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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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Lars Smith a professional user from Denmark writes:
Hi there

Well, we seem to agree that tuning COULD be a problem. And if it does not stay in tune, it simply does not sound good - my experience.

Apart from that, I´m bewildered that people seem to rate this machine to 5 points, you know folks this is the TOP of this rating system - and we´re talking about a CS60!!!!!

Mr. Savage mentions the thin sound of this machine - something he hasn´t experienced. Then some one compares this to a Jupiter 8 - again - I´m amazed- remember folks, this is NOT a sales add for the machine - do you really honestly mean what you´re saying ???

The CS60 was my first synth - together with a Moog Multimoog. I liked it, but all the time it sounded rather thin and harsh. This could be due to the fact that I only had a Roland Jazz Chorus 160 combo amp to run it through. You may be right that good amplification/speaker is crucial - but then again - the BASIC sound is thin, harsh, 70´ish, whatever you want to call it - maybe the last description that it sounds like a synth from the music of the 70´ies is the best - and that you cannot make it sound otherwise.

People - have you ever used a Moog, an Oberheim, even the Seq. Circuits - if, how then can you describe the sound of the CS60 as "warm and fat" ????

Well, with the right amount of effects, the right amplification and lots of intuition, it may have put chills down your spine - but it may also have sounded weak, plastic-like and 70´ish in a degree that made you go nuts - especially if you expected it to sound SUPER form the moment you turned it on...

L. Smith

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-10-2008 at 07:45
Ripp a professional user from NY NY writes:
I absolutely love this board. The sound is warm and lush, and I usually use it for sweeping pads with the portamento. It never leaves my studio, and it sytays in tune. I am about to buy a CS-80 for about $1800 and I can't wait.



Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-21-2006 at 15:31
jake savage a professional user from United States writes:
well, I got my cs 60 out of the basement of my drummer's uncle's house. He and his brother used it for a couple years in the mid 80's and then never took it out again. Since I pulled it out of the basement, I started using the synth in my rig about a month later, and there is NO WAY I could take it out now! If you want to hear what I do with it, go to: This synth is GREAT. The ring modulator has more features than a moogerfooger pedal. The felt ribbon is unmatched by any other synth I've seen. I've heard complaints that this synth is thin -- totally not true, you just have to run it thru a good rig. I run it through a Fender bassman pro 300 (all tube power), and I run that thru a 15" mesa boogie speaker. It is almost indestructable, and thicker than anything I've ever heard, seriously. Now, I've read a bunch of reviews of this synth on this site and other sites, and I keep hearing about how the oscillators keep going out of tune, and honestly it has NEVER happened to me. In fact I hear about all the problems I'm supposed to have, and you know what? Almost nothing has EVER gone wrong with this thing. I keep this thing on the road full time...I've played 200 gigs in 15 months and at only 1 show did I have ANY type of problem, and that was minor. I can only imagine how amazing the cs 80 is, but for a full time gigging musician, this'll do the trick.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-13-2005 at 17:40
Dave a hobbyist user from London, UK writes:
I only got to use the machine for a short while. Basically I bought one, had it serviced and was checking it out before I realised that it had encountered more problems in transit after the service. I've decided to sell on the machine because I can do without the hassle!

I think the machine has a great round and warm sound - and anyone interested should not be put off by the single oscillator. I love the reverse sawtooth on the sub oscillator, when used to modulate the filter this, and the general warmth of the synth, yields those those nice dreamy warpy sounds that remind you why you love synths in the first place!

On the negative side it takes about an hour for all the oscillators to get in tune and it's damn heavy. In my experience it's a bit of a fragile machine as my one needed a retune and developed a problem with the LF chip just after servicing. I could get it sorted but I'd rather have something a little less heavy and maybe a few less oscillators to go out of tune. And I'm concerned that something might happen again to it even after these problems are sorted out. This particular one had been sitting up in someone's loft for a while - so that really might not have helped it! Although the enginner was telling me that you can get some units that are more unreliable than others. Apparently the later serial numbers are more reliable than the early ones (mine is a mid number). I thought I'd just tell people my experience with it though as I think if I'd known what I now do I would have thought twice about it. Certainly if the price was at the higher end of the scale - mine was relatively inexpensive. I can't help thinking this is more of a collectors synth than a synth player's synth - if you know what I mean. You definitely wouldn't have it as your only synth as well. However if you've got the room and it's not a hassle for you to get it serviced if needs be then it is a nice machine. Not that great to look at, but I can imagine it would add a certain something to your recordings that could set them apart from others.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-09-2004 at 09:04

posted Monday-Oct-14-2002 at 22:09
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