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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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squid pop from usofA writes:
I just purchased one off ebay. It kick de butt. Wonderfool presets. Make dem on me yello fello Q (scuse me whilst I go give it a caress--and it is loaded up with errogenous zones). feel like some four day old road kill. Not too mention, the blu board looks ripe for controlling de lil red box (Nord MicroM). So much fun to be had, yes. I got two simple lines synced right now--between Q and AN1X and they are abso lootly killer. I twisted a simple arp on the Q and married it to an arpped thang on the AN!X. The Q loop is a leetle abstract and synced in an oddly syncapated way to its blu friend. The result is a wild piece that runs from all those clumsy musical categories in a wild woodland gambole: a funky pan. Call it kokopelli.

When you can do this with so little of the power of these synths, your studio becomes an alchemical lab and electronic/digital music starts to turn up its earthy side.

posted Monday-Jan-01-2001 at 01:34
mark a part-time user from Los Angeles writes:
This sounds really fat on bass.. Good The cure pads too.. i just got it 2 days ago for my B-day and Xmas... It does sound like a Nord ...But I think this is better cause it has more....good for New Wave Synthpop...Hurry grab your sampler mannn... Depeche rules..

posted Sunday-Dec-31-2000 at 22:43
Raf Paredis a hobbyist user from Belgium writes:
I have the an1x for two years now. It is a great synth, amazing sound, versatile. Every day I discover new sounds. Great for D&B, techno. The interface is very user friendly (I know most of you disagree). Once you know where the parameters are, there just one push on a button a a twist away.I just love it

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-19-2000 at 13:54
Darren Boudreau a hobbyist user from LosAngeles,CA writes:
This keyboard is sweet and well worth the money I payed for it. I managed to find one on ebay. I also own a Korg MS2000 and a Yamaha CS2x(which I bought before and somewhat of a hasty purchase). If the keyboard interface is mind boggling then you will be happy to know that for the computer nut there is a software interface. And it's a great program and could even help you understand what is going on as you are working on a sound or at least make things easier for you visually. It is indeed a very versital keyboard. When I first checked out about buying another keyboard I noticed reading the comparisons to the Roland JP8000 but the thing is each keyboard does have it's uniqueness. Roland has it's keyboard which may have their distinctive sounds and Yamaha as well. The casing is funky looking but not good for wear and tear just don't expect to through it around (wink). For the price you will find this keyboard for on ebay it's a great little keyboard to get started with if not the only with these range of va synths. I most definitely recommend it. It can be deep sounding. Careful with the speakers :) Excellent range of fx, pads, strings, etc can be created on this thing. Buying it is the easy part discovering it is another experience altogether.

posted Tuesday-Dec-19-2000 at 13:21
Justin a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've owned an AN1x for about a year and a half now, having purchased one shortly after the great price drop. Since then I've owned (or continue to own) a Microwave XT, a Nord Modular, an EA-1, and a slew of softsynths... Certainly there are obvious faults with the AN1x: limited poly and a difficult-to-use multitimbral mode being chief among them. The simply amazing thing, though, is the sheer versatility of the machine. I've never, ever grown bored with it, and I've yet to find another VA which managed to match it in both versatility and sound. The advantage of adding an AN1x to your collection isn't in its "phat basses" or pads - although they are definately there. It's the fact that its character isn't limited to those things. It can make lovely strings, pads, basses, leads, and sound effects, and with the plentiful controls and ribbon controller, just about everything in between. It's simply stunning, and a true joy to play. I think, in an age of 16-part VA's and 6 or 7 effects per part, the AN1x feels much more like a complete instrument than simply a DSP stuffed inside a box. Well worth investigating.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-18-2000 at 20:55
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