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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Carl G a part-time user from USA writes:
I definitely like the CS6x. It has great filters, great voices, and high-edge sounds!!!!!

I own the Cs6x and it is a huge kick when I made a song called "my puppy" with the voice "puppy" and all I did was set up a few appregiators and with the twist of the knobs. I'm sure glad that this baby gave me the way to make killer trance music!!!!!!

If you want to hear my songs that I use with the Cs6x, check out and download at my site at

Email me at [email protected] for any comments, questions, etc.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-19-2001 at 19:00
Lezlie a part-time user from MuMu-land writes:
The yamaha cs6x is a synth with strongpoints and also weaknesses.

Strongpoints first: the sound itself is very, very good. Before I bought the cs6x I was only using a rm1x, so when I got hands on the cs I was blown away. There's no comparison.

Filters are great, and setting up patches using the pc-editor is a breeze. The effects are extreme, and it has plenty of controllers. And you can add plg-boards which is very nice in terms of upgradability. I have been using the plg100-vh which dissapointed me (the vocoder truly sucks), so don't get it unless you're into harmonising your voice in real time. The phrase-sampler is nice, but after I got the A4000 I haven't used it much...

Oh yeah, it has a playback-sequencer, so you can be able to perform with just the cs6x.

On the downside the display can be rather cryptic, so patch-editing is done a lot easier on the computer. I don't like the arpeggiator at all, mainly cause it's not programmable. Plus it's out of sync, unless you upgrade the os (but I don't know if it's official yet). And the insert-effects are limited to one performance-part only, so for me an additional sampler is a must.

My hope for the future of this synth, is that yamaha release a multi-effects plg-card. Having effects for all the parts (or at least a few more) would be heaven...


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-12-2001 at 19:13
agn a part-time user from nederland writes:
the presets are great on this - check out 'puppy' (as in skinny ...)

as for features: yamaha's ribbon controller is extremely responsive, the filters are very good, the optional AN-board is said to sound as close to a prophet-5 this side of $1500, and the soundset is completely new (according to yamaha).

it's still a ROMpler though (although with some sample RAM as well), so those into surgical sound design need not apply...

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-02-2001 at 10:20
fat sounds a part-time user from Sunny Arizona, USA writes:
OK, the only thing missing is a built in sequencer. This box has it all, though. It's got mad knobs for tweakin out crazy sounds and changing them on the fly. 4 Megs naturally isn't good for sampler memory if you use a lotta loops, but it's more than enough for hits, stabs, and FX for a track or set. You can get any (non-fat) sound you want outta this thing, as the synth engine is really incredible for a rompler. You can even get some good analog wannabe voices if you work at it , but (damn those cold resonant filters), of course, it's a digital synth at heart. The pads evolve 'til your ears melt, strings are killer, and you can work some wicked sound effects. Effects on one part per performance? This is one thing about the machine that really ticks me off, cuz I like my delay. Sometimes I'll set the chorus on a performance to a delay effect, and adjust ChoSend's on each part to my liking, but if you're doin a serious recording that needs 'real' chorus supplements as well as multiple parts with delay, you gotta record the parts separately and layer, blah.

OH, lemme mention that you HAVE to get the AN150 analog expansion board (at least 1) if you're into dance production. The sounds are incredible, in fact it's essentially half a AN1x inside your CS6x. You can reel out faithful reproductions of TB's, Jupiter string pads, Moog basses, JX3P sweeps, you name it! Mm, and it's got a builtin analog sequencer!! The downside is that you must edit the sequenced bit/arp in the software editor and attach only one per voice. I haven't found an analog sound I can't get with this thing, and I'm thinkin about purchasing another, just so I have 2 live analog parts in a performance. Dammit! If only they made 12 part multitimbral boards, I MIGHT be satisfied...*sigh*.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-28-2000 at 23:25
Chris a part-time user from USA (Florida) writes:
I have heard people complain about the poly on the an board but for me on the analogue board 5 is enough on just about everything I've done so far. But if I had to have more I guess I could just record and layer them on my computer, its not anything that is really limiting if you can work around limitations. Do I want more... YAH. but is five good voices better than some really faggy imitation. Its like saying I want get a keyboard with 512polyphony, but all the sounds suck, filters are bad, and there is no way to expand. The internal sounds are awesome, the strings and guitars blew me away, the brass were nice, basses (you know Yamaha) were great, and trance... do I have to say anything, this is the premier tool in my opinion. I expected Trancy stuff, but its almost all there sound-wise. Sure the pianos kinda suck (they've grown on me though), but a lot (almost ALL) of the acoustic stuff is excellent which is something that I didn't excpect. I hate when people act like anything besides kurz piano is a sin... get real! Its not the gear that writes the music(if it does, I take pity on you) and it doesn't matter if you have the most up to date gear or the most technical arrangement, but if you don't have even a little fun using any music stuff, why do it? People basically say "You Suck" if you use the arp's, in my opinion, if your gonna dis someone who made a cool song and took advantage of the arpeggios and presets you got problems... and they don't have anything to do with music. I'm sick of a lot of the STUFFY attitudes. I only wish the thing came with more voices, a poor voice is hard to find. This is my first really nice keyboard, from the view of a novice its really nice, and surpassingly not impossible to learn (although the manual is pretty crappy). I was going to get an ex5 but it has a lot of bugs I hear(excpetialy the sequencer and voicing poly), and I would end up paying for a lot of crap a would never use any way. It seams to have been the right choice for me, I wanted a Triton, but I just can't see forking over that much cash right now. I found a deal on Ebay and I couldn't turn it down. For me I think it was the right choice; the board excels at anything in the electronic genre (except very distinct genres that require very specific patches) and hip-hop. The few things that I wish it had are user arp's, more sample time (complete instead of phrase would be nice, I'll end up getting giga sampler for that though), Stereo-inputs,and more drum kits(although they are very good). It's not very limiting at all. No, I am not on Yamaha payroll with all the positive things I've said, but I think its a good buy, especially 2nd hand. I'm a broke student who finally got some money saved, so I couldn't afford to be stuck with something thats not versatile. I haven't fully taken advantage of its midi uses because the free time I get, I can't stop playing it to hook it up. I hope my review helps!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-31-2000 at 18:20
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