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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Håkan Spetsmannen a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
Just got my new AN1x, and it's really impressing. The reviews here are true, this machine is so much more value than other VA's... Cannot think of a reason to spend 4-5 times more on another board like the Clavias or Waldorfs. Got mine for $450 from

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-27-1999 at 16:49
krc a part-timer user from USA / Denmark writes:
Bought it as my main controller and for making "fuzzy sounds". Well let me tell you - this synth will be able to make ANY fat, textured, warm, and fuzzy sound you could ever imagine. The presets are good, but there are too many that use Arpeggiation, which I'm not into. I'd rather do stuff like that IN the sequencer, not on a board itself. This machine is what you want if you're doing electronic future music. It also does a great Oberheim impression, which is one of my all time faves! I madde a sound that was like a blanket of bees buzzing in harmony with each other, and one that was like a symphony of metal violins in a crystal box. Sounds so thick you can feel them! The yin and yang of this board is that you can also replicate stuff like DX piano and other clean, pearly sounds. Bottom line: this synth can create any sound you want. I mean and sound you want, but not nessecarily any real instruments. BUY THIS BOARD, I got mine for $499, on closeout and it compliments my sound perfectly : abstract, textured, powerful and tense. Last word: FU[K THE PRESETS, INITIALIZE EVERY SOUND YOU DON'T ABSOLUTELY LOVE, BECAUSE THERE ARE MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL ONES TO BE CREATED, JUST SPEND SOME TIME WITH IT. -k

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-15-1999 at 18:12
AHPOOK a hobbyist user writes:
i have had mine for just over a week. its got a great sound. far better than a jp-8000. the sequencer is good, but i cant think of anything particularly useful about it unless you are in to live performance. the effects are pretty good. they have little real time control though. this synth is best programmed from a computer editor. so you can have access to all of the parameters and the sequencer. if you have patience you can sequence parts that completely morph into multiple sounds.

My opinion is this keyboard is good shit.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-12-1999 at 02:53
amfreq a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Well i've had my an1x for i dunno maybe a little over 2 months......i too thought i was lucky to have snagged one off of sam ashe, the fact was they had A LOT OF them TO BLOW, still do? of course i was fed the line that i'm the last one(you sure are lucky mister metz)(a couple days latter i find out they have a whole nother shipment in) and blah blah blah, it was a good experience though and well i guess i'm happy(happy has a fragmented meaning to me....or merely is just a statement), now about the an1x itself....i like it i find it most usefull as a controller and as good sample fodder.....using it multitimbrally is a major pain!!! but at least you can copy scenes from other voices if that scene you want is in the scene your wanting to replace.....luckily you can swap the scenes around, what i really dig are the 20 some odd LFO'S!!! i thought that was one of the strong points of it......the free eg is also interesting....but i find that it's hard to get anything really usefull recorded other than chaos and extreme stepping of the parameters but i've got one patch that really takes advantage of that!!! i don't use a pc at all for my music, and i don't plan to any time soon so using the great editor functionally is outta the question......i can program very easily from the an1x itself so it's not that big of a deal, although intially i had trouble fathoming it all, and i used the editior for the purpose of seeing what does what, and i really like that you can graphically write Free Eg's, very big PLUS.....a couple gripes.....1. Why couldn't they assign the effects to the knobs??? Well they didn't but i'm just saying it would be SO much more of a boon using them! me it seems obvious.....the reverbs are very metalic but useable.....the arppegiator and sequencer i find usefull for writting short little loops into cubase.....using them as part of a patch though is outta the turn on either of them and no matter what the internal voice will play....and if your sequencer is on the track your an1x is on it does some odd doubling up and moving up and down of a scale wise.....i haven't figured out why it does some of the things it does when you have the seq running and it echoing back to the an1x, sometimes it makes for a nice effect though, what i do when i want the arp/seq to trigger some other piece of equipment is to put the an in local mode and turn down the volume record to a track...record to anything BUT the track the an1x is on.....i still haven't taken off the little plastic film on the display, a while ago i was staving off the dripping summer heat trying to mount a fan in my window, la la la OH ISN'T THAT SO MUCH BETTER!!!....WHEn all of a sudden the fan cage thingy swings off hits the fan blade and sends the cage flying across my room(well not really) the Freaking fan though itself tottally took a dive for my an1x AND MY DAY OLD copy of EP7!!!! Well now i have a nice reminder of that incident on the nice plastic mod and pitch wheels....both have a huge gouge in 'em BUT other than that it was unscathed, HOORAY for the AN!!! Now, ep7 on the other hand has this massive gouge in it!!!! it only took out half of track seven....yah know the one that sounds like a track off a zelda game, to me at least i get that feeling, blah....of course i was heartbroken but who gives a crepe anyhow??? SO an1x....nice, blue.....seems to be wearing a plastic facade(i have a feeling i might change that!!!), and oh oh isn't it so cool when you make up a patch that sounds dead like something you've heard before on some album of yours, of course just for novelties sake!!!! lay off the fm though people!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-09-1999 at 07:55
Paige Cook a part-timer user from USA writes:
I've only had mine for a couple of weeks and so far so good. I chose this one compared to the others mainly for features. I was one of the lucky who got mine through the Sam Ash blowout. For the price I paid I'll give it a 5 if I would've had to have payed close to retail I'd give it a 4. This synth is great for live use and that's what really drove me to buy it. You can save arpeggiator/sequencer patterns to an individual voice! I don't know of any other anolog modeling board that lets you do that (that's not in the $1700 and up price bracket). Sure the ac adapter sucks and the plastice covering does, too - but hey that makes it lighter for transporting. I've grown to really start to despise Roland, the JP8K would've been cool if it was half the price (main reason -no features) and I already have a Juno 106 and didn't see alot of need for it. I have'nt even got to play a Nord Lead, but they sure do look cool, I'm sure they sold alot of their units on that reason alone, but no effects or sequencer and what seems to be a pretty basic arpeggiator -the sounds better be killer! People get to angry at each other on these reviews, different people have different tastes and needs for a synth. If your looking for a great performance based synth and not too concerned about having tons of patches and are willing to take the time to get used to a slightly annoying editing interface -then get the AN1x, the sounds are great!

By the way, I have had one problem with it - Somehow I have overwritten some patches with another one already on the board, for example I have two 'Microdot's on #111 and #113 - overwriting 'rhythm city' Does anybody know what I did to do this and do you know of an easy way to fix it?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-08-1999 at 16:59
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