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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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thornhill a professional user from UK writes:
ok, first of all i thort this thing was pretty cool then i realised anytime you change between patterns it chops off the first note!!!! That is ridiculous and kind of makes it almost useless. I ased yamaha about this in an email and they never replied- guess there aint much they can do. Also you need to use software to get the full potential from the sounds. That kind of makes it pointless aswell. Isnt the idea of a groovebox meant to be a complete independant hardware unit- not relying on software. and by the way if you got a new computer like me- the software wont even run on your sytem.

many problem-

roland is a safer bet

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Monday-May-06-2002 at 19:39
cordell from uk writes:
hi, for most experenced users this will seem like a sillly question- i have the dx 200 and i really like the synth sounds, but the beats suck. So what i want to know basically is can i hook the unit up to an akai mpc2000 and make the beats from the mpc stay in time to the dx200 synth loops. ? If anybody knows alot about this subject please answer my question

Basically what i am asking is what options do i have. i want to hook my dx200 up to something else with better beats but i want something that will automaticaly stay at the same bpm as the dx200. is this possible how do i do it etc etc. please leave me a detailed anser if you can

i would really apreciate it.

posted Sunday-May-05-2002 at 09:57
charming ray a hobbyist user from chicago writes:
doesn't work with win2k, and as far as i know, yamaha has no plans to upgrade the software. sucks, huh?

alternatives: buy win98, win95 or xp and run two systems on your computer at once, or buy native instruments' fm7, which actually comes with dx200 patches. you could use the dx200 as the hardware controller for fm7.

sucks, huh?

posted Thursday-May-02-2002 at 14:37
Wini a part-time user from Germany writes:
I've bought a dx200 and it sounds great! It also makes fun to use it as a groovebox, but i would rather use it as an fm-synth. As a groovebox there are some better choices (like Roland MC-505).

Anyway, does anyone out there know, how i could use the editor for the dx200 with Windows2000?!? Please e-mail me, if you know anything... (the XG Works lite doesn't seem to run with the kernel of Win2k)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-02-2002 at 09:59
dibian a professional user from uk writes:
This is my only groove box so i cant really compare it to anything else. Basically what it does is create loops or hooks which can act as a foundation to your music. Thats what i use it for anyway. It is incredibly simple to use, and to program. The synth noises you can create seem to be pretty much infinate and truely AMAZING. 6 out of five. The beats are not quite so mind blowing but very useable and pump them up with the onboard effects and they can sound much better. You can only program one bar of music which you then loop so it can sound a little samey- but just edit your loop in realtime to over come this (punching in and out certain notes as the music plays). When i brought this tool i wanted smething i could make completed amazing songs on- theres probly not one single machine that can do this- but trust me i brought this, and it really has got me into making music and all you would really need is a sampler and another keyboard for a complete home studio. But this thing is not a toy and can make some very serious sounds- from deep bass lines to daft punk to absolutely anything. Great fun to experiment with- which as far as im concerned is the main thing.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-28-2002 at 14:44
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