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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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Slugman a hobbyist user writes:
Well you really can't complain about the Dx200 for its price. I've had the Dx200 for awhile now and it can make some nice rich FM sounds. Even for beginners the Dx200 makes FM programming a lot easier than wut it used to be (but it may be easier just to use the 10,000+ Dx7 patches online which can be used on the Dx200, and um..for FREE! Heh well it isn't perfect but hell for the price it does its job damn well. After all the Dx200 is used to compliment our other more expensive synths,not just used alone. :) FM's one of the more fun and unique types of synthesis out there, and is sure to create some nice crazy sounds. Personally i use this for dark industrial sounds, just recognize the Dx200 limits and don't go too far beyond them. Like i said earlier, this machine is great for beginners since it makes FM a easy and fun task, and i even think some professionals even like this quirkey little machine (even if they're afraid to admit it) :p

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-16-2003 at 12:29
Can someone give me a link to a site with DX200 patches to download for free?

posted Tuesday-Mar-11-2003 at 11:24
H gundaH writes:
mine wasn't a mail against DX200....thanx god that Yamaha still think of putting FM on synths and groovy machines; it was only that the other units i mentioned that i had were just marvellous, and dx200 can't get even close to them, but you're right, they can be compared.

for me a big UP TO FM!!!

posted Saturday-Dec-21-2002 at 22:44
Rob a professional user from CA writes:
how can you compare this with an FS1R? Geez! Triple the price!! And the FS1R sucks bad unless you are into hours upon hours of very deep menus. And ppppplease dont compare it to the TX81z....what a nightmare. Damn this DX200 is fun to play!! Its a players machine and it costs like $200 new man!! Give me a break!! What else cost this little and is such a blast? nothing!! The FS1R and the TX81z my be FM but they have nothing to do with the DX200.....not even close. Those machines will give you a BIG headache. I own both of them, so I know what Im saying. Dont use the internal FX, who would? Use outboard and you will find the DX200 rich as hell. At least you will get FUN out of it and not another programming nightmare!!! for $150 used? or $199 brand new? What a STEAL!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-20-2002 at 22:35
H gundaH writes:
the DX200 sounds WEAK!

it's FM, but it's weak FM; make yourself a favour, get an FS1-R or a cheap TX-81z, and add a midi controller;

the idea of DX200 is great, but 1 part of synth just sucks and the v filter put weakness into the machine;

listen to some sounds from an FS1-R a bit tweaked and you'll understand what i mean

posted Friday-Dec-20-2002 at 21:52
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