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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Darren Boudreau a hobbyist user from LosAngeles,CA writes:
I must say I bought this keyboard a little hastily. Now that I think about it I should have bought a sampler. This might be a better suggestion to some. I also have a Yamaha An1x which is an excellent buy as well as a Korg MS2000. But the cool thing about the cs2x and the tune em up software that you can get to interface from your computer(make things easier) is the ability to create your own sound performances using a layer technique. You can mix and match and tweak and filter up to four individual sounds(err voices or whatever) as you so choose. Which means that you have the ability to create a unique sound. So this keyboard is definitely great for the person starting out and the beginner in a sense. Later on you could grow to something more. Despite it's toy like appearance to some. You can get some interesting sounds from it. I especially like the shadow pad preset which when I bring the cutoff down and resonance up and then turn the the mod wheel creates a really cool deep sound as you play and move the mod wheel. Most of the presets are crap really. I'm not a dj or popular dance orientated individual. This thing can be great for ambient sounds and the like as well. A good buy and can be had for under 700 or even 600 if you are lucky. But my suggestion. Go for a sampler. There are two samplers I know that you can get for under $600 US right now. I just need to play around with layering different sounds together to create some interesting new performances/sounds whatever you want to call it.So in other words make use of a hasty purchase.

posted Tuesday-Dec-19-2000 at 13:43
DJ TOMMY a professional user from HONG KONG writes:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-09-2000 at 09:57
arne van petegem from belgium writes:
i bought a cs2x two days ago after reading lots of raving reviews about it in some gearmags. the cs2x always came out 'best buy' etc. in most reviews and listings. and guess what... i'm going to return it tomorrow!!! it sucks!!! the most appealing functions (arpeggiator, user performances) are not available in the 'multi' mode. in performance mode you can only use one part - and i'm not at all impressed by the cs2x's analogue sounds. since i bought a cs2x to use in multi-timbral mode with my akai mpc2000 sequencer, the only thing left for me to use is the crappy GM sounds. so tomorrow, it's back to the shop to buy a yamaha an1x analogue and a korg x5dr module. this way i'll have both decent analogue sounds and a shitload of 'classic' sounds, along with four outputs... and an empty bank account. maybe i shouldn't have expected that much from a 'budget' synth. too bad.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-May-22-2000 at 14:30
George Jennings a hobbyist user from USA writes:
CS2X is a mean machine, much sharper, harsh and brighter sounding than cs1x. If you are a techno/distortion fanatic who loves frying your brain with wide eyed sizzling crunch, its got filters that will literally open your mind and your music up to new possibilities in distortion sound. The distortion filters sound rough and crunchy and after awhile I wanted smoother, finer hi res sound so I bought a behrlinger dsp 1000 virtualizer for $200, the results - good. So if you don't like the chorus and reverb, then use the effects on an additional effects processor, no problem! The high freq cutoff is ok but if you want that really high frequency birdie type tweet (you hear in raves or something a Yamaha Ea-1 could do) you should look for something that will do that. Also, I've found that massive, deep and resonant punchy type bass is not so easy to create on the cs2x. For base I would use something else, but be your own judge. All in all, I'm pleased with the brightness, however the high frequency range I think should be improved with an additional equalizer and/or effects unit w/and equalizer, but you may feel its ok. I love this keyboard, would not sell it or my cs1x I doubt I'll ever find anything that will ever do what it does for me musically for what I need it to do except the cs6x which I haven't checked out yet. Knobs are really great, they save alot of time composing. Its nice to so easily adjust the sounds to meld together with my other gear, guitar synth and drum machine without wasting time with buttons and/or forgetting where I was at/supposed to be musically and/or creatively. To have some fun, try this: Add the distortion effect and increase the release time with pre0 #65, pre4 #35, pre4 #40 or xg40 #27. Then while your smiling, add the chorus in. Ha! surprising, isn't it? smile... One more thing I should mention - for professional sounding music- for drones, crystal clear bells, pianos, strings and such - I would rank the cs2x low, about a 2. I think some drones are ok, kind of ambient, relaxing kind of a sound of its own, but theyre hard to find. I would rate cs2x a 4.0 definitely for its sizzling distortion crunch, it would be a 5 if the sounds and effects were alittle more high res. Also, the number of possible effect types could have been more, parameters per effect could have been a wee bit more, and overall sound resolution could be improved a bit but the difference I made up with a decent effects processor. I give the cs2x a 2 on construction quality - I think the case should be metal, not plastic. And many keys on my old cs1x now jiggle alittle, it isn't really a big deal or hurt my keyboard playing in any way, its just interesting to me. Kind of funny. Anyways, my final word would be to use your best judgement - if from what you read here you like it, then give it a look. It may surprise you. Best wishes. Good luck! -G

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-15-2000 at 23:17
Big Scott a professional user from Austin, TX writes:
There are a lot of people on here that are just rapeing the CS2x.

Big Silver is a blessing as far as keyboards today are concerned.

It's either little lit-key pieces of home shopping network crap. Or a sequencing monster. And the last thing you want is 10 Triton-like monsters in your studio.

IN the age of digital, Yamaha has designed a sound creation unit. Somthing that kids can play, and those of us who want somthing diffent can really tweek the living day lights out of.

For those of you that are dumping on "Big Silver" don't buy it. For those of you that love it, "Keep twisiting those knobs"

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-01-2000 at 14:02
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