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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Silver-touch a professional user from country of wine (guess...) writes:
Hi All,

I have already post a review for the mQ. I had time to experiment with this little beast. I found some bad points (sorry !) : - Some information on the LCD screen are erased when you edit a parameter, but it's not disturbing ! - Patches levels are very low !!!! - The internal tempo is not right (134 on the mQ is 135 in the real life) - No time to experiment the vocoder, but I will do (it's not a bad point !) - Phaser is hard to program (to have good sound quickly)

Good points : - great waveforms, I didn't experiment the alt waveforms, but I'd like to have mellotron choir and I don't know if i could have it !! - FM is better than AN1x, is closer to the DX series than AN1x, nothing compared to a TX81z - Filters are OK. - didn't experiment the 5FX, I do it soon, with voice and internal sounds

- Great BASS DRUMS (kick and destroy ass !)

To close this review, I will say : buy one, there are plenty of 80's sounds in it (alphaville, Vince Clark ,...) For your information, I've got : CS1x, A3000v2 Yamaha, JV1010 Roland (phaser is easy to program), MC307 Roland, TX81z Yamaha (great FM basses, that I will never have with the mQ), MB33 Mam (warmer than mQ for TB303 like sounds), SG01v Akai and That's all.... I'm waiting for my VIRUS indigo rack access for 1 month !!!!!!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-14-2001 at 03:37
Nebo a professional user from NYC writes:
Well Waldorf has went and did it again. They have released a synth that is riddled with bugs. Think back to the Q the didnt formally announce it for a year cause of all the bugs. I have had mine for 2 months the UI sux.. they say its as easy to use come on who are the fooling. The effects are non exsistant NO REVERB.. and when they do release the upgrade they have limited the extra DSP to be used for extra voices only come on what is that.. they just want to keep the Q on top.. I am getting rid of mine trying to trade it plus cash for a JP8080 that might be less powerfull but it more then has the sound covered and has a great interface that is programmable (nice for my other synths). Dont waste your money, save up and get a Virus or Supernova now those are Bad ass synths that have all the bases covered.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-14-2001 at 03:33
------------ a part-time user writes:
Superior VA, especially when you consider the price, and this is also by far the most warm-sounding VA I've heard.

Processing other synths with the mQ's filters, envelopes, fxs and lfos is also a joy, my an1x really came to life after this treatment.

The only things I can complain about is that the knobs should be a bit more "tweakable", a bit stiff to my taste. And the phones output in the front sounds like a waterfall (just my mQ?), but that doesn't really matter when you've got 3 stereo outputs on the back.

I really recommed this one!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-13-2001 at 14:08
Analogue a hobbyist user from United Kingdom (London) writes:
This is by far the most superior VA available per cost/performance ratio. An absolute "msut have" piece of kit. If you have not played with this rackmount unit, you owe it to yourself! The keyboard version of this is set for sake within a few months. This will be a killer classic synth! 16 parts 25 voices with upgrade to 75 voices!! Direct access to all parameters, good effects, very nice vocoder. Vince Clarke's studio is one rack unit!! OK, not really but close! All for 449 Pounds or 799 US dollars. GET ONE!! On second thought, don't. I want to sound better than you!


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-07-2001 at 17:29
ronny a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
Wow, this thing is great!!! I have had a lot of synths past years and now I'm standing with both NL2 and AN1x and finally Micro-Q. The mQ has everything you need, spanking the shit out of NL2 but are more similar to AN1x in sound but way better, fatter and various. You can do every sound you can think of with this unit. The NL2 sounds so booring compared to mQ, no suprises in sound but with mQ every sound is a surprise and I have never heard a synth in my whole life which has that good bass-bottom as mQ (especially compared to all other DCO synths and even my old Juno-2/106/60, Korg Trident/Polysix, Oberheim Matrix-6). This is the best synth ever!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-06-2001 at 02:58
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