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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Palu a hobbyist user from Belgium writes:
I really don't know what everyone is complaining about. I have had my Micro Q now for two months, and I absolutely love it. It can produce the most incredibly beautiful sounds I have ever heard coming from any synth what so ever on the whole wide world. And I have heard a lot of synths. It can be anything you want, and any sound you create will have this amazing quality about it. If I compare it to the AN1x, which I have owned for two years, I must admit they can both produce some heavy sounds, but the micro Q always does it with a feeling of quality about it. It's beautiful. I love it. Buy it Now.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-13-2001 at 16:03
Mark Schelinger a professional user from Germany writes:
Price Paid: US $759 Ease of Use: 5 OS 1.12. The interface is cumbersome. A lot of button pressings to do one little thing. The endless rotaries are useful in editing, but they come with great trade-off because if you tweak your knobs in real time, you will have to practise a lot to get the same result as normal rotaries. If you are a live/real time knob tweaker, I'd say use something else to tweak this synth in real time. Features: 4 The minimum guarantee is 6, but usually you don't run the most complex patches at the same time so you will have more polyphony than 6 most of the time. Built in effects are useless. Chorus, Flanger and ever Phaser sound the same on this thing and they don't sound like conventional ones either. The Phaser is especially horrible. If you were in a blind fold test, you wouldn't have guessed it was phaser. The delay is horrible as well because it's not true stereo. The delay wet/dry value of 1/127 is like 32/127 on other synths. I mean it's just like other parameter ranges on this synth. They are so coarse that you can't get any fine programming with delicate subtle difference. (This is also why most people think this synth sounds digital.) Most parameter values have to almost no effect at low levels and the effects jump badly between +/-1 value in high levels.

Expansion is to 75 voice, but not available yet as of now. According to Waldorf's history of getting things done. Do not expect it to release in 2-3 years.

MIDI capabilities are less than standard. In OS 1.12-1.14 (current), the freely assignable MIDI CCs won't work. Panning works on part 1-4 only. CC10 for panning won't work. No complete sysex document for this synth available.

No sequener, but there is a very programmable arpeggiator. This is the only thing that I see it as superior than most VAs in the market right now. Cumbersome to program though. Expressiveness/Sounds: 4 Because of the bad jumps of value/effect mentioned above, this synth sounds very digital and unhumanized. The Low pass filters can't give any warm effects. The overdrive sounds very cold and digital. Don't touch that resonance knob too often. Micro Q will distort inside its signal path and headroom (with out distortion FX on).

I think the Micro Q is great for robotic, classic rock and weird self-indulged experimental music, considering how coarse, harsh and overly bright the sounds it produce. Even when you use its flexible modulation matrix to try to modulate things to sound less robotic and digital, you run into the value jumping thing again, so the mod matrix doesn't humanize the sound much.

Do not buy this synth if you are expecting to use any of its built-in effect. Only its vocoder that works nicely. Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Distortion, Phaser and 5FX are a joke. Reliability: 3 Considering a lot of bugs and their possibilities to get fixed, I won't depend on it. There are note hanging in OS 1.14 as well. You don't wanna to rely on this synth in live situation. Customer Support: 2 Their supoort forum is pretty active. They can help you fix your silly goofy mistakes, but not the synths'. I think it's ridiculous sometimes that they would say I had to wait for this thing's bugs to be fixed because they are now working on other synths in their product line. Why do I have to care about their other products? I don't even own one share at Waldorf. I bought one synth and expect to at least work averagely (I can't pan on every part of this synth!!!). Overall Rating: 2 I have owned this things for 6 months and I already feel like it were lost or stolen. It doesn't really work. Subjectively I don't like the robotic nature of its sounds either. I would move on to other synths if I lost this box. I thought I'd wait for the Virus Rack to come out, but I chose this one because it had phaser. But the truth is the Micro Q's phaser sounds crappy. At least if I got the Virus Rack, I knew that it would work like a normal chorus, not like the Micro Q's so called Chorus. If you aren't a huge fan of overly bright or distorted sounds, I'd suggest you pass this synth no matter how fabulous the word of mouth on this synth is. (I've been there.)

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-13-2001 at 09:25
Robert a part-time user from Los Angeles writes:
This synth is a godsend. For under $800, I can't find much to complain about. I own a Pulse, so I'm used to the editing setup. So far I've had no problems with hanging notes, freezes, crashes, or anything resembling an OS error. Maybe because mine came with the most recent OS. I tried this thing out, compared it to the Novation and Nord rack, and I know that despite the modest price tag, it more than held it's own against those other machines.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-29-2001 at 19:26
Dusty writes:
Forgot to mention the wavetables are alittle bland.. I love my MicroWaveXT LOVE IT.. it works and works well. (could have more but they all could) I would think with just 2 wavetables they would have been very diverse..

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-14-2001 at 03:41
Dusty writes:
Bugs, freezes, hanging notes. I love the idea of a modulation matrix and I can say that I have gotten into the depths of this machine. It has a great sound but its just not ready yet, to bad about the interface not bad but could be better it gets confusing here and there. I wonder how the Virus rack is..

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-14-2001 at 03:38
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