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astronomer from u.s. writes:
i'm looking at backend synths for my rm1x. i was thinking of using the roland xv-5050, but then the idea occured to me to split the task. send the drum tracks to a drum synth and the rest to a synth-synth (or sampler). so, would the rack attack make a good backend for the first 8 tracks off a rm1x?

posted Thursday-Sep-19-2002 at 17:42
Charlie.B. a professional user from Chicago writes:
Pretty bitchin' synth if ya get around the fact that it is a little different from the usual synthesizer methods. For one- the parameters are very fine. I have found that even at a small percent of something like FM can completely change the character of the sound, completely. Another- the fact is you have from C1 to C3 for individual sounds and the rest of the keyboard for what else you had in mind- of course you can do pads and what not... it does pads very well, but you can also do pinprick rythms. Not really as an arpeggiator, no, but rhythmic. It is after a rhythm/drum synth, and its perfection is in the way the envelopes are quick.

I'll have to agree that the 909 sounds are not quite there- good enough emulation, but they have this characteristic resonance that gets in the way, besides, I use it for origional bass drums, snares and wierdness.

Waldorf makes claim to having some of the fattest filters around, but like on the Micro Q- this isn't the case- they are just grungy... but you have several types to choose from.

A downside to this synth- only 50 presets of RAM, and the wierd sound placement thing. Good side- the manual is very informative on how the original sounds are made- like fer example the 808 snare.

I have already picked this puppy up, and as far as Waldorf goes (I have the Q and MicroWave XT- soon to pick up another) this is a classic. It has already replaced not only my DX 200, but my TR-909 as well! Kudos

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-18-2002 at 00:25
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