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Average rating: 3.9 out of 5
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jake enk a hobbyist user from the united states writes:
Hey there -

The CS1x was my first synthesizer buy - as a freshman in highschool i had figuerd that this would be the best thing for my money, especially since i had no job to save up for anything better. I also bought a sequencer with her, the QY70. Let me tell you now - this thing is truly a very versatile tone generator. Coupled with a good sequencer, it is the model control synth. Model for something about $500 more expensive... this is truly a great buy. Versatile editing matrix, great effect blocks, nice arpeggiator, and those wonderful knobs... Along with a multitimbral sampler, you can layer the performance voices to your heart's delight. And hidden in the thing is an extra 5 banks of sounds - not necessarily completely full banks, but in preset banks 8-12 there are some nice, different sounds to play around with. The drum sounds are good, i think - 808 and 909 kits in there, and with the effects you can make them phatter than a lot of drum machines out there. The synth is indeed a control synthesizer - not a stand-alone device, except for XG midi and leads. I feel it's meant to control other devices and to be used for sampling some nice, and yes, THICK, sounds. Just apply full chorus to a single performance voice, and you have yourselves sonic lard.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-02-1999 at 17:54
Vinny da Bricks a professional user from USA writes:
It took me two years to figure out performance mode. Very frustrating. I have never had a piece of gear be such a pain in the arse. now that I did figure it out, it is a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of sounds there. OK sounds. A good value now that I figured it out. I bought it new for about US$650 when it first came out. peace

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-21-1999 at 20:42
erik a professional user from sweden writes:
I can't believe these ratings this synth got. It sucks, at least for the price i paid for it(750us$) 1. the sounds very cheesy. no full and rich analog sounds that people are talking about. 2. filters harch, overdriven resonancegiving no cler oscilation. 3. i get better i get better gm sounds on my sound card than on cs1x. 4. most of it's effects have poor sound quality. The rest are simply there to cover up the fact that the sounds are cheesy. 5. The thing looks real good first time you try it, just lokking thru the specs but after a while you realize how crappy it is. 6 regarding the colour, it you like it so much why don't you spraypaint a good synth instead?

the only good things about this synt is that you get 6 assingable knobs even though you cant assign it to anything important. and to only think that i could have paid only 250 $ and got the an1x instead well atleast i learnt my lesson.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-11-1999 at 13:26
Phase...or something a professional user from Norway writes:
Cs1X...great...perfect...(just a little tuning, and you`ll get the 4 performance`s I know you`ve allways wanted:)...and another as hell! :) My 1st boughed synth and my 1st synth on my list for fun-but-also-very-asskicking-good-to-use- synth! Transwave kicks!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-08-1999 at 20:08
spacebar a part-timer user from japan writes:
i believe the age of the cs1x is nearly over..... move over rover it's time for the cs2x to take over! more sounds, more functions, more knobs in a sleek silver blue finish with semi-transluscent knobs!! i want one, but because this baby got out an1x prices are going down.... hmm i wonder which one is a better buy....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-06-1999 at 16:10
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