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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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Brandon Kutka a part-time user from Chicago, USA writes:
I had one of the first XTKs in the United States and had to wait 2 months back a few years ago to get it, I traded my Quasimidi Raven in for it. This machine is the ugliest board you will ever see, at least for me and I do old school industrial music, however nothing besides other wavetable synths can be compared to it. Some people dump it into the VA category however this is a wavetable synth, not a va. This is in my honest opinion is one of the greatest boards for industrial music. I am sure you could do any other style with it, so two major limitations I find is that: It can do so much so well its hard to figure out what to use, 2. I have the 10 voice version, which could be a draw back in the future. I won't lie and say this is a keyboard you can pick up and make great sounds with right away, their is a learning curve to this board. Yes folks this is not a groove box, you will have to have a decent understanding of how synthesis works to be able to dial in that sound in your head. I won't get into the technical details of this board since that raw data is everywhere, just relaying my own opinion with the board. I would call this the PPG wave of the 21st century. If you want a unique board that can make hyper complex soundscapes this board is for you, if you want to twiddle knobs using presets save your money and buy something else. This board takes time and care to learn. I will give it a 4.4, since I can't honestly give anything a perfect rating. I don't think I will ever really master this board.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-13-2002 at 01:50
David Lickiss a hobbyist user from Raining in England writes:
It's all been said before, but not many postings of late. I bought my XTK only a couple of months ago and had to wait quite a while for delivery. I was getting really pissed off with the shop, but am so glad I didn't cancel. My EMU XL1 Turbo will always keep it's place, but this orange beast is so flexible and inspiring that I can't keep my hands of it! I worked in a music shop many moons ago, when analog monsters roamed the Earth and I can't get over the wonders that we can but today for sooo little money (under £700). I won't tell you to buy this over any other VA or suchlike, you're the best judge of sounds for you! If you like programming your own sounds, this sexy keyboard deserves some deep investigation! Now Waldorf, please release a new rack version with a card slot and headphone socket for those late night prog. sessions away from the computer!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-18-2002 at 13:11
Colin Blake a professional user from USA writes:
I have owned the Waldorf XTK for 18 months now and I fall more and more in love with it every passing day. It combines the best of both the analog and digital worlds - analog style know layout with digital flexability. Wavetable synthesis is a totally new concept for many synth users, but the results speak for themselves (if you have ever heard it). I love the free wave envelopes and the mod matrix is the key to the power of ths synth. The only downside is that the sounds are so great, I have a hard time mixing them with anything else as they tend to seem flat and lifeless. My hat is off to Waldorf - worth even more to me today than when I bought it.

Also worth noting is the wave editor, well worth it's nominal price...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-21-2001 at 14:39
Rich Bembenic a part-time user from USA writes:
To all those who would even try to put the Virus in the same league as the XTk, (much less, say it's better), pphhhhgggg! The Virus definately holds it's place in the discography of synthesizers, and is a great tool. But the XT is an absolute beast, and is like no other synth, other than it's own predecessors. It's much more than what the PPG, Wavestaion, and others could ever do. It's ,of course, much less than what the Waldorf Wave can do, but who can afford or find one of those anyways. To those who find any reason to compare the Indigo to the XTk, I think you're silly as hell. You're simply comparing them because they're both unique LOOKING 4 octave synth keyboards. There is nothing similar about them at all. The Virus emulates synths, while the XT adds a new sound to the synthesizer world for emulators such as the Virus to try and reproduce. I don't have a bad opinion of the Virus. In fact I want one myself. But if I were faced with the question of one or the other, it would be no contest. That's why I have an XTk, and not a Virus.

Anyways. It's really easy to make great sounds with the XTk, once you get the basics of wavetable synthesis down. And even though I can come up with cool sounds at will, I doubt it will be soon when I come to the day that I've taken the Xtk to it's limits. there really is little need for any effects on this synth. I wouldn't mind some reverbs though. That would go great with the powerful drum sounds I can get. Anyone that tells you that this synth is only good at pads is either retarded, jealous, or has simply never played it. It's amazing at any application that suits your needs. Bass, leads, pads, drums, weirdness, it's all here. I got mine for $1350 because it was the floor model at Chuck Levins Washington Music. But I was prepared and willing to pay more for it. I just wish I would have got the 30 voice. That's the only wall I can see myself running into with this synth. This is a mainstay for me, and the center point for all of my groups music. (BTW, I love the orange.)I rate the XTk at infinate out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-15-2001 at 23:44
Rodney Gipson a professional user from UsA writes:
Having once owned a Microwave II , I went to check out the XTk at a local Guitar Center. The XTk was conveniently placed on a keyboard rack with a Waldorf Q and Clavia Nord Lead 3 right below. I have to say that I like the over all sound better than the Q, although the Q has some programming options that are not availible on the XTk. The XT is like having a modern version of the Oberheim modular 8 Voice synth. The factory patches and the OS are much improved in comparison to the Mw II ( I bought mine in '97). This synth can do so much if you take the time to learn. If you buy this synth, you Must use Emagic Soundiver 3.0 for it. Y ou can import short samples and turn 'em into wavetables to imort in you XT. Don't expect those wavetables to sound exactly like the original samples. However, it will give you new starting points for intersting and unique sounds. I found the Clavier Nord lead 3 to have some of the sound qualities of the XT-althogh it uses a completly different type of synth engine. I think they'd compliment each other if you had both.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-20-2001 at 13:23
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