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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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Amygdala a part-time user from USA writes:
Seems like there's a lot of heat when comparing the XTk with the Virus B. Personally, I couldn't imagine composing without either one, as they are so incredibly different in their unique sounscaping abilities. The Virus demonstrates unprecidented facility when it comes to sitting down and creating a particular sound in mind, be it bass, pad or lead. The XTk, on the other hand, seems best suited for creating unique sounds that are discovered through experimenting with wavetable times, intensity, and programming its incredibly diverse modulation matrix... unexpected and original results almost always occur from a long session with the XT.

The Virus has a distinctively quirky and exhilarating feel to its TG, whereas the XT's engine has an overall particularly glassy, polished sound quality...much more bizarre and rich in complexity. Sometimes this is wonderful, other times frustrating, depending on your creative mood.

VA programming in general is much simpler to execute than wavetable synthesis, which requires a little more experimenting and a deeper understanding of sonic characteristics in order to get the sound you're after.

But owning a wavetable synth has definitely taken my music to the next level and away from the safe haven of the traditional analogue route. I've found that the XTk has added a surreal quality to my songwriting approach and using it has inspired me to take more risks in my choice of sounds when composing.

Comparing the two is really the equivalent of comparing apples and oranges, all synth color- scheme puns aside.

If there is a feature that I don't like about the XTk, it would be its "infinite spool" knobs, which are a bitch to maneuver when subtle sweeps and program changes are required in real time. Its effect processor is pretty limited as well...but then again, I've rarely used it, as the sound quality of the TG is so intensely diverse, you don't really needs any effects.

Overall, it is a wonderful tool with an enormous amount of potential for creating original sounds. It is well built, comprehensive, and has created some of the most interesting and strange noises that I've ever heard. The modulation matrix is pretty complete with almost every parameter assignable to another.

I would highly recommend this synth as a mainstay in any studio lineup. You will never grow tired of the endless possibilities that await the old ears.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-04-2001 at 13:32
bokonon a hobbyist user from usa writes:
the xt is one of the most dynamic machines around. as far as teh virus vs xt stuff is concerned, i've owned 2 and noticed alot of important things.

1. the xt can do much fatter bass with the wavetbales and modulation (fm, amplitude, etc) i prefer the sound of the waldorf filters too. (who doesnt!) they sound more like power and less like plastic (virus is very plasticky)

2. everything sounds nicer when wavetable crazyness is involved. :D

3. leads are wild with the xt, you just have to let it take you places. it's not like the virus where you toss a few osc's down into a highpass filter with some chorus and make 'that sound'. there's so much more available on the XT.

4. DRUMS. blows every other VA away.

anyway that's my take on the machine.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-12-2001 at 15:55
nathan kaines a professional user from usa writes:
Quite possibly the ugliest keyboard ever made. Ive always heard alot about it, but never really checked it out, then i got the ppg plugin and fell in love with wavetable synthesis. I also heard my buddies korg wavestation and it fueled the fire even more. So i had some extra cash and decided to buy a 30 voice kb from the guys at Novamusik. Then after a week of waiting while the xtk was stuck in customs, i drove 100 miles to play one to see if it really was all that. Its even uglier in person, with its sh*t brown endcaps. But after i played it, it became so beautiful. I thought it would only do weird wavetable kinda sounds and drones and textures, no.. its a handy VA as well, great basses, pads, 909 kick from hell. All of it, Im so glad im getting one now. It will be the saple machine in my studio, along with my access virus b. The build is very well done , its german, and its built like a tank. Im sure you could use it to beat a door down, or bash someones head in. Ive noticed its not soo present on the web, like the triton and such. Which is ok by me, this orange ugly duckling will shine so bright in my setup, i cant wait till it gets here. Try one, seriously the hype is worth it. 10/5? yeh that works

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-25-2001 at 20:19
Alex writes:
Only 3 effects on the Microwave, 1 per part on the first 3 parts of a performance. Virus can apply multiple effects to all of its 16 parts, but Microwave has a little bigger/weirder selection of effects.

posted Tuesday-Dec-26-2000 at 17:26
Alex Gubin a hobbyist user from San Francisco, CA writes:
The Microwave absolutely kicks ass! I prefer the keyboard, which is what I have, because it has more knobs and the pitch/mod wheels. The system design is so intuitive, everything makes sense. The mod matrix is by far the coolest synth feature I know of. I also own a Virus b, which is internally identical to the Indigo. It's hard to say which one I like better. The Virus has some very harsh, aggressive sounds, Microwave could never go there. But the Virus system layout is so awkward, I absolutely hate it compared to the XTk. I still can't figure out why some menus are located where they are on the Virus, makes no sense to me. Also, the XT is a wavetable synth, and when it comes to creating your own unique weird sounds and noises, it can't be touched. The drums&percussion on the Microwave are a total joke though, while the Virus has some very nice kicks, I use them all the time. These two synths can complement each other quite nicely. If you can only afford one, and you don't own any other gear, I would recommend the Virus because it is a much more versatile, general purpose synth. The XT really shines on the sweeping pads and weird noises, but the Virus can do that (maybe not as good, but still good), plus some very good leads and basses. It's hard to get a good general purpose bass out of the Microwave. Virus has 16 parts, and has good drums&percussion, and you can apply effects to all of the sounds, so you can make a good song with Virus alone. Microwave has no usable drums/percussion, and the effects are only available for the first 3 of its 8 parts, so all that, in my opinion, makes it a backup synth, not a lead synth. But if you already have a general setup, and looking to expand your sound to a weirder dimension, Microwave is like no other synth out there. Once again I can't stress enough how much I live the system design of this board: working with the XT is a breathe. One annoying thing that happens to my XTk is the power button goes out once in a while. I wish they made it a switch or a push button, that way it wouldn't malfunction as much, but it is a touch button, and mine has just gone out last night for the third time. Both previous times it has started working again by itself. When it is out, I have to swith the board on and off by plugging it in and out of the outlet, which is annoying. Another problem I can point out is that the arpeggiator gets stuck sometimes when you are feeding it a MIDI line and then stop in the middle of a note. Some other small quirks show up in the software sometimes, but they are nothing big. Hopefully there will be another OS release soon; it is MIDI updatable which is a big plus.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-26-2000 at 14:54
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