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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Elmo Oxygen a part-time user from USA writes:
I've had this thing for about a year and a half now and I think I've had time enough to make a statement about it.

First off I should say that when I bought it for full price $300 US I had only a TR-606 (which I bought for $25) and not a whole lot of money as an unemployed 16-year-old so I wanted to get something that would be "all-in-one". With a built-in sampler, sequencer, and filters, it sounded like some pretty neat shit to me. I stayed home for a week playing with it, admittedly because I had never really layed hands on a decent synth before.

Later on, I began to realize the limitations...a bandmate of mine brought home an ESQ-1 from his uncle's studio. He had no idea how to program sounds on the synth and I knew just from research on the internet. So I played around with it and instantly fell in love. I came back home to see my DJX and began to realize just how much I had been ripped off.

The bottom line is control. You don't have a whole lot of it for the DJX. Yeah yeah you can get the cakewalk deal and I've tried it...meaning you can sequence 16 tracks of DJX with one effect type, one reverb, however many filters, and you can control attack/release (for SOME sounds). And still all you're playing is someone else's PCM sounds.

Oh but it has the sampler! No. That sampler sucks. You have 6 total seconds, max of 3 per sound. You hit ONE key to select where the keyboard will map the sound, then it averages it out according to where the other sounds are sampled. The only cool things I could do with this sampler is the old SK-1 trick where you sample a thump and then set the sample time really low until it becomes a waveform like a saw or something. Also FM sounds (from my SoundBlaster) came out w/ arpeggiator.

The sequencer? Forget the sequencer. You can't record anything except for notes. No filters at all, have to stick w/ effects you choose before recording, I think only 8 tracks, and step recording is absolutely terrible. No's basically a cheap 8-track MIDI recorder.

The sounds themselves are excellent, but once again it's just PCM. Very little editing. Some of the pads and "synth" sounds are just incredible though. Also the drumkits are spectacular...this is the biggest plus. Also the cheapy digital LPF can be kinda nice sometimes w/ drums. Once again, though, don't expect a lot of shaping or control of drumsounds...pitch bend and filtering, and a few effects and that's about it. Also as this keyboard is PCM, some of the cymbal/decaying sounds have a "reverb" sound which is a really short repeating sample which decays over time and sounds FAKE AS SHIT. I gotta say though, the kicks, snares, hats, and some of the more different percussion sounds on here are just wonderful.

The ribbon controller really didn't impress me that much. I liked that it was assignable, as well as the extra knob. I don't know how you guys can defend the DJX with that anyway, it seems cool at first, but then started to seem gimmicky to me. Just there to make you think it's more of a bargain and it zippers just like the filters, so bleh!

The effects are pretty good. The distortions can be good on some sounds but are a little fakey to me. I really like the gated reverb sounds. The choruses and flanges are OK but it'd be nice if you could control the speed+feedback on them. I don't like most of the standard reverb...yamaha just isn't my type, I like lexicon or better Alesis (opinion).

I never really bothered a lot with the rhythm/styles that people rave about so much, I mean I went through all of them and did the on/off and filter control thing but I mean I just didn't like playing someone else's rhythms. I'm a DIY kinda guy.

The DJX sucks for controlling itself, but on the other hand the arpeggiator, the conveniently placed knobs, pitchbend and yes sometimes the ribbon controller, make for a nice controller keyboard. The MIDI control is good. One nice application.

So here are the pros: 1) good useable sounds - as TeknoSoul said. 2) good MIDI control so this works well as either a sound module to be controlled by another sequencer or a controller for another sound module. the two don't work well together, for some reason, though.

Cons: 1)limited sound control 2)limited effect control 3)crappy sampler 4)zippery filters (usually sound good though, and this is actually kindof a pro to me) 5)absolute shit sequencer(oh yeah you can't even MIDI sync with this sequencer)

that's about it. So reflecting, I think I wish I would have blown my $300 on a used ESQ-1. I think that's what I was looking for and still am looking for. So I think I'm gonna go buy one of those, and save my DJX to use as a drum module. maybe when I get a sampler and a proper sequencer I'll use as a controller.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-15-2000 at 16:51
Christian a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
I owned this thing for over a year now. It is a great machine. People like DBX and PulseKraptor, should begin to smoke something... I don't want to know if the DJX is better than this or that... The DJX is costing 189$ in the US... What can I say... Ribbon controller, Knob assign, Cutoff and Resonance knobs, great drum kits, great synth sounds (aside the GM ones), basic sampling capabilities, Multitimbral, MIDI in and out and a "61 NOTES SENSITIVE TOUCH KEYBOARD". If you use a sequencer like cakewalk with the related studio panels, you can trully make something good out of it. The low cost of the DJX enabled me over the months to buy a MU15 (xg sound module) and a FS1R (FM-Formant sound module). I was able to play those new devices via the DJX. In a few days I will receive the CS6X...Will I get rid of my DJX ? No way. It will stay in my set up, I like this keyboard and even if it's only for the drum kits and the synth sounds... By the way a synth like the CS6X cost nearly 8 times more !!! So I will give the DJX a big 5.

I almost forgot...I read somewhere "thin sound". The DJX has also a line out that enable you to plug the DJX in a GOOD sound system, exactly the same way you will normaly do with a keyboard without internal speakers costing much much more...You will notice a kind of a big difference.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-11-2000 at 15:45
PulseKreator a professional user from Mo. USA writes:
Any so called "synth" you can buy at Best Buy or something is going to be SHIT, I don't care what anyone says. I happend on this piece of crap when I was at that store and it only took me 20 seconds to realize that it was nothing but a trendy piece of shit meant for teenie boppers who want to think there cool because it's "dance" oriented, or whatever. I refuse to believe any professional would really use this thing. AND WHOEVER SAID THAT IT DOES BETTER THAN A VIRUS.ETC, HAS NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, HAHAHA, THATS FUNNY. Anyway, I give it a 1 for the effort, a 0 for any real use.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-07-2000 at 14:54
a hobbyist user writes:
"Thinness: The DJX sounds can be somewhat thin. However, they're much nicer than some of the much pricier but still crap VAs out there (supernova, virus, etc.) ." Um.. the DJX is good for what it is. a DJ or Groove toy... but comparing it to a VA is like comparing a Super soaker to a military Assault Rifle....

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-28-2000 at 17:33
TeknoSoul a hobbyist user from England writes:
I've had my DJX for ages now. GM voices aside, it's got some really good sounds which you can always mess up with the cut-off and resonace. You also get an attack, release envelope so you can edit the voices to a limited degree. The drums on this are excelent also. 909's 808's and even a 606/505, plus a DJX kit (electronic sounding Tekno/ electro) and a B9000 (Hiphop/ breaks)kit. Theres some pretty usable drum loops too. The arpegiator is lots of fun, with loads of preset patterns but there's no ability to create your own. The DSP effects are very good with two types of distortion, four delays, two flangers, reverbs, phasers, and rotary effects. You can only use one DSP at a time though. The sampler is very limited. It's mono only and you can only record three seconds at a time with a total of 9 seconds.The quality isn't that great either. The preset styles are very cliche and give the impresion of a toy, which is a shame cos you can do some creative stuff with it. Making a song on its sequencer is abit of a no-go. Your better off putting short patterns into your sampler and looping them. So there you go. It's bassicaly a cheap source of high quality sounds. if that's something you need then this is recomended.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-28-2000 at 16:42
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