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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Jared a part-timer user from USA writes:
Buy yourself a used ESQ-1? Like everyone and their mother? You're funny. More people have that thing than the DJX. I bet people could make whole tracks with this thing better than the ESQ-1... To each his own. May I remind you that it has a PSR in front of it? Anyone who even thinks to compare it to an Analog or any other "synth" synth, is an idiot. lol...

posted Saturday-Mar-13-1999 at 09:16
Jon a part-timer user from U.S.A. writes:
All i have to say is it is a great keyboard for $ can barly buy an amp for that price and better yet you don,t need an amp for that price. it also comes with a 6 second sampler even the MC-505 dosen't have that, you can record and can even hook up better synths/keyboards up to it. that is why i think it is a great starter keyboard.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-12-1999 at 22:55
me a part-timer user writes:
This thing is shite. I bought one but sold it next day it was so bad. When I read the manual it said that the filter knobs etc do not transmit over midi and the filter effects can`t be recorded into a user song. The only time theyre any use is if your playing it live in your bedroom I guess. The cutoff and resonance knobs didnt do much either.TOTAL CRAP

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-11-1999 at 16:11
Dj DynamicFX a part-timer user from U.S.A. writes:
First I just want to say that you don't need 1000's of dollars to make good music. It's not the instrument that makes the music it's the person behind it. This keyboard has several cool sounds and from these sounds good music can be produced. It's up to the person using them to put these sounds together and make them sound good. I've been playing the guitar for three years now and I've always wanted to incorporate electronica into my songs but I didn't want to shell out a lot of dough to start out. I was going to buy the Mc 303 but then I tried out the DJX and I loved it. For $300 there is nothing on the market that can beat it. The sounds are cool and you can sample on it, (Only three seconds though).The ribbon controller is definitely unique and you can do some crazy stuff with it. The knobs are killer. Turn the resonance up and crank away on the cutoff. These knobs combined with the internal DSP effects leave you with an almost infinite arsenal of tones and all this for only $300, amazing. Right now I am using it in my band Creep. I play some riffs on my guitar then I switch over to the Djx. It just adds more possibilities for our sound. The only down side on this thing is the sequencer. It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is why I'm buying the Rm1x to hook up to it, then I will be able to store my samples and other data plus create more music with it's internal sounds. If you want to get serious with this thing I would definitely recommend some kind of sequencer. I say if you want to make music on a low budget and don't care what other people think about the price of your gear or how it looks try it out and if you like it buy it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-11-1999 at 13:14
Dwane Christopher Woodard a part-timer user from USA writes:
I think it's time that someone gave an honest review of this keyboard, so please let me be the first.

Sounds: To be totally honest, aside from the samples on this board (voices and drum loops) I was not impressed with the sounds on this keyboard. They were marginal for studio use. If I put most (well over half the voices) into a mix with my other gear - you would be able to tell that it was of a lesser quality. Even when you twist all the knobs and buttons and slide the ribbon controller it holds true.

It is important to note that it has some awesome Yamaha patched - its DX7 patch sounds like the real thing!

Controls: This is where this beast really shines. I use it mostly as a controller for some of my other gear. Everything is send via MIDI. One of the smartest things is that the DJX sends its preset patterns out over multiple MIDI channels. This lets me do record the kick from some Roland gear, the snare and percussion from Alesis Gear, the Bass patterns from Yamaha gear... get the picture?

The next big issue it the MIDI syncing. Everything is sent out via MIDI. The arpegiator translates the info out via MIDI. The preset patterns, including the groove quantizing is sent via MIDI, resonance changes, filter sweeps, panning... you name it - it's sent via MIDI. This turns out to be a good thing.

Let's put this in persective without causing a flame war. When I purchased the BOSS DR-202, which some folks say is an awesome piece of equipment... it did not transfer anything via MIDI except the actual pad presses. So if you recorded patterns away from an external sequencer, the only thing that you would be able to do is bulk load and unloads.

The presets rhythms are solid, and are a good starting point. With the on-board controls you can really cut them up so that you would not be able to recognize the pattern that it was built from.

I would prefer that it have 2 outs (L/R) even if left had to double as a stereo out. Having the external adapter is also annoying, but for the price I can put up with one.

This opinion is about as honest and thorough as it gets.

Feel free to e-mail me for questions.


Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-01-1999 at 22:07
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