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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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stevebisson a part-time user from quebec writes:

IF your budget is under 2000$ then get a yamaha a3000 sampler and this little beast... you all everything to become a techno god!

posted Saturday-Sep-01-2001 at 15:19
stax from u.s writes:
hi, similar to below but i would like to know what is better, this or the DX200? i just read that the dx can do everything the AN can and more? wot do you guys think? Everything ive heard off the dx has a sound i cant explain but which gets a little samey. And the sound scapes are not as free flowing as the AN, let me know your opinions?

posted Sunday-Aug-26-2001 at 19:51
clarence bodicka a hobbyist user from uk writes:
yamaha AN2000 vs. Electribe ES-1, which is better plaese give your opinions. Also i am planning on buying one tool right now, either the ES-1 the AN200 or the yamaha RM1X, i really dont know which one to get. Recomendations?? i want to make freaky music, electro sounding hip-hip hop beats with fat iregular bass lines. what should i get?

posted Sunday-Aug-26-2001 at 09:32
jim a part-time user from USA writes:
I needed a new synthesizer but I don't have the bucks to shell out for a nord lead three. I have an rm1x, an esi-2000, a w-30 and various processors and pedals. I can tweak stuff out on my sampler but I wanted some good analog sounds that wouldn't be so time consuming to create.

I tried out the korg electribe and it was okay but it didn't blow me away. I though of the nord micromodular but i didnt' like the fact that you needed a pc to get at all the controls. the an200 has a pc editor but you can shape sounds just fine without it.

I listened to the an200 and I was sold. for the money its the best sounding analog techno electronica synth out there. the nord micromodular is a challenger sound wise but I don't like tweaking with a mouse. that's a personal preference.

this is a good sounding synth. yeah there's cheesy presets but some are excellent. they're just a starting point anyway. A good way to learn some standard sounds without having to spend weeks or months figuring it out by yourself.

this is a synth for techno and electronica or whatever they're calling it now. If you're looking for conventional sounds like strings, horns, ethnic instruments etc this is not the sound module for you. try a roland instead.

It hooks up like a dream to my rmix. the knobs on my sequencer sync up exactly to the parameters on the an200. this is no coincidence since they're both made by yamaha but i just wanted to tell my fellow rm1x owners that these two go together like a dream.

Its a good synth. well made. perfect for my needs. remember that the synth sounds you hear on records aren't always straight out of the synth. a lot of people, including me, put them through effect processors, pedals, compressors, etc which is what you need in a lot of a cases to make them sound really badass.

its not a nord but its not a toy. I think its head and shoulders above the ea-1 but a lot of time these things are a matter of taste. its definitely a lot more expressive than the ea-1. a lot more malleable.

I give it a five because for the money it delivers all it should. i have no complaints.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-28-2001 at 22:46
Mel a hobbyist user from US writes:
I just purchased the Korg Electribe ES-1 and I think I'm going to trade it for the AN. The Korg has some superb functions but the sounds and pre-sets are too trance/rave oriented. Korg should realize that this style is due to fade out quickly and make this box obsolete unless you want to program all original sounds into it.The An has a nicer variety of pre-sets and they aren't all new dance crap. The synth sounds are what changed my mind.

posted Wednesday-Jul-11-2001 at 16:39
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