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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Funcky a part-timer user from USA writes:
I do not own one but this is what I know. Our band play weekly in a gig. The keyboard player have a Korg M1 and D50. One day he bought in the DJX and brag about what a good deals he has. And that he was impress on how light it was. For the next 3 weeks. He was using it on stage and was playing with the preset. But now it is back to the original heavy keyboard that he is using and the DJX just sit in storage. He never once mention about it again. Hope this help.

posted Tuesday-Mar-30-1999 at 13:51
Cleatus a part-timer user from Illinois writes:
OK I did a few entries on this a while back and I would like to come back now that I've used this thing live (w/ a guitar band) and I've explored a lot of the features of it.

I've already said quite a bit about the good of this sampler, I'll come back to a little more about this later, but right now I'll have to tell you the bad things I've found. My main gripe is the sequencer.

For one thing, I *HATE* this piece of crap "song" format all the new sequencers have, which basically means you have next to no real time control over song if you wanted to change the song around a bit when you're playing live and maybe add a certain riff that you thought was cool, it's out of the question. That is unless, on the DJX anyway, you sacrifice one of the [five] channels (including drums) and put your riff in there, then turn it on/off when the time is right. My dream sequencer is one that records a measure or two's worth of however many notes and that would be considered a pattern, then you could chain them together. I'm sure there's one out there, I just haven't seen it yet. 303/606/etc. style sequencing would be nice too, as my 606 has spoiled me. The other thing that pisses me off about the sequencer is that you can only play in 4/4...I guess since the DJX is the "ultimate dance machine" then you don't really need it, but half of my songs are 3/4...minor gripe but I could see that becoming a real pain in the ass real soon.

The sampler is really getting on my nerves too. I tried for a while to put cool grooves I found on vinyl onto different sections of the keyboard, then saw that they were usually cut short because the DJX's sampler only does 6 seconds...and - get this - only 3 *per sample*. They didn't say anything about that before. That's OK though, cause you can just sample it an octave up by CoolEditically doubling the speed (or whatever you use) then popping it into the DJX, then you just have to play it an octave lower, of course with a lower sampling rate, but there really isn't too much difference, just to show you how low the rate is to start with. Also the sampler has a weird way of assigning samples to keys, you have to be clever about where you sample at. No specific notes sampled to keys, just "general area". So basically, I just take samples of other synths, (and sometimes Soundblaster FM and STOMPER) and use those on the sampler. That has yielded some nice results.

My other gripe is the all-around user interface. The knobs are great, don't get me wrong, but then when you want to change effects, dual volume, arp type, etc. you have to hit function, then type in what # the function you want to do is, then type in the value...not really hard, but it is a pain in the ass live. Also those effects can't be used more than one at a time, but you can use the effect that you choose on any combination (or all) parts of the keyboard that are playing (except "style"). Also major stairstepping effects, especially on the pitchbend wheel when set to a whole octave, but I like to use the stairstepping to my advantage for weird supercheez effects :) Other gripes are the way the organized the voices using the bank method, no seperate outs (but hey...) , and no MIDI thru port.

Now for the good parts...this is really nice. You can get all your parts going, turn them on, and turn them off (I think 50 people have said that already), but they didn't comment on use the knobs, slider, or assign knob on whatever "part" you have selected, and it will "remember" the settings when you switch to a different part. I haven't played with too many synths yet, really just the Ensoniq ESQ-1 and various drum machines, but I haven't seen anything that's been able to do that yet. Two thumbs up. The other really important good thing is the fact that this transmits all kinds of data, arpeg, knobbies, pitchbend, and it does it well. Also, I'm not real sure, but I think all those real time "parts" you can turn off are transmitted too...and that can come in handy.

So what can you do with this? Quite a bit...I use external sequencers on it and highly recommend it...though the knobs don't work on the incoming data (which pisses me off too!) or you can also get the arpeggiator going and play that along side one of the [actually pretty usable] preset styles. I guess you can use a combination of the two also, but that would get confusing...I should probably try that sometime. Anyway, this is a pretty good unit and really it does have miniature versions of, but *does not* replace, a lot of expensive gear. I'd definitely recommend it, particularly if you already have a good sampler and a sequencer and are looking for some good real time usable sounds.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-30-1999 at 08:40
joe apollo a hobbyist user from the usa writes:
heya played with this at a store. it came across as gimmic-extreme. the sounds are rather thin too but i guess the effects are nice. i have a cs1x and would say that the DJX is more of a performance keyboard, as the PSR prefix nicely points out, and the CS1x is more of a controller and tone generation system with nice and easy editing. DJX would be good for like, on the fly composition and some fun beats, no doubt. but like, if you are looking for a good studio unit this wouldn't be your best choice in my opinion. live though like i said it would probably be fun to mess around on and not have to worry about all the settings that must be accessed in the CS1x and the like. i give it 4 out of 5 for what it was designed for (being a new PSR from yamaha).

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-27-1999 at 21:48
nick a professional user from UK writes:
I had a look at one the other day. while I didn't get to play with it too much, I have to say that all those controllers are pretty darned usefull, particularly when used with Logic or the like. Even if you just use this for a controller it seems like a resonable deal - you could always put your mixes through it to check em on another pair of speakers..

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-27-1999 at 15:53
a professional user writes:
I wish fear would piss off and leave the bloody DJX alone. Very good value for money, probably the best value (£200) to date. Cheaper than some lame keyboard controllers with less keys and still no aftertouch (Yamaha CBX-K2), £50 dearer than an Evolution toy and loaded with dance sounds as a bonus!.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-27-1999 at 13:55
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