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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Philip a hobbyist user from USA writes:
This has to be the best deal I've ever gotten. $495 at Guitar Center brand new. This is an incredible synth, not just for a VA, but a simply a great synth. Sure it would have been nicer to have more polyphony and a disk drive/card slot, but this is really easy to tweak and I come up w/ new sounds all the time. Don't judge this by the presets. I'm not into techno/trance, so I wasn't that crazy about them. It's the potential of this synth that attracted me. This is one of my faves of the synths I've owned and would not even think of parting w/ this thing.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-16-1999 at 09:04
a hobbyist user writes:
I own my AN1x now for closely 2 Years, i bought it cause i had not enough for the Nord... Today i would NEVER sell this Analogy Beast, and my friend's Nords are all sold meanwhile for a few bucks! It was the best buy of my whole Equipment, no external FX needed, you can create completly new sound of a simple Preset, only using the FX ! (So i went to the Dealer to buy an A3000 - but what a mess! - but this is another story...). The PC-Editor is very good, but mostly used to store the whole Presets or a part of them. You can play with this Synth for hours and hours, you will always find something new. Only the Strings from the Jupiter8 sounding like they do. Try to take 30 Minutes for trying it, and you will take it with you.......

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-15-1999 at 09:08
Barkley Anderson a part-timer user from Chicago USA writes:
Just got mine, played with it for a few hours yesterday.

First the bad, the interface stinks. Everyone knows it- you learn to understand it, also the Mac and PC editors out there do everything and more (including sequence new appregiation patterns) The cutoff when switching about is annoying but not debilitating.

The presets sound rather flat. Start shuffling through the parameters and spinning the knobs and you soon realize that this box has greater depth and range than that $1200 Nord you drooled on at your buddy's studio. No shit folks, get over the limitations and realize this for what it is.

The best damn virtual analog keyboard your money can buy. One last remark- typical of virtual analogs, the sounds are a bit on the CLEAN side- i plan on feeding it through the filter on the Minimoog to fatten it up a bit. A moogerfooger ($250- US) will give you the same effect.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-10-1999 at 16:38
Random a professional user from Monteral Canada writes:
I had worked with a friends's AN!x last winter and utterly loved it. So when the opportunity came up to trade an old synth of mine for this baby, I didn't hesitate a second. At first it was a bit of a bitch to program, being used to older analogs with all the parameters readily available, but after 2 days of intense tweaking around I easily learned most of the synth's function. I used it for 3 months last winter and those were 3 wonderful months of incredible electronic soundscapes.

Now that I had *MINE* for a bit over a month. All I can say is.. I LOVE IT. This baby draws circles around a Nordlead(1 or 2), a Jp8000/8080.

Most of the info on synthsite is wrong or very much incomplete so don't waste your time reading it. I would not recommend this synth to someone who has no experience in programming synthesizers. Yamaha have the nasty habit of implementing rather cryptic programming environement to their synths, but if you spent some time learning your way around you'll find that nothing is as cryptic as it seemed at first, everything is logically placed and the amount of modulation power available is just insane. The Dx7 is cryptic, but once you learned your way around it and it becomes a second nature, you can do stuff that will split atoms. Same goes for the AN1x. Everything you could ever want to modulate/twist/blah is easily accessed and configured on the AN1x. It has more possibilities than a Jp8000 and Nordlead togheter. You can go from analogish stuff (that really DOES sound analog... bye bye Jp8000) to very very very digital mayhem.

It has a 3band EQ, low iand high are paragraphic, mid is parametric. For those that don't know what that means really. Paragraphic is a GAIN and a sweepable FREQ, meaning you choose what frequency you want to change then aplpy some positive gain(boost) or negative gain(notch). Parametric is a GAIN, FREQ and Q. you select the frequency with FREQ, select how 'large' is the range of frequency to be tweaked (Q) and then boost/notch it with GAIN. The low can go from sub to low-mid. the mid from low-mid to high-mid, and the high goes from high-mid to really high. So this means that you can EQ this synth just like you would on a mixing desk, so you don't even have to change your console's setting all the time. You also have 3 independant FX unit, Variation, Delay and Reverb. Delay has 5 types of delay (LCR, LR, Echo, Cross, Tempo) with all parameters user-adjustable. Reverb has 8 types of reverberation algorythms (Hall 1-2-3, Room 1-2, Stage 1-2, Plate) again with all parameters adjustable. These two effects can be chained either in parrallel (sound goes to both effect at the same time) or serial (sound goes into delay, then the delay ouput goes into the reverb). The Variation section has 14 different effects (Chorus 1-2, Flanger, Symphonic, Phaser, AutoPan, Rotary, Aural Exciter, Compressor, Pitch Changer, AutoWah, Distortion, Overdrive, Amp Simulator) each with their own set of editable parameters with a Dry/Wet amount control. Best part is, all the EQ/FX settings are saved with the patch. Which means each patch can have its unique EQ/FX settings.

Another function worthy of notice (there are tons.. but I won't list them all here or I'll be writing a novel) is the Scene Control. Each patch can contain 2 "Scenes" which are, in essence, patches by themselves. You can for example, make a bass on scene 1 and a pad on scene 2. from there, a number of options open to you, You can split the keyboard and have the two scenes on each side, you can put it in dual mode to have both scenes play on all keys, you can also assign different midi channels to different scenes and get a Bi-Timbral module, each scene having their own (user assigned) set of midi control change or real time knob control. Or you can set it to Scene Control. Thats the shit!. In Scene Control you "morph" between the two scenes with the modulation wheel (or any other controller you may want to assing to scene control). So with the bass+pad patch, you could play a bassline with gradualy (or suddenly.. YOU are in control) morph into a pad. This alone makes this synth better than all the modeling competition.

the an1x also excels as master controller if you are not looking for a 673 key, full dual nuclear weight resistance para-gravitational key return. the velocity and aftertouch are amazingly precise and you can adjust the velocity curve according to your style of playing.

All in all... get one if you got the money.. don't even think about it, just go out and buy it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-30-1999 at 05:00
DiosHaMuerto a hobbyist user from Colombia (South America) writes:
Forget the Overhyped and Overprized competition (JP-8000, Norlead2...) I was going to buy a JP-8000 just because it looked cool and sounded cool... but by accident I end up with a AN1x, cheap prize (half of the JP8000) but a TRUE MONSTER IN SOUNDS !!!! At last I feel that I can shape and create !!! And is TRULY PHAT !!! (Too bad the stupid marketing guys at Yamaha did a poor advertisment for this awesome machine, I remember a picture with a stupid no-one playing yamaha equipment and there was an AN1x... who cares about this guy or didn't looked cool)

Nos vemos en las curvas.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-23-1999 at 10:01
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