears. The VZ will give you,what you did with it.

The synthesis itself is still not explored at all. There are waiting millions of sounds to come out. By the way,this is also valid for FM,eventhough it seems,that FM has a bigger library as the library of London. The iPD synthesis is great for openminded and busy soundfreaks.Many amazing sounds can only produced with this mashine. But if you are only looking for imitations of "natural" or wellknown instruments and sounds,then the VZ is nothing for you.And such sounds are nothing for the VZ. You want Samples ? Buy a sampler or a Rompler. You want individual and new sounds ? Then the VZ is something for you. But each sound is created in long sessions with blood,sweat and tears(For the pessimistic ones). For me it is pure fun to shape in long "gaming" special sounds out of it. This machine never gets boring,caused by its high flexibility of its routing.

I love this synth.....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-06-2002 at 10:59
Aaron Jasinski a part-time user from Seattle- USA writes:
I just read the VZ10m page here on SoncState and it says that it makes a nice ElPiano module??? What? That is like saying a Ferrari makes a nice family car. This is one incredibly under rated synth. Think of the classic CZ series on steroids. I have to say though, you need something like SoundDiver to get at the magic. But once you do, it can be as amazing (almost) as Absynth, without the disadvantages of software. I have created some of the most insane bpm based patches on this thing that sound like nothing else out there, and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of it. And I bought it for 80.00. But SHHHH don't tell anyone. I like having this as a secret weapon, the last thing i would want is for everyone and their dog to be after the VZ sound.... Major 5/5 for bang-for-the-buck quality.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-15-2002 at 22:15
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