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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Stoltz a professional user from englabd writes:
start with 2 parts, the bits that detract from the machine. & the bits that are good.

BAD - Disk Format. this uses a propriatory yamaha disk format that neither windows nor OSX can read. which means that backing up samples & archinving to a computer really is a pain in the arse. The Knobs - yamaha chose some really weak knobs for this machine, they are fragile & dont last very long. after about 3-5 years you'll need to replace them. Wave form readout - this only shows (for some silly reasoning) the top half of a waveform. I dont know why yamaha chose to do it this way, but is anouying as your missing half the infomation. HDD capacity - you can only have upto 8gb of formated disk space on any HDD's installed. & when this is the case, you also have to partition the drive into 8 sections of maximum 1gb. this is anouying heh. which it could see a larger HDD space. Sample loading times - this does take a while. I've clocked a full 131mb of data loading to just under 7 minutes (flat from power up). CD Burning – you can back up to an external CDR, but this takes ages to burn, can be upto 2 hours per disk. 131mb MEMORY – this is the MAX memory available within the machine. For most this will be fine, but some uses (Stoltz live) just wasn’t enough � would love it if you could max it out to 256, or even 512. but you cant. Lame.

GOOD - has 126 notes of polyphony, which is great for massive sample loads. FX - this has 6 FX blocks (as oppossed to 3 on the A3K), with each block having a choice of 96 FX algerithems. the FX are AWSOME! regardless to what some people state, they do sound great, & theres so many of them! some of the algerithems are also dual & even triple stacked version. like distortion>compressor, Dist>comp>delay etc. download the FX list from a PDF & take a look. also the FX can all be routed in various ways, so stacking actual processors is easy & flexible. SCREEN - not a big plus compared to other samplers, but against the A3K its much better & shows alot more infomation at once. FILTERS - this has a whopping 16 filter variations, & they range from smooth low pass to gritty overdriven Hi pass, & some dual combinations. they're great & add loads to teh charecter & sound of a sampler. MIDI - has 2 sets of ins, thrus, & 1 out. 32 parts multitimbral. CONTROL – this is the 1 aspect that this sampler in particular really excels. Pretty much EVERYTHING can be routed to a midi controller of some kind & modulated. A single sample for instance can be mapped to a single key, & then the aftertouch of that key control the samples filter or pitch. Different parameters of a FX blocks can be controlled also, for example the timestretch & pitchshift algerithem, can have the time & pitch assigned to knobs (we do this live for instant sample mangling) SAMPLE ARCHITECURE – unlike most samplers, all the synthesis for the samples is done on an a single sample level. In reality this means that EACH SAMPLE has its own filter, single band of variable EQ, FX routing, 6 controller modulation routings, filer ADSR, amp ADSR, pitch AD, LFO. AMP STRUCTURE – in addition to the sample architecture. Each sample has 2 amplifier routings. Allowing extra flexible mixing opportunities within the actual mix of the sampler. So you can have a sample routed to the main mix, & then into a FX which is assigned to a separate output, allowing you to mute that as & when needed. LOOPING – this has the usual looping configurations expected, but also a mode that allows you to move through a sample back & forth like scratching. So you can grab a sample & jump forwards & backwards, faster or slower with a controller like the pitch wheel (think the effect radiohead use on everything in its right place by the korg kaoss pad 1) LOOP REMIX / DEVIDE – these are great tools for mashing up samples & chopping beats etc quickly. IDE – the A4K/A5K can now use standard IDE devices, which is A LOT cheaper & easier to come by than anouying old SCSI drives. You can also replace the front panel floppy drive with a ZIP disk (or other 3.5 inch media drives). SAMPLE FORMATS – the propratory Yamaha format is pants, but this machine can read dam near every other (hardware) sample format ever created. SOUND – this machine sounds very slick. PASS THOUGH SOUND MODE – this allows you to pass whatever signal is present at the AD stage though the sampler & out to the main outs, a sub out, or even both! (or even 2 splits of mono) this allows the machine to route signals through the internal FX to be sampled, & just as cool, sent externally. I have a special FX volume on my machine that loads up 128 program presets of this kind, which I then use as an external FX box in my studio. Allowing me to process stuff sent from my Mackie with upto all 6 of the FX blocks. Makes for a MASSIVELY expressive & flexible signal processor. A great tool.

I think that’s it for now. I’ve used my A5K for about 18 months now, & have 2 in my band (which we have gigged with) on the while it’s a religable machine. The sound is VERY nice. Adds a shine to sounds & is smooth on the ears. But can be pressed HARD when needed, which we defiantly do ;) my fav parts are the controllers & each sampler having its own filters. We map loads of different shit to keys which I play out & then manipulate with midi controllers. Is a REALLY expressive & immediate tool to perform with. We’ve toyed with replacing the 2x A5000s with a laptop of some kind, but so far I’m not convinced that we’d have the same degree of flexibuility & performance from it. Also the A5000s are very stable, they don’t crash very often at all.

All in all, I love my A5000s. it has its faults & a few silly ideas, but then has some AMAZING opportunities afforded by it which I cant resist. & nowadays they’re REALLY cheap.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-13-2008 at 11:41
oliver Schlesiger a part-time user from Germany writes:
The loading time is unacceptable (turned off load while playing). I wonder why anybody didnt comment the Reverb. It is the cheapest which i ever heard. All other efx are ok. The midi/effects possibilitys are shrinked if you want to use all 16 midiparts (timbres). So this are the bad sides. Very good is the fact that every Sample has its own Eq. Many Voices, many outputs, hd-possibilitys. I've bought it for 600€ - its to expensive. 250-300 € may be ok. Have fun.

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-30-2006 at 16:44
Raphael a professional user from Poland writes:
Hi! I'm an Yamaha A5000 owner for a two months. I'm really happy to have this GREAT MACHINE! Last I have instaled internal...JAZ 1GB drive! Yes! It works!!! If it is not much for you I will write more...I tried to install internal JAZ 2GB drive and...It works too!!! I wanted to write it for you, for present A5000 owners and for new owners. First thing to do is to buy new or used JAZ 1GB or JAZ 2GB drive. It must be an Iomega SCSI 50 pin drive (1GB or 2GB). On JAZ 2GB you can read 1GB disks! A drive is connected to internal SCSI pin connector (you can find it on main board). You must connect a power cable from JAZ drive to main board (all power connectors are placed together on logic board). After connecting and installing you must turn on this device as it is written in owners manual (SCSI ID on/off on Utility mode or Disk mode - I don't remember now) That's all you need to have JAZ 1/2GB drive on your A5000. In a future I will write you how to connect SCSI Tower for 7 devices with CD-RW, ZIP, JAZ, hard disks etc. So, best wishes for all A3,A4 and A5000 users! Raphael

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-01-2004 at 03:34
Renegade Project a part-time user from USA writes:
Very powerful unit,great flexibility,clean sound and can be modified by the brave technician

posted Thursday-Feb-05-2004 at 09:54
sergmarchenko a hobbyist user from Ukraine writes:
Top notch quality. Great sound, filters, EFFECTS, polyphony, very good sampling features! Quite nice and straightforward OS (for me ;) ). Knobs could be better though.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-14-2003 at 02:22
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